Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Relationship Going Strong – Katy Perry Losing Rob’s Heart!

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Relationship Going Strong - Katy Perry Losing Rob's Heart!

I would love to know exactly what it is about Kristen Stewart that makes Robert Pattinson keep going back for more. My guess is that if she’s giving the sex away then he’ll take it and he’s not the first guy to do that with her, right? Anyway, last week we told you about how Rob and Katy Perry were spotted making out at an after party for his new film, The Rover, and lots of people got all sorts of excited.

Rob has been pining for more than a friendship with Katy for months now and it looked like prof that things are clearly changing between them. Clearly she has moved Rob out of the friend zone, right? Unfortunately, now it sounds like Katy simply wound Rob up before sending him home to Kristen.

The two aren’t living together again but Rob reportedly was staying with Kristen while in L.A. to do publicity for The Rover — and rumor has it that they hooked up on the same night that he was caught kissing Katy. According to the July 7th print edition of InTouch Magazine, Rob is most definitely not looking for a relationship with Kristen but a hook up here and there is fine with him. Of course, she has ulterior motives. Kristen was at her very best when working and living with Rob and things just haven’t been the same for her since they split. Instead, she has watched his career flourish while being linked to several hot women.

If Rob really wants to bag Katy do you think that hooking up with Kristen just killed his chances of it happening? Maybe she is one of the reasons that Katy has tried to keep Rob in the friend zone in the first place! Do you think that maybe there is still unfinished stuff between Rob and Kristen and that is what actually reunites them from time to time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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18 responses to “Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Relationship Going Strong – Katy Perry Losing Rob’s Heart!”

  1. Linda says:

    I’m glad they well she Loves him I hope they can work it out ????

  2. over bs gossip and news says:

    To be a gossip columnist…. do you just make shit up to just continue rewriting it over and over again with new titles. I can’t stand any of it. Give these people a break! So they’re famous, that doesn’t give any one the right to constantly try to bash and ruin their lives.
    With social media you’re all in a dying industry, celebrities have their own outlets to share what they want with the public.
    This goes for all articles, nothing is true anymore.

  3. Caro says:

    Rob and Katy were not kissing! And Rob’s career is flourishing? None of his movies or Kristen’s are making money! Why don’t you report the truth?

  4. old and wise says:

    I believe that Rob deep in his heart still loves Kristen Stewart. No matter who he’s dating or just so called friends with benefits are. There is still and will always be a real connection within both of them. She will always be his Bella. They’re just needing to date other people to get it out of their systems. They will always be drawn to each other forever. Even if it’s only going to be friends with benefits.

    • TRUTH says:

      That is not Robert heart that is your non sense thinking! Cheater KS and old Rupert has a solid connection!

    • Angie Welle says:

      I guess you are complete right I love the pair hope they will be together again

  5. azur Rienne says:

    Katy Perry looks like a frog compared to Kristen dudes got to be crazy if he picks her

    • TRUTH says:

      He must be MAD if he goes back to a trump KS.

      • Hilary says:

        @Truth – you seem so eager to call Kristen a tramp – there is an old saying and that is you see your faults in others!

        Kristen and Rob belong together and I think in time they will work it out

  6. There is no truth just all says:

    I know that I heard about he want to dust with katy perry but it’s will happen more dating rumors. It’s problem that katy was very hard for Kstew bc they were a friends. But they’re continue segregate their way!

  7. Maggiemae says:

    First of all, isn’t Rob also giving sex away? That seems to be his reason for living. Also, his career is not flourishing. The Rover has made less that $1M. His career is not any better than hers. Also, if he keeps going back to KS, did it ever occur to you that he just might love her? Well, he really loves himself more than anyone but he may love her as best as he knows how.

    • TRUTH says:

      Who says he is going back to cheater trumpKS? Rover is NOT ROBERT movie first and foremost! Nobody likes that kind of low budget and sad movie! Even I love Robert I will not waste my money on sad ending and they make him ugly! Nowadays if you star unknown actor on any comic movie, sure thing it will be success! Robert should do any Indie movies anymore. We want to see him in a quality high budget movie. C’mon producers!

  8. Anne says:

    I think in time rp may come to his senses and follow his heart which i think lies with Kristen – but thats of course as long as katy perry doesnt get her claws into him first by getting pregnant! lol

  9. Loui says:

    What a load of Bullsh@t!

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  12. deb says:

    Maybe Robert should pay as much attention to her as he’s said to do with other women and she wouldn’t have to look for attention. I read he said she was clingy and he didn’t like that, so I think he started this. I so hope they are back together though. They are a beautiful couple and you can see how much they are in LOVE by the way they look at each other. Keep Katy Perry away from them!

  13. Sue L-J says:

    I don’t think Kristen gives the sex away. She’s just very young. I think Rob and Kristen still love each other. Maybe when they both mature they might try a relationship again, but even if they don’t they still have a place for one another in their hearts. Who ever wrote this article is more immature then they are.