Tamra Barney Divorce Update: Real Housewives of Orange County Will Fire Star for Staying Married to Eddie Judge?

Tamra Barney Divorce Update: Real Housewives of Orange County Will Fire Star for Staying Married to Eddie Judge?

Real Housewives of Orange County is easily the least exciting of the Real Housewives franchise, and rumors are always circulating that RHOC is on the verge of cancellation. Housewife Tamra Barney is really the only member of the show that gets any tabloid exposure, and the media has been reporting for months now that Tamra and her hubby Eddie are getting a divorce. If it wasn’t for never-ending speculation that Tamra and Eddie are on the outs, we would have forgotten about Real Housewives of Orange County all together.

Ironically, the August 18th edition of OK! Magazine is reporting that the rumors about Tamra and Eddie aren’t even true! According to OK!, “The couple’s personal and professional lives are both rousing successes and business is booming at Cut Fitness, the gym they own together.” An insider told OK! that, “There are no problems between them. Tamra has been in the gym every day, and now that everything is running smoothly, she has decided to get back in to real estate.”

During the last Real Housewives of Orange County reunion on Bravo, Eddie didn’t bother showing up, further fueling rumors that he and Tamra had broken up. But, according to OK! Magazine, that wasn’t the case at all. Bravo didn’t even invite Eddie to the reunion because there was no drama to hash out between him and his wife or any of the other cast members.

So, if Eddie and Tamra’s relationship is perfectly fine, and they are not even considering a divorce, then perhaps the rumors about Bravo firing Tamra from RHOOC are true. Anyone who watches the Real Housewives shows will tell you that the housewives who aren’t hot messes and whose personal lives aren’t spiraling out of control, are always fired.

Do you think Tamra is going to get axed because she isn’t getting a divorce? Or, should Bravo just pull the plug on Real Housewives of Orange County all together seeing as how their drama doesn’t hold a candle to the other Real Housewives shows? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

35 responses to “Tamra Barney Divorce Update: Real Housewives of Orange County Will Fire Star for Staying Married to Eddie Judge?”

  1. Kate Kack says:

    Donna chill out smh I love Vicki the others are boooring

  2. Jasmine says:

    RHOC is the best! Should never be cancelled! And Tamra is the best in Orange County! The fact that she has no ‘drama’ in her life proves that you can be ‘real’ ‘normal’ and still be the best freaking cast member! Don’t go changing Tamra! We’ll always love ya!

    • califviewer says:

      Tamera is far from normal!!! And not in a good way. Her life is filled with drama…her children, her ex husband, etc. I would not doubt brought all on herself. Karma is a beyoch. She needs to leave t he show now

  3. Kristin Lewis says:

    I am disappointed if Tamara is not gone.
    I just get tired of someone always stirring things up, then blaming others and never suffering any consequences from the other ladies. Not reality

  4. Boston housewife says:

    Tamra may not have a drama filled life or marriage but she creates enough drama amongst all the other housewives to keep that show going for years to come. Any scene that she is in she creates drama so her job is safe and secure.

  5. Ashley says:

    RHOC is the best of all the housewives shows.

  6. Amanda Brooks says:

    Keep the show, and your little speach is so ridiculous get a life. RHOC IS the best one on TV. -Amanda Brooks

  7. Sue says:

    New York is far more the most boring.

  8. Krystal says:

    BRING BACK GRETCHEN N ALEXIS !!!! They made the show more interesting. Its just drama with Tamera
    I love this show used to be my favorite but now think Housewives of New Jersey is my favorite now
    I still like Tamra she just doesnt know when to keep her mouth shut
    Hope she isnt off the show then only one left from original ppl i liked is vicki n she isnt that interesting this season

  9. nikki9letters says:

    Tamra still brings the drama. Now Shannon seems a little cray-cray. Vicky of course is always so self righteous and Heather is just plain BORING.

  10. Disco Princess says:

    The thing I’m sick of is how the women treat each other, how they speak of each other. They resort to accusing each other of being crazy, insane, delusional, and out of touch with reality. The accusers are mean-spirited and cruel, with the distorted idea that they’re qualified to accurately diagnose their co-stars’ emotional and mental states. The worst of them are Heather on RHONY and Heather on RHOC. The two Heathers are spiritually bereft mean queens.

  11. Lisa says:

    RHOC us the best one! Amanda Austin, you need to go! Do you have a personal vendetta?

    • Rv8er says:

      A personal vendetta? What a stupid remark!! To have a “personal vendetta”, you know that person!! Last time I looked, they were asking what people thought!! If you cannot accept others opinions then maybe YOU should go!!!

  12. Kristina says:

    I’m just glad they got rid of Lydia! She was as boring as hell!!

  13. paigie says:

    Oh please Tamara is a fruit loop !! She is a trouble making crazy liar. I wish they would fire her !! I personally think her BS ruins the show.

  14. Kelly Barron says:

    Do these women ever watch the show & see how rude & disrespectful they are? Disgrace in Bali!

  15. Sue says:

    Get rid of Tamra – her mouth is disgusting – she know what aXX tastes like – really Tamra ? She better check into some addiction place b/c she cannot remember what she says half the time – if telling the truth you never have to remember. Think again Tamra ! Sick of watching her crap

  16. Eva says:

    I think Lizzie is a piece of shit and she should be axed. Vicky is boring as hell and yes Shannon is a hot mess and keeps it going. But we love Tamara and firing her would be a mistake. I feel Vickies days are over she is boring and so is her story. Lizzie is bad tv and i am sure i will stop watching if they keep her on there, she has no class at all.

  17. TheBethFarmer says:

    Tamra isn’t getting divorced, she’s married her ideal husband! A gay man who lets her do whatever she wants and lives his own life at the gym she bought him. She is a horrible person, but that’s the only reason they keep her on the show, to start drama.

  18. cindy says:

    Lizzy is kind to give $100 dls to the lady selling junk. That can buy alot of food there. Tamra is a greedy pig.

  19. SC says:

    I actually like all of the franchised programmes, OC included. I dont thought like Tamra, she is just one nasty two faced biatch!

    Donna, I am from Australia and they are airing the housewives of melbourne in the USA at the moment….now that is an embarrassment!! 5 Ladies trying to act in front of a camera who clearly have no class or taste. They are what we call here in Australia, bogons! (Kind of like rednecks in the US of A).

  20. holly says:

    I love the rhoc. They started it all, and they stay the drama on that show is excellent. And the cast that’s on now are perfect! keep the show as is. And bring on the popcorn!

  21. holly says:

    New York sucks!! Please cancel after Jill left it all went down hill from that. Kick Ramona the witch off, better yet Cancel the torturing show

  22. Lori Hunter says:

    They need to just cancel the show, because there is no chemistry with these people.Vicki isn’t anything but a cry baby always wanting everyone to like Brooks. He’s a low life who only wants her money she drove her own kids away she’s too power hungry and needs to control everyone and everything. Lizzie needs to take her fake lips her fake boobs and go. The only two that i like are Tamara and Heather they have normal jobs and husbands

    • califviewer says:

      There is nothing normal about those 2 creepy husbands. And those 2 woman are just as disgusting. I’m glad I don’t live in a place where a crazy tamera n a narcissistic Heather are considered normal!!!!!

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  24. califviewer says:

    Love rhoh with the exception of cracra Tamera and that creepy husband. Get rid of that couple and those disgusting de brow creeps pls!!!

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  27. Jack says:

    Tamra is totally gross, in every way.

  28. BARBARA says:

    why do you think Tamera gets the big bucks, the show will go down without her, the drama makes the money.
    I hope Tamera stays.

  29. Tina Marie Exford says:

    I love the OC house wives and I would be upset if the the original one that started it all was over. just because they don’t have drama doesn’t mean they need to cancel them. wait a few drama always has away of creeping back in