The Bachelor 2014 Clare Crawley Says She Did NOT Have Sex With Juan Pablo


Bachelor fans are still trying to make sense of Season 18 Episode 5. Did Clare Crawley have sex in the ocean with Juan Pablo in Vietnam, or did the ABC producers do some creative editing to make it seem like they hooked up just to boost Bachelor ratings?

Last week on Episode 5 of The Bachelor, Clare Crawley snuck up to Juan Pablo’s hotel room and invited him for a late night dip in the ocean while the other Bachelorettes were sleeping. Obviously we couldn’t see what transpired between Clare and Juan Pablo underwater while they were heavily petting each other, but it seemed pretty obvious that they were having sex. Especially since the next day Clare toasted to “making love” at the Rose Ceremony Cocktail Party, and then Juan Pablo took her aside and told her the night before “was a mistake” and “never should have happened.” Bachelor fans were pretty certain that Clare Crawley and Juan Pablo had sex the night before the Rose Ceremony in the ocean, all signs were pointing to it.

However, Clare Crawley is setting Bachelor fans straight, and claiming that she absolutely did NOT have sex with Juan Pablo in Vietnam. In a recent interview Crawley was asked if she hooked up with Juan Pablo in the ocean. Here’s Clare’s response (if you can make sense of it):

“I, first of all, I’m thankful to have this opportunity to even talk about this because I don’t think that it was made clear by anybody that that’s not what happened. And I don’t want that to be – I mean, I don’t want that incident to be anything equivocal. And so I do want to say that that’s not what happened. That was not my intention going into it. And as well as everybody in that situation knows that that’s not what happened.”

Translation: Clare Crawley is denying rumors that she and Juan Pablo had sex in the ocean in Vietnam, in her very long-winded manner. But did that stop Nikki Farrell from getting even...?

So, Bachelor fans are you surprised that Clare and Juan Pablo actually did not have sex in the ocean? Or, do you think Clare is denying it because she is embarrassed, and she actually did have sex with Juan Pablo on Episode 5 of The Bachelor?

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