Robert Pattinson Officially Looking For Girlfriend – Kristen Stewart Jealous and Heartbroken

Robert Pattinson Officially Looking For Girlfriend - Kristen Stewart Jealous and Heartbroken

Thousands of Twi-hards all over the country are gearing up in their efforts to become Robert Pattinson‘s next girlfriend. Why? Because according to reports, Rob has been actively looking for a girlfriend recently.

According to Page Six, Rob spent the entire July 4th weekend hitting up boozy industry parties renowned for being hookup central. He reportedly attended parties thrown by nightlife connoisseurs Ronnie Madra and Richie Akiva. And at these parties, he was seen chatting up several ‘model-types‘ over drinks. Dun dun dun.

Now, I don’t know why these reports all assume that he’s looking for a girlfriend, because do Hollywood stars really turn to models for hookups or relationships? My opinion of Rob is pretty neutral at this point, but even I don’t think that the guy would go from Kristen Stewart to some brainless model. He obviously values attractiveness, if not acting ability. But after dating Kristen Stewart for four years, is he really going to turn to some sleazy Hollywood party to find his next relationship?

Then again, he’s been linked to a bunch of model types recently, including Imogen Kerr and Dylan Penn. They’re probably more substantial than your typical model, but maybe Rob’s hoping to find a gem among the crowd. Obviously, I don’t want to stereotype and say that all models are dumb, but having been to these parties, I can tell you that the people are not there for scintillating conversation. I don’t think Rob is an exception to that rule, so we can pretty much guarantee that he’s over Kristen Stewart at this point.

Or you know, he’s still trying to get over her by hooking up with models every chance he gets. You can go with either explanation, depending on whether you’re a Robsten fan or not. Plus, so many outlets have reported on this that I find it hard to believe that Rob’s team wasn’t involved in this somehow. Maybe Rob wanted this known so that Kristen would get jealous? Or maybe he just wants people to know that he’s not in a relationship with anyone, much less his ex-girlfriend.

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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5 responses to “Robert Pattinson Officially Looking For Girlfriend – Kristen Stewart Jealous and Heartbroken”

  1. Dawn says:

    If Rob is looking for a relationship I really doubt that he would want
    one with someone who obviously goes to these partys just to see
    who they can hook up with. I do hope he will find a woman who
    he will be able to trust. As for ks she isn’t hurting, she went out
    of her way to hurt him. He really shouldn’t look for anyone that is
    involved in the Hollywood scene . The majority od the women
    only want to be with someone famous. They are incapable of
    love , ks is the perfect example.

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  3. thebutcher says:

    Lol lol I’m sure he doesn’t care if a girl can act. Kristen can’t act worth a shit unless it calls for being a moody bitch

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  5. Annaliese Eaton says:

    How about a non-celebrity woman