Tamra Barney Divorce, Firing Update: Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Lizzie Rovsek Attacked For Cheating With Eddie Judge

Tamra Barney Divorce, Firing Update: Real Housewives Of Orange County's Lizzie Rovsek Attacked For Cheating With Eddie Judge

Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Orange County just came to a close, with their season finale airing on Bravo on Monday August 18th. Rumors have been running rampant that cast member Tamra Barney is on the verge of being fired from the RHOOC cast both because she is terribly boring and because she has basically rubbed every other member of the cast the wrong way. The only reason Bravo kept Barney on the cast was because the constant coverage of her divorce from hubby Eddie Judge was good publicity for the reality TV series.

But, recent reports have revealed that Tamra and Eddie are perfectly happy, and divorce isn’t even a possibility. So, without the constant buzz of her alleged divorce, Bravo really has no reason to keep Tamra around. And, the odds of them firing her were greatly increased during the Real Housewives of Orange County finale, when she cursed out her co-star Lizzie Rovsek and accused her of flirting with Eddie.

Apparently the Real Housewives of Orange County cast played a friendly game of , “F-ck One, Marry One, Kill One.” Eddie apparently confessed that he would choose to have sex with Lizzie during the game, and Tamra has been a raging biotch to Lizzie ever since. Lizzie accused Tamra of being jealous of her because of what Eddie said, and all hell broke loose. During the reunion show, Tamra cursed out Lizzie and said, “Listen Kentucky-Fried-Titties, my husband wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole.

Tamra’s argument with Lizzie seems petty and childish, and is just an example of the constant bickering she does with all of the members of the Real Housewives of Orange County. It’s no wonder the other housewives and Bravo have had enough of Tamra’s ridiculous drama!

What do you think RHOOC fans? Do you like Tamra Barney on the show, or have you had enough of her? Do you think the rumors are true and Bravo is planning on firing her? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • chrissy fabulishes

    If I saw her in real life I would knock that block right off her shoulder. Can’t stand her she is a mental case.

  • LTK

    Tamra is true white trash and needs to be thrown out for good! No storyline, fake face, liar , foul mouth and totally jealous of Shannon and Lizzie. Her time is up on the show and I hope her marriage to Eddie is too! The man doesn’t need to stay with a mental mess. And why would he even consider have a child with her. She can’t care for the three she has now. That is why her ex is fighting her at every corner. Can’t stand her and some of the ladies on the show feel the same way!

  • BMC

    Tamra is annoying!!!!
    I’m so over her !!!
    Go away!

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  • Patti

    Get rid of Tamara!

  • VG

    Get rid of Tamara! I’m still waiting to hear Vicki fess up to Tamara telling her that terry was going to take down Shannon and David!

    • LovelyL

      I agree! Get rid of Heather too! Ughhh, can’t stand these two old plastic biatches

  • VG

    Anyone notice how Eddie never says a word when there’s an argument?

  • Teresa

    I am laughing also. Eddie is no prize and tamra no matter how much work you get you still look your age and older. Lumps in face and inside out lips. Did you really think you are young enough to have another baby? Lol. I won’t be watching Botched anymore. And I loved Paul. This show is rigged anyway. See who gets the last laugh. If I were Tamara I would try to hang on to my kids instead of showing how trashy over and over.

  • Teresa

    It’s all rigged anyway .

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  • Diana

    Tamra is a very insecure person who has difficulty in dealing with people who shine a little more than she does. She made Gretchen’s life misery as she would tell tales and spreading gossip that wasn’t true. She doesn’t know how to keep private conversations to herself and she definitely has to be “center of attention”. Heather too. I personally think Heather and Tamra should go.

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  • GBMom

    Those crying episodes that Tamra does with Ryan are so annoying. You can tell she’s being fake. She’s a terrible actress. Look at her face & there’s not one tear. Look at how she looks at Lizzie during the reunion show. She’s just evil. I liked her when she first joined the
    show, but I am so over her now. It’s time for Bravo to fire her &
    bring on someone new. I like seeing the real lives of the women. I
    like seeing how they raise their children and how they decorate their
    homes and how they host dinner parties. These ladies are supposed to be an escape from my life, but with the SH*T that Tamra stirs up…I can go down to the local trailer park & get that. Tamra has taken these ladies ‘glamorous’ lives & put them below my ‘single mother of 3 kids, hourly pay life’. Very disappointing.

  • jillo

    She looks bad

  • Boredpathetic

    Why would they take the drama Tamara brings away? There would be no show without the drama. Seriously people, you might not want to hold your breath waiting for them to get rid of Tamara.