Teresa Giudice Divorce, Firing Update: Writing Tell-All Book and Getting Ready For Jail?

Teresa Giudice Divorce, Firing Update: Writing Tell-All Book and Getting Ready For Jail?

Teresa Giudice was stupid enough to stay with Joe Giudice throughout the fraud charges, indictment, and trial. And now, she’s going to pay for it by going to jail. #Ooops. After having looked at Teresa Giudice’s and Joe Giudice’s fraud case objectively, we can say with confidence that Teresa Giudice was too stupid to have realized what Joe Giudice was up to. She’s greedy, dishonest, and famewhorey, but she’s too idiotic to be a criminal mastermind. And trust me, what Joe Giudice was doing involved way too much focus, risk, and brains for Teresa to have gotten involved willingly. However, Joe managed to manipulate her into helping him, and now she’s paying for her mistakes.

In that regard, of COURSE Teresa Giudice blames Joe Giudice for her woes, and especially her prison sentence. According to reports, Teresa was debating divorcing Joe before the sentencing to try to garner some last-minute sympathy, but decided to wait it out. She totally shouldn’t have done that, right? Now, she’s going to prison no matter what, but Teresa’s still planning on divorcing Joe and dumping his sorry ass. Teresa’s lawyers are no doubt telling her that divorce won’t affect her anymore, not that it would have before. But if she goes through with the divorce now, Teresa Giudice will get all the big money that comes along with a high-profile divorce. Unfortunately [or fortunately, from your point of view], Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice have never been as popular [and infamous] as they are now.

Thus, Teresa Giudice divorcing Joe Giudice and then writing a tell-all book will definitely land her a plum financial deal, not to mention putting her on the shortlist for other reality shows – after she gets officially fired from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, of course.

Plus, Teresa skipped Joe’s latest sentencing and she reportedly met with her divorce lawyer earlier this week – all signs that she’s planning on saying adios to her marriage as soon as humanly possible. After all, she only has until the beginning of January before she has to turn herself into jail.

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  1. trenaherringtonchapman says:

    Aren’t you the same people who claimed she was pregnant?

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