Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross Settle Divorce: Kristen Stewart Cheating ‘Guilt Money’ Paid

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross Settle Divorce: Kristen Stewart Cheating 'Guilt Money' Paid

Why, it’s been a while since we’ve heard about good ole Rupert Sanders, hasn’t it? Even though his one-time paramour Kristen Stewart has been in the news non-stop lately, Rupert has been staying undercover, apart from the odd business deal here and there.

He made the right choice in staying away from the media following the cheating scandal, since both he and Kristen were radioactive in the tabloids for a while. However, his hiding from the spotlight also meant that we didn’t get many details on the divorce between him and his ex-wife, Liberty Ross. But now that Rupert and Liberty have reportedly settled their divorce, sources have started leaking the specifics.

TMZ has obtained the documents filed in the divorce by Rupert and Liberty, which shows them diving up their assets. However, TMZ’s sources add that it’s obvious that Rupert paid Liberty ‘guilt money’, especially since he gave her his interest in their Hollywood Hills home [worth $2 million] and more than half of their assets. Basically, he paid her way more than he was obligated to legally, but really, it’s not that surprising. He cheated on his wife with an actress he was working with, and one who already had a boyfriend! On every end, their relationship was wrong, and I’m surprised Liberty didn’t go for broke and demand everything from Rupert. However, she probably didn’t want to cause any issues for the sake of their children, which is also why Rupert seems to be doing everything in his power to make her happy.

What do you guys think about Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross finalizing their divorce, and Rupert paying Liberty all that extra money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Laddie

    Actually, that’s the average divorce settlement in CA save for the house thing. If you are married x amount of years and you file in California and have California residence, you are entitled to 50/50 and the house often goes to the custodial parent. The house sounds extra, but she deserves it.