Teresa Giudice Gifts Fake Family Heirloom To Her Daughter – The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star’s A Fraud Through And Through!

Teresa Giudice Gifts Fake Family Heirloom To Her Daughter - The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star's A Fraud Through And Through!

It seems as if Teresa Giudice just can’t stop living her fraudulent lifestyle! Apparently, during a touching segment on the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa was seen gifting her daughter, Gia, a ring that had allegedly belonged to her grandmother. However, according to recently surfaced news, the ring in no way belonged to Gia’s grandmother; in fact, it was purchased from a jewelry shop not much more than a year ago. Nice, T. Nice.

A source for Radar says, “The diamond ring had been given to Teresa about a year ago by a jeweler in New Jersey. Teresa wanted to give Gia the ring on camera to give publicity to the jeweler. Teresa’s mother never had the ring for any extended period of time. It was all done for the show, and it’s now back in Teresa’s possession.”

I guess this sort of makes sense? I’m a bit confused how/why telling the world that it belonged to Gia’s grandmother would have given publicity to the jewelry store — unless of course the original plan was to present the ring to Gia alongside the truth (hey, this came from a store I’m trying to promote), and not embellish it with a sentimental story. If you have opinions on this (or facts), please, enlighten us!

Teresa and her husband, Joe Guidice, are still embroiled in their fraud trial, and many, perhaps even Teresa herself, are making it seem as if she’s totally strapped for dough. Well, this isn’t the case. She’s currently bringing in nearly 5K a month for the Milania Hair Care line she helped establish back in 2012. She also received a fairly decent signing bonus to help promote the line.

So, folks, Teresa might be going through hell right now . . . but she’s not anywhere near to being as desperate of a housewife as she’d like everyone to believe.

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