Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Rent Villa Together At Cannes 2014 – Back Together and Dating Again?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Rent Villa Together At Cannes 2014 - Back Together and Dating Again?

Twihards were devastated earlier this month when not only did Robert Pattinson ditch Kristen Stewart on her birthday and his long-standing annual Coachella date with her, he allegedly spent the entire music festival all over hook-up buddy Katy Perry. So not only did Rob not spend Kristen’s birthday with her, he spent it with another girl!

There is some good news though for R-Patz and K-Stew supporters that haven’t given up on them getting back together. E! Online spoke to a source close to singer Katy Perry, and allegedly the latest woman to prevent them from getting back together. And, according to their exclusive source, Twihards have nothing to worry about! E! Online insists that not only is Rob not hooking up with Katy Perry, the rumors about him hooking up with Nettie Wakefield or Katy Perry’s stylist Cleo Wade are also completely false. Robert Pattinson is 100% single!

So, if Robert Pattinson is single, does that mean there is still hope for a reconciliation with Kristen Stewart? If there is still a chance of the two getting back together, the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival next month would be the perfect opportunity. A source close to Rob tells us that he has reached out to Kristen about renting a villa for them both to share during the film festival.  The source said: “Rob is still carrying a torch for Kristen, he loves her deeply and wants some intimate alone time together.”

Kristen and Rob both have films nominated at Cannes – and in the past they have made huge statements together on the red carpet at the festival. The star-studded event would be a perfect setting for the estranged couple to put all of the drama aside and work things out.

So Twilight fans, are you still holding on to hope that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may at some point get back together? Or, has that ship sailed? Are you excited to hear that there is nothing going on between Rob and Katy Perry, or were you beginning like the idea of them being together? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

  • Dawn

    I believe it is just gossip. Who is the person that said they were going
    to rent a villa together? Obviously someone day dreaming. Rob is much better off without her. As for Katy they are just friends, why
    make more of it. Hopefully she is a true friend and that he can
    trust her friendship, something he couldn’t do with ks. Anyway
    wasn’t a “source” stating that ks is sleeping around?

    • Bella Dolce

      U r one of those stupid rob fans that still blame ks for unfaithsfulness??? Wasnt Rob a manwhore while ge was with her too? U cant judge either of them based only on media gossiping even tho there were pics of ks and rupert, none knows exacly the motive that she had and none knows if rob and ks were having a real relationship or if it was based on busainess matters… ur statement is stupid… Hollywood life isnt what it seems to be, thats a twisted world

      • cathy

        Exactly who should we blame for K’s cheating and wrecking an entire family ? No one but Kristen is to blame .. now she will pays the consequences !

        • Janiekat

          What consequences? She doesn’t look like she’s suffering or ever did.

      • Dawn

        Sorry to burst your bubble, Rob has never
        been a “manwhore” . All that you read about
        him being with a lot of women was just plain
        false gossip. ks on the other hand admitted
        she cheated. and pictures usually don’t lie.
        I agree about Hollywood being twisted.
        If there is nothing to write about , they make
        up stuff. Rob was brought up to respect
        women not degrade them. You don’t have
        to believe that if that is your problem, I
        wouldn’t call you stupid , I just feel very
        sad for you.

    • Nina

      Dude, you do realize that KS and Rob were probably just friends who did a PR thing for the film anyway. Since they have a few mutual friends and seem civil, chances are they weren’t even in a relationship in the first place. Who cares if KS or RP are sleeping around with other people, both are single. Time to move on from these two being linked, both the people who love to hate on one while praising another in the same article or the ones who still believe in Robsten of all things RME when they have been broken up for ages.

  • Rhonda

    I think they will end up close together at the film festival. They have to make their movie careers paramount right now. Strike while the iron is hot. Make your place now, time for romance and vacations after you get your work done. Good luck and God Bless You both!

  • Tru

    I very much so want kristen and rob back together!! They look so good which other, them as a couple just doesn’t seem right by far!!! I love them!!:) so get back together..forget whatever is holding you back

    • Eagle Bee

      LOL Only KS fan will buy this fake article just to get an emotional attention. BOGUS BOGUS! At least we RP fan will NOT BELIEVED ON THIS KIND CHEAP ARTICLE. Robert is SO DONE WITH THE CHEATER, SO NO THIS IS NOT TRUE. this reporter like to earn MONEY OUT OF ROBERT EXPENSE!

      • josephine

        Are you ma or something like that so please just stop whit all that nonsense so please and what the heck is wrong with you


        Exactly! :) only dump people can believe it! looool

  • Nina

    Oh this is ridiculous. They’ve been broken up for nearly a year and by all accounts are civil ex’s who have a few mutual friends. Time to move on. She was filming in New Orleans anyway, so that Coachella story was stupid as she was never even there and there is no way she could have planned on going because she was working out of state. Cannes is a huge festival and they have tens of thousands of people there. Chances are they won’t even be there on the same days.

  • Julie Soule

    Hey Twihard- I Agree!

  • Precious Yvonne Madaoi Langcao

    I love Robsten so much ;* And I want Robsten back together.
    I’m a fan of them since 2008, the year when a film adaptation of Twilight was released(the first part).

  • jana

    Okay, so it’s an original celebdirtylaundry source? Good, then I can feel free to disregard.

    Time for everyone to move on. They’ve been over for a year now. Find a new couple to obsess over. I’m sure both Rob and Kristen are smart enough to know that their relationship was a mess that ended up bringing both of them nothing but bad publicity in the end. And there’s no need to revisit that when they want attention for their careers, not their messy private lives.

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  • lori

    they belong together

  • alyssa

    you dream..!!! they will never go back together..i am sure they are homosexual..

  • alyssa

    you dream.!!! they will NEVER get back together..i think they are homosexual..

    • Dawn

      Rob is most definitely NOT gay. But ks sure
      could be one. In realty they both are straight.
      I too am a twilight fan. I enjoyed the books
      and the movies, but I never believed from
      the beginning that ks was good for him.
      Even his family was very concerned about
      her treatment of Rob.

  • Mary Santora

    I don’t think they ever broke up i have been saying this all along n as far as Katy Perry i don’t like her Kristen is so much prettier then she will ever b.

  • Dawn

    Excuse me but Rob has been filming back
    to back three movies. Where in Gods name was he to find time to sleep around?
    You are obviously a ks groupie, what are
    her five movies? Have all of them gone
    straight to dvd? Robs movies will be out
    in the next few months in the theaters. Oh
    yea she must be very busy jumping from
    bed to bed.Or don’t you believe all
    the gossip that is written about it.

  • mimi

    To be honest, I hate Katy Perry. She is just trying to mess things up with Robsten. Kris and Rob need to be together. #Soulmates

  • WakeUpIdiots

    Totally BS! he wasn’t present to her birthday why will he take the time to do this for her, now? lol at E! source aka K’s publicist : Ruth.

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  • AiLa (roBsteN)

    i hoPe kRisteN anD rOb wiLL bE baCk aGain .. =)
    iF kRisteN maKe apoLogizE ..
    i hoPe rOb wiLL foRgiVe hiM ..

    jusT foRgivE eaCh oTher .. aNd i kNow kRisteN haS a reaSoN wHy sHe diD tHaT .. iLOVEYOU botH .. =)

  • Robori

    It sounds like your strong in your belief that Rob and Kristen will get back together and that Kristen was ran through the mill with the whole cheating thing. Well I am stong in my belief that the rumor mill is just that. I am so sick of hearing he said she said without any proof. You know proof like the pics of Kristen and Rupert. They were not doctored up. People like you wanna believe that. I went back and read some of your comments and your the one who is a dodo. I mean really who uses that word. Here let me name call for you…dumbass!!!

    • You are the DUMBASS !!! my dear

      • Robori


  • Randi Stuart

    Exactly. That’s exactly what I’m talking about . nobody ever said anything about that old man…all the blame is on kristen