Teresa Giudice Filing Divorce, Pregnant and Fired: Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Getting House Arrest But Joe’s Off To Prison

Teresa Giudice Filing Divorce, Pregnant and Fired: Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Getting House Arrest But Joe's Off To Prison

Teresa Giudice is in serious trouble no matter the angle from which you view her situation. Rumors and reports have the RHONJ star, pregnant, fired, getting house arrest and even a divorce! Real Housewives of New Jersey spoilers tease that on October 2 a judge will finally decide Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Giudice’s fate, and we will finally know whether the fraudulent couple is going away to prison. The Giudices’ felony fraud charges are much more severe than they are letting on, and the truth of the matter is, both of them could go to prison for up to thirty-five years and Joe Giudice could even be deported back to Italy, Teresa is praying for house arrest.

On top of Teresa Giudice’s mounting legal problems, the one legitimate income she has from appearing on the Bravo reality TV series Real Housewives of New Jersey is in serious jeopardy and rumor is she is being fired. Despite all the buzz from Teresa’s trial, the RHONJ ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic, and Bravo is blaming Teresa. Not only is Teresa not promoting the show like she used to, but fans are so disgusted with her and Joe’s court case that they don’t even want to watch them on Real Housewives, the Giudices’ scandalous legal case is actually hurting ratings more than it is helping them.

Rumors are running rampant that Teresa Giudice and hubby Joe will be divorced as soon as they are sentenced, and a few sources closed to the Giudice Family have confirmed that a divorce is most likely in the cards. Teresa blames Joe for her legal woes, and wants nothing to do with him, the lawyers have encouraged them to keep a united front until the case is over. But, as soon as they are sentenced, Teresa is filing for divorce.

What is point of getting a divorce if you are in separate prisons anyways? Well, as far as Teresa is concerned, she’s not going to prison. And, new reports from In Touch reveal that the reason Teresa is confident that she won’t be doing jail time is because she is pregnant with baby number five and her lawyer is using that to push for a lighter sentence, like house arrest. There is a chance that Teresa Giudice could come out of this entire scandal smelling like roses. Her husband Joe will serve time for basically both of their crimes, she will divorce him and be rid of him as soon as he is sentenced, and she will create the perfect storyline on Real Housewives of New Jersey, “Teresa Giudice A Victim, Pregnant And Alone, Trapped Inside All Day Under House Arrest.”

What do you think RHONJ fans? Is Teresa Giudice going to jail, or will she worm her way out of it? Do you think she is really pregnant and divorcing Joe? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Real Housewives of New Jersey spoilers and recaps.

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49 responses to “Teresa Giudice Filing Divorce, Pregnant and Fired: Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Getting House Arrest But Joe’s Off To Prison”

  1. debbiehm says:

    I think she THINKS she can manipulate the Judge into house arrest…I think that’s why she got pregnant…as insurance in her warped mind to keep her OUT of prison…Guess she didn’t think about what it would be like to be pregnant and have a baby IN prison…have to give up a child to someone else to take care of til you get out and you miss all the bonding time….She’s such an idiot…I hope she gets exactly the same sentence you and I would get if WE did the crimes SHE did!

  2. Lisa says:

    I don’t watch that show anymore BECAUSE of Teresa Guidice! I refuse to contribute to her fraud of a life!

  3. Moo Koo says:

    How disgusting if they were black they would be thrown under the jail. America is full of dong, racist ass country. Look what they did to Apollo Nida

  4. fuckyou says:

    your a jackass turd loser- get a life cockroach

    • Dudley Parker says:

      God says you will answer to the laws of the land…They should have jail time, not house arrest. I feel sorry for the kids but there should be no exceptions when ordinary people go to jail and lose their kids.

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  6. joe says:

    youre trash lady….You’s watch your mouf lady fugazzi

  7. joe says:

    quit muddling with my family lady—

  8. joe says:

    go eat cheesy lady…you green uniforms fugazzi

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  10. Joseph says:

    No way no how she walks

  11. vibrant77 says:

    Rumors. I pray that she is not jailed. The kids need a parent figure. They are precious girls who dont need punishment for parents mistakes. Imagine if your children were punished for your mistakes!

    • Devine0505 says:

      I agree but womens prisons are full of mothers and some are even pregnant serving time for lesser crimes. Most are serving stemming from drug addiction.

  12. vibrant77 says:

    Um…fantasy land aye? A housewife is a stepford since time began. Stay home,watch kids,clean etc..if hubby is rich, maids and nannies do it. Thats life for the upper crusts lol

  13. gidget67 says:

    It’s not Theresa and her husband ruining the show. I can’t stand any of the new cast. They are all boring..fake..ignorant and not worth watching. Is it REALLY believable THAT the people from Franklin Lakes which is up NORTH NEW JERSEY actually know the people in Colts Neck which is quite far from them? Bravo you made a mistake hiring these people. Boring! !!!

  14. Honey Bee13 says:

    No. The actual definition of a housewife is a woman who does not have a job outside the home. You don’t need children to be a housewife. Also there is no income level specified to BE a housewife so anything goes. Theresa is a housewife because she has no job that takes her out of the home.

  15. Devine0505 says:

    I dont think she is really pregnant. As far as sentencing, hopefully we will find out in a couple weeks when their big day in court arrives.

  16. Devine0505 says:

    They always show Milania cutting up and trash talking and Gia rolling her eyes. Bravo rarely shows Gabriella or Audriana up close. I guess they arent bratty enough for the cameras.

  17. Nikki says:

    She & Juicy are gonna be downsizing alright, to an 8 by 8 room in Cell Block C!

  18. Nikki says:

    Yeah & that really worked for Phaedra Parks & her now jail bird hubby Apollo Nida. Phaedra is a well respected Lawyer in GA with 2 babies. Apollo didn’t commit to 41 counts of fraud either. You peeps are giving Bravo too much credit.

  19. Devine0505 says:

    Too bad the men have affairs.

  20. Patsy says:

    I don’t think she is pregnant (after all, they needed med. intervention before) nor do I think she’ll divorce him. They will both be held accountable so won’t matter legally for her future to “rid herself” of him. It’s only right & the law that BOTH get jail time since they did the crime. Hope RHONJ drops them —

  21. Baby Girl says:

    Why should we feel sorry for criminals. ..they knew it was a crime when they commuted fraus

  22. Baby Girl says:

    Yes and the Bible also teaches us ….though shalt not steal

  23. cato cato says:

    If those two scumbags don’t go to jail there is no justice in the world.

  24. cato cato says:

    You’re an idiot

    • Jackie Lee Smith says:

      Thanks. I value the opinions of people who have some level of intelligence. Guess U know what I think of yours.

  25. Elizabeth Rodrigues says:

    I think people should keep their ugly options to there self she needs to be with her baby’s at home that’s what matters the kids. you all have ugly hearts.

  26. wiz365247 says:

    Not cool people go to jail for less crime then this the judge is weak an has know back bone if she just get house arrest . They both new what they were doing when they committed the crime.

  27. Bubba says:

    Living like kings ….. With other peoples money is the worst crime…. And should be punished…
    Ask Bernie Madoff….

  28. Gert says:

    They are both disgusting people…blame everyone else for their woes..and have no conscience. Two lowlifes who deserve everything they get. Hope the judge throws the book at BOTH of them. Would not watch RHONJ if they paid me to watch it now.

  29. Bluerskies says:

    The Denver Post reported yesterday that judges gave prison time in only about 40% of Colorado’s 246 child pornography convictions in 2013, down from 56% in 2008.

    But yes….let’s lock up Teresa for life. Rolling my eyes….give me a break. The punishment should fit the crime. People are outraged at her and not about the things they SHOULD be outraged over.

  30. ann says:

    Seriously when series first started and they would show her shopping, paying with $100 bills, my first thougsomebody’s hiding something. Nobody walks around with that much cash these days

  31. Viveka says:

    Haven’t these people heard about birth control? They are in so much trouble, and their daughters are so traumatized already. Aren’t three kids enough for these greedy, selfish people?

  32. mary wright says:

    I would not put it past the Giudices to get her pregnant in a bid for a lighter sentence.
    I agree with debbiehm that Teresa is stupid enough to think she can manipulate the court in such an obvious way. Here’s hoping the court sentences them both just as they would non-celebrities. Pregnant or not, she needs to serve time in jail for her part in their fraudulent house of cards. I’ve heard of a federal case where a woman was sentenced to prison time because her husband had cheated the IRS out of less than $20,000. And the Giudices have swindled their victims out of millions and think she should get house arrest? I think there will be a HUGE outcry if they don’t both get real jail time.
    Their entire life is a tissue of lies: pretending to be successful while using other people’s money to hide the fact that they weren’t; pretending to have a happy marriage when they don’t; even Teresa pretending to be a cook when several people on the show who know her have stated that the recipes are her mother’s and friends’ — she’s a fraud in more ways than one and this pregnancy, if it’s real, is just another scheme to try and get out of facing the music.

  33. Patty Hoch says:

    Teresa is NOT pregnant. Melissa & Joe were on “Watch What Happens” the other night and confirmed Teresa is NOT pregnant. They should BOTH go to jail and have BRAVO babysit the kids.

  34. Rachel M says:

    I’m done with RHONJ. I watched for years to only get so disgusted with how Bravo condones bad adult behavior. Who cares about Teresa and Joe. I don’t!

  35. jenn says:

    I’m a fan of RHONJ but haven’t been watching this season because there’s no Jacqueline, Caroline or Kathy and I can’t stand Dina! Maybe that’s why ratings are down, not just because Teresa isn’t promoting the show.

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  37. mary tabacco says:

    you know what I don’t understand if it was me or my husband we would have been locked up for the crime because she’s on Bravo does not make it OK think as soon that Teresa and Joe got in trouble with the law .Bravo should have just taken them right off the show..if I wanted to see a series of crimes and bank fraud could change it to other channels..both of them of are the biggest idiots .for putting their children through what they DID.truthfully the Housewives of New Jersey it’s not about Theresa and joe should have been on the show that said ..I thought I got away with it..NOT New Jersey housewives

  38. mary tabacco says:

    I agree with you a hundred and one percent mark youre so right

  39. Laura Jensen says:

    I don’t think teresa is remorseful she is still trying to play the part of a rich wife. She is not rich and the judge should see right through the act. They are not above the law and should be sentenced as any other citizen.

  40. Patricia Ellis says:

    Murders, rapists, pedophiles get less time than 35 years! I dont think white collar crimes deserve jail. They deserve getting their money taken away. I don’t think Theresa should go to jail and leave her 4 kids alone. Hubby can do the time for both of them. What hurts worse than jail. Taking away all their material things that they fraudalently got. Anyone that wants a woman to go to jail and leave those beautiful children is a hateful b–tch. Did Martha Stewart get all this time or did she get just months in jail and she was involved in insider trading involving alot of money. What about kiddie porn? Those bums get very little time and what they do is traumatizing for those children all the rest of their lives. Gimme a break, let Teresa do house arrest and give Joe 24 months in a minimum security prison close to home..

    • debbiehm says:

      Martha Stewart went to prison for LYING…I sure wish all the judges were like you…I would go out and get me a few million dollars tomorrow so I could go on a spending spree! WHEE…and so what if I get caught? just sit in my beautiful house with a little thingy on my ankle…lalalalla

  41. trenaherringtonchapman says:

    The same values their parents learned from those grandparents?

  42. debbiehm says:

    Bravo made them look at houses…I bet Teresa had nothing to do with it…You are right…She couldn’t afford a 100,000 house in my opinion…The mansion is mortgaged to the hilt and any equity from anything is going to pay creditors and lawyers, so I don’t see how they can even get any house at all…lol…and Teresa knows this too…Just Bravo wanting to show the drama of Teresa having to downsize…Really is kind of a slap in the face to make her do this…OR could be Teresa is doing this again to manipulate people by making them feel “sorry “for her and the girls having to lose their home they loved….wah wah wah….

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  45. jennileah says:

    She is not pregnant. She will not do jail time at the same time as Joe, it will be staggered, if she does sny. No judge would do that to 4 children. Everyone makes mistakes. If Theresa files for divorce, it is for financial reasons, and to protect her children’s best interest. People need to understand how the real world is and operates and stop bashing this couple. Think of their family and esp their children before you speak.