Teresa Giudice Fired by Wendy Feldman, Crisis Manager: After RHONJ Convict Hires New Attorney to Plead for Cushy Prison Camp

Teresa Giudice Fired by Wendy Feldman, Crisis Manager: After RHONJ Convict Hires New Attorney to Plead for Cushy Prison Camp

Teresa Guidice‘s crisis manager Wendy Feldman has fired her as a client after Tre failed to consult with her on trying to buy influence with the Bureau of Prisons through new lawyers in where she is sentenced. Teresa was shooting for the relatively nice Danbury Federal Prison in Connecticut which is the facility upon which Netflix’s hit series ‘Orange Is the New Black’ is based or another cushy camp in West Virginia. In a statement released to the media Wendy Feldman, a convict herself, slammed her former client in harsh terms:

“Sadly, my time with Teresa and has come to an end. My client relationships are very important to me, however today’s filing regarding Teresa’s Bureau of Prisons designation request was not done with my knowledge or input.”

“I am not the consultant referred to in filing. This is clearly not the first time my advice has not been followed, but this is the time where the stakes are the highest,” Feldman continues.
“Both for my clients and myself, I work hard to maintain a strong relationship with the Bureau of Prisons. As I’ve tried to instruct Teresa, this is a process that must be respected. A designation to a camp is a gift, not a requirement from the BOP and the judge. By making this request, Teresa has jeopardized months of work, months of preparation and in fact may jeopardize where she is ultimately designated or sent to.”

“My ultimate responsibility is to all of my clients, not just to Teresa. I’m hopeful that, at some point, a change occurs and rehabilitation begins. My thought and wishes will always be with her children.”

Teresa Giudice should have learned by now that spending money foolishly won’t get you anywhere…except maybe bankrupt. Teresa and husband Joe Giudice are getting hit with the gravity of the situation that was a result of the couple’s over-the-top greed. Both faced with jail time, Teresa is set to serve her sentence first but she is not going down without a fight. Teresa Giudice had planned on hiring another attorney and was shopping around for a legal genius who could find a way to overturn her sentencing, as CDL reported to you. She quickly found that no one could help her because there is no way her sentence would be overturned. One attorney even told her very frankly that if any attorney told her that they could help to get her sentence overturned, they were lying to her.

Still desperate to get a lighter sentencing, Teresa blindly spent even more money on a new attorney in hopes of picking the location for her 15-month sentencing. Stacy Ann Biancamano was hired by Teresa and quickly got started working for the Giudice matriarch by submitting a letter to Judge Ester Salas asking for her client’s sentencing to be served at Danbury Federal Prison in Connecticut so that she can visit with her children. In the letter, Radar Online reports, Biancamano asks the judge to amend Teresa’s JOC (judgment of conviction) so that it clearly states she may serve her time at Danbury or another cushy camp in West Virginia as opposed to the Metropolitan Detention Facility Brooklyn, or Metropolitan Correctional Facility Manhattan. The attorney argued that the wording in the JOC does not clearly state that her offense qualifies her to be “designated to a camp” and if it does not clearly reflect that, there is a chance she would be sent to one of the correctional facilities, either in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

As it stands, however, it looks like Teresa Guidice has been fired by her crisis manager, damaged her ultimate prison placement and just thrown away more money. Judge Salas has no role in determining where Giudice will serve her sentence. Beyond that, Danbury is likely out as an option as they are transitioning to an all-male facility. No matter where Teresa ends up, likely she won’t be too happy with her new digs.

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