Teresa Giudice Fired, Divorce Plans: Real Housewives of New Jersey Tre Shows No Remorse

Teresa Giudice Fired, Divorce Plans: Real Housewives of New Jersey Tre Shows No Remorse

Will Teresa Giudice divorce husband Juicy Joe? The Real Housewives of New Jersey star will do anything to get out of serving jail time and being fired, and if that means divorcing her husband, so be it. Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice may have stuck together ever since pleading guilty to their fraud charges, but that doesn’t mean that Teresa will go down with a sinking ship if there’s any way for her to salvage her future.

One big problem Teresa faces, and why she may be fired from RHONJ, is the difficulty Bravo faces continuing to star a tax cheating fraudster who is a convicted felon. A divorce from Joe might help her to appear to distance herself from her felonious criminal past by providing at least a show of contrition. Up until now Teresa has obnoxiously behaved like she and her cheating l0w-life husband are the victims in this criminal case. Truly repulsive – this couple stole from the US tax-payer millions of dollars so that they could live a decadent life-style that neither of them earned nor deserved – no wonder Bravo wants and needs to fire Teresa.

The couple’s sentencing hearing was recently postponed from the end of September to October 2nd, and sources tell In Touch Weekly that Teresa is making a last-ditch effort to put the blame on Joe for creating this whole mess so she won’t be fired.

These sources explain, “She’s absolutely furious with him. For so long, they’ve been a team, but now as their court date gets closer, Teresa is terrified of going to jail. She resents Joe for not discussing everything with her as it happened. Her whole life is crashing down now because of him. Joe’s actions will affect their family forever.”

Uh-huh. And it’s taken her this long to figure this out? She could have warned him when they (yes ‘they,’ Teresa is no a victim here, she is dangerous criminal, dangerous to law-abiding people and their hard-earned money) were actually committing the crimes, and she didn’t, so that makes her an accessory, at least. She’s just leaking all these rumors now in order to gain some sympathy from the jury, her audience, and Brava, but I’m thinking it’s a case of too little, too late. If Teresa had divorced Joe right after the charges were first filed, then the jury might have been more inclined to forgive her as the grieving and devastated wife. But she’s stuck by him all these months, and playing up their differences now won’t make a lick of difference.

Do you guys agree? And do you think Teresa will manage to escape serving a prison sentence? With her time on the Real Housewives of New Jersey coming to an end, she’s in trouble either way. What’s amazing is to have a look at Teresa Giudice’s Instagram and Twitter – it is festooned with the tax-cheating criminal advertising products for various brands! What are these brands thinking? Are they looking to appeal to Americans who think tax fraud and stealing from financial institutions is a positive thing? Tell us in the comments if you think Teresa should be a brand representative, other than maybe for criminal lawyers?

 Image Credit: Teresa Giudice Twitter – Joe Giudice


28 responses to “Teresa Giudice Fired, Divorce Plans: Real Housewives of New Jersey Tre Shows No Remorse”

  1. debbiehm says:

    Teresa needs to own up to her guilty plea, serve her prison sentence, LEARN from the experience and then get out and get a job and live a life she can AFFORD…But I feel her brother and his wife need to be living within their means as well…It’s obvious to me Melissa is living in a little “dream world” just like Teresa has been…

  2. kassy says:

    I agree that Bravo needs to stop condoning a tax cheating thief. She is playing poor innocent wife yet we have all watched her and know what a liar she is who never accepts responsibility for her actions. How many people are sent to jail that have children? She is using that as a plea as to why she should get probation and no jail time. YOU COMMIT THE CRIME YOU DO THE TIME.

    • m barrett says:

      So agree with you she is a selfish person and always makes out she is never in the wronge… when her and her brother went to counciling I thought finally she is going to be put straight. But no she still couldn’t accept that she had done anything wronge. … I cringe when shes on and her children are spoilt little brats….. she new what was going on and should be punished if she doesnt like that she shouldn’t have done the crime .

  3. Carol says:

    New Jersey Housewives ratings are not down cause of thersa and joe. It’s because bravo brought in. those ridulous twins their husbands and amber and dina. Thats what made the ratings go down. Those people have nothing to bring to the show. All amber talks about is her cancer, and who needs to hear about the bald guy going for a shit test. If you think this holds people interest WRONG. I used to be a faithful watcher but not anymore. I just channel surf, I only keep it on when theresa and melissa is on otherwise I switch to something else. Bravo if you can’t bring the old cast back then I think it should be taken off the air. The show totally sucks this season. No wonder why ratingsare dropping.

  4. Kimberly Haren says:

    Teresa could always say that the reason she stuck by Joe’s side and did not discuss divorce previously was because she believed him and in him. He was lying to her pleading his innocence until the day they actually pled guilty. He was stringing her along is web of lies as well. That’s probably how it’s going to come out soon.

  5. Stassi says:

    Rot in helllllllll

  6. Lana says:

    In season one when she and joe were building the new house after filing bankruptcy and not paying taxes she showed up at a furniture store with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and was very glib about it?? Did she think tge cash was grown on trees in her new yard?? Please. … Give me a break. They both did crimes and they both deserve punishments. Just cause they are on a reality show doesn’t give them amnesty from prosecution???

    • Happy katey. says:

      I remember that shopping excursion so well. There’s a reason it was cash. No one except crooks carry that much cash.

  7. Stassi says:

    Oh no-stealing from tax payers and acting like the victim= love from viewers—–never!

  8. tigger says:

    What is crazy, more than anything, is we the people, actually watch this crap. Then we respond to it like any of it has meaning. All the house wives shows are just flat out stupid, mindless dribble. No other words to describe it. And btw. NO, she isn’t smart because she got away with it, she obviously didn’t get away with it, or we wouldn’t be talking about her being a convicted felon. Lets talk fraud. Wall street created a world wide crash and yet the mortgage brokers at the lowest levels, including the secretaries of those offices are doing time, while the suits are still free making millions. These idiots are just one of many, many people committing fraud daily, they just happened to get caught. Let’s talk off shore bank accounts, and companies like Halliburton and many more mega billion dollar corporations. Billions in tax evasion. Like the guidice’s are something special? Lmao. Wake up people, they are like a zit on a pigs ass. What they cost the tax payers is like a dollar to Bill Gates. Invest your energies into real issues.

  9. Classychass101 says:

    First of all people should just mind there business and let them live there lives. Because Teresa carries herself in a different way people are forced to hate plenty of people go through this and it’s so disgusting that human beings are so quick to persecute people. No one is perfect. Only God can judge. And believe you me he sits really high but looks so low. Look and the mirror just because your business isn’t in the paper doesn’t mean it doesn’t stink.

  10. Br Raleigh nc says:

    Really disappointing that regular citizens go to jail and goverment and Wall Street steals the entire stadium and get away Scott free I don’t get it

  11. Lyne says:

    No she won’t! Gossip sells…this is just a headline to get you to read the story…they GOTCHA!

  12. Debbie says:

    Well I have to say I have really liked Teresa not so much Joe I think he is the lowest of the low I think she has stood by him far to long. I would love to see her get probation for the sake of those poor children. They have been through a lot bless them she should also never live beyond her means.

  13. ErinEastCoast says:

    I am so sick of these people acting like “victims”. This wasn’t a mistake. This was deliberate and intentional fraud. When you look at the list of counts it will make you sick. I cannot continue to watch this show. Both of them have to ‘go”. Liars….and how funny that she called Danielle out for her past??? I bet Danielle is loving this. Lock em both up.

  14. justsaying says:

    I am disgusted by the GREEDouchie’s!! $4 million dollar house and $300K beach house bought with fraudulent loans and at least ten vacations in the past year!! Not an ounce of remorse and still stealing everything they can get their hands on. I hope the judge gives them both serious jail time. At least that would ensure their horrible, butt fugly spawn have a chance to learn what true REALITY is in real life. These trolls are the most rotten, arrogant and disrespectful brats on the planet!

  15. justsaying says:

    I hate her butt fugly brats – and hope they end up in a foster home. They are horrible, mean nasty trolls just like their parents and deserve zero empathy when their thieving parents are hauled off to jail.

  16. justsaying says:

    Touché Judy!!

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  20. Brittany says:

    Okay, I don’t agree with any of the criminal activities this family has taken part of. However,

  21. Brittany says:

    As a stay at home mother myself, I feel like Teresa and joes marriages seems to be, she holds the family together, loves her girls so much and it’s clear how much they love and respect there parents despite all this. There’s many different ways you can look at all this, but I feel Teresa has just always trusted in Joe to take care of the bills and provide and she’s trusted and followed his lead, like I do my husband. I feel he knows what’s best for our family, what we can afford and what’s within our means, so when he goes to the store as wants to buy furniture I don’t question it, because I trust he wouldn’t put our family in a position I feel Joes put his family in. I also feel like a large reason RHONJ had made it all these years with high ratings, is due to Teresa and he family and she’s brought a lot of money to Bravo as well, so I feel it’s unfair to just throw her to the curb after all these years, especially when she could really use the funds right now. She has come along way from the women she was when she first started in this show, and they are humans just like all of us, that’s why it’s reality television, and in reality things like this do happen to families. I just think she’s a wonder mom, you can see that in how he children are with her, especially things her oldest has said to both her mother and father. I feel like if all you people have such horrible things to say about all these women why are you watching. They all have jobs and go out and make money, so I think its something they should hold there heads up and be proud of and remember how blessed they are compared to most. But aside from Amber who seems a little off, I think for there age all the women are beautiful, healthy, and have bodies none of all you hates have only dreamed you could have. Bottom line, if you hate them all so much why are you watching and why would you spend your time to get online and run them down, that tells something about who you people are, and maybe look at yourselves in the mirror instead of hating on these women who are blessed and have put their lives out there for the world to see, something most families couldn’t do. So bottom line quit hating and stop watching if you are so disgusted by all these women, don’t really make sense!

    • Caval says:

      Wow, Brittany-
      Long post. Makes me think either you have too much time on your hands or, you agree with unscrupulous people! Stay at home mom or not- the law is the law. Why can’t you stay on topic? We’re talking about fraud…nothing else.
      Additionally, if you watched the show from season 1, you would have noticed just how much these people lack morals let alone common sense. Heed my warning: what goes up must come down!

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  25. TheTruthAsIKnowIt says:

    that’s an old pic he’s a fat drunken slob now