Selena Gomez Rushes For Justin Bieber Hook-Up As Vandalism Charges Filed

Selena Gomez Rushes For Justin Bieber Hook-Up As Vandalism Charges Filed

Same pattern, different day is what we are hearing. After Selena Gomez’s recent soul searching trip to Nepal and her new commitment to taking care of herself it seems that the pull of Justin Bieber is still bigger than anything else. He posted another pic of the two of them together last week on Instagram and deleted it almost immediately. By now we all know that this is Biebs way of throwing it in everyone’s face- Hey she’s back with me again!- because that’s the kind of gentleman he is. So we know that they have certainly met up and isn’t the timing more than a little convenient?

According to TMZ Bieber is expected to be charged today in connection with that egging incident and it may go down in the books as a felony. The D.A. claims to have enough surveillance video from the January incident to clearly convict Bieber and you guys know what this situation means, right? Selena is set to do exactly what she always does, sacrifice herself for whatever Biebs needs. Remember, this is the woman who left rehab to support him after finding out that he was arrested!

So while fans have spent a few days wondering where Selena actually is we can assure you that she’ll pop up where she always does, helping her on/off man to get through the latest round of trouble that he has brought on to himself. Don’t you wish that just for once Selena valued herself and her own needs over saving Justin from himself? What is it going to take to pull her away from him once and for all? Obviously she likes some part of the trouble that he brings to her life otherwise she would have slammed that door shut already, right? Is she just addicted to the constant drama?

As for the charges today, do you think that Bieber will be slapped with a felony and if so will he skate his way out of it? Maybe this time something will stick to him and if it does will that only make Selena decide to be more loyal? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: Instagram Justin Bieber