Robert Pattinson Slams Cheating Kristen Stewart: Says “Loyalty Most Important Trait” (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson Slams Cheating Kristen Stewart: Says "Loyalty Most Important Trait" (PHOTOS)

I wonder how Kristen Stewart is really doing these days. For awhile there it looked like there was a shred of hope for her to reconcile with Robert Pattinson but in recent weeks he has made it painfully clear that it’s just never going to happen. Rob has been busy promoting his new film The Rover and while doing so he has proven that moving on from Kristen was in his best interest. After months of speculation he was seen having a heavy duty make out session with Katy Perry proving that he was indeed able to convince her to see him as more than a friend.

Rob has also done a lot of media to promote his film and while doing an interview the other day the actor appeared to take a shot at Kristen by saying, “I think loyalty is probably the most important trait in a friendship. It’s definitely very important.”. Rob has always maintained that loyalty and honesty were the things that he values most in a relationship and Kristen’s betrayal of these things probably killed her relationship with Rob for good. The actor seems a whole lot happier now and who could blame him, Katy seems to be a million times more fun to hang with than a misery princess like Kristen ever was.

Do you think that distance from Kristen has finally given Rob the clarity that he needed in order to realize that it was in his best interest to stay away? Is he better off with Katy? Are you guys hoping that Rob and Katy actually become a real couple? They seem to compliment each other really well, don’t you think? Tell us in the comments below!

‘The Rover’ actor Robert Pattinson gets pulled over by police while driving an old dirty BMW convertible in Los Angeles, California on June 22, 2014. Robert has had quite the time promoting his new film, reportedly seen hooking up with Katy Perry after the June 12th premiere and “kissing all night.” And during a promotional interview, he took what could be considered a dig at Kristen Stewart, “I think loyalty is probably the most important trait in a friendship. It’s definitely very important.”

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21 responses to “Robert Pattinson Slams Cheating Kristen Stewart: Says “Loyalty Most Important Trait” (PHOTOS)”

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  2. Eva Russell says:

    Okay. So, this scandel was HOW LONG AGO? & he’s STILL talking about it. Like, GET OVER IT Already! I don’t see Kristen saying squat about all of this. At least she’s moving on with her life while Rob is still clinging to the past. He’s never gonna move forward and live a happy normal life if he keeps bringing up the same topic that happened almost two years ago. Just saying!

    • Dawn says:

      He only remarks about it because he is constantly
      asked questions about the lost relationship. Why blame him blame the interviewer. He is not the
      type to tell them to go to hell, so he says as little
      as possible. He is definitely NOT clinging to the
      past. Wake up.

  3. shasha says:

    Who cares what he thinks and “misery princess” what’s that about?

  4. Caro says:

    Convincing Katy Perry to hook up with someone isn’t an accomplishment – Katy Perry is a total skank who has given more rides than Greyhound! Also, she’s been with Russell Brand and John Mayer which means she is probably riddled with STDs! Rob is nuts if he gets involved with Katy Perry!

    • Dawn says:

      They are just friends. Why do you believe the
      tabloids when you know that 90% of what they
      write is just plain bull.

      • thebutcher says:

        Kids are sooo gullible

      • Caro says:

        Dawn, you say the tabloids are trash when they are talking about Rob but you believe them when they say Kristen and Rupert had an affair even though there is no proof that they actually slept together! I think you believe the tabloids when you want to believe them!

  5. Caro says:

    You have to wonder if Kristen and Rupert really had an affair or if they were just too close and shared some kisses. If they did have an affair could it be because Kristen needed something more than she was getting at home? Maybe Rob isn’t packing much south of the border, maybe his technique is lacking or maybe he really is as gay/bi as his early modeling pics make him look!

    • Dawn says:

      It amazes me that you defend someone that is a
      lier and a cheat and put the blame on Rob. He trusted her , attacking his manhood is so low that
      it is just ridiculous , I suppose she can make excuses because she is a skank ,but do not put
      the blame on Rob. The only blame he should receive is that he trusted her and believed in her.
      I guess Brad Pitt , Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, are
      gay/bi.because of the parts they have played.
      Grow up.

      • Caro says:

        Dawn, I am an adult woman who doesn’t find Rob masculine and who is smart enough to know that happy, satisfied woman don’t look outside the relationship you have their needs met! You are obviously young and obsessed with Rob or Edward Cullen – I doubt you can tell the difference between the two!

  6. Julie Mosbrooker says:

    For God’s sake she kissed that producer that’s it and she’s the cheater Robert needs to grow a set and leave her alone you want Katy be careful you don’t know what you’ll catch she is kinda of a skank

  7. Julie Mosbrooker says:

    Robert is a pig and if he doesn’t want anything to do with Kristen leave her alone let her get on with her life!! If he doesn’t trust her anymore and feels she’s not loyal get on with your life

    • Dawn says:

      The pig is the one who spread her ugly legs for
      a old man while pretending to be in love with Rob.
      So don’t start calling people names when the truth
      is out there in black and white print!

  8. Hilary says:

    who cares what he does – he is by no means perfect!

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  10. Dawn says:

    He is so much better off without that albatross around his neck.
    He and Katy are just friends, why make something more of their

  11. Dawn says:

    Rob got the job from the director not from ks. Katy
    didn’t do anything to ks where are you coming from.
    As for ks not sleeping with that old man ,if you
    believe that you are terribly gullible.


    Robert is a married man in 2010.And Katy Perry knows that Robert love one woman Kristen Stewart. And Katy will not stare a mam.