The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Full Frontal Nude Photos Released By Nikki Ferrell

The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Full Frontal Nude Photos Released By Nikki Ferrell

Juan Pablo, star of the The Bachelor season 18, has fallen prey to one of the oldest Hollywood revenge scandals in the book. It seems that the recipient of the final rose, Nikki Ferrell, in true middle school fashion, revealed to her friends some full frontal nude photos that Juan sent to her. Sources close to both Juan Pablo and the rose recipient confirm the authenticity of these sexy pics.

It seems that the final rose winner couldn’t wait to brag about Juan’s endowments and offered visual aids as proof. Since nothing is sacred, her friends are ratting her out big time. What’s wrong with women these days? Do they not understand the rules – or have any idea of what privacy is? I would never show my friends how well-endowed my boyfriend is. Nikki shouldn’t be surprised if one of her BFFs decided to make Juan a conquest after salivating all over his homemade Playgirl spread.

I am not surprised that this happened. I’m actually surprised it didn’t happen earlier. This entire show is a recipe for disaster, so I don’t expect much in the way of maturity or morals. You take two attractive people who are being led around on a leash by their primitive hormones, add a generous amount of desperation, slowly stir in a production crew with an abysmal success rate (Trista and Ryan are the only successful couple), and add just a pinch of fame-whoring to taste. Let this mixture simmer for 18 seasons and you’ll have a perfectly seasoned cesspool of crap to entertain the masses for years to come.

Like most reality shows, The Bachelor started off with a promising premise. Take a scorching hot guy who is far too busy and important to find a good woman to spend his life with, ABC will provide thirty bimbos for him to feel up, and then he’ll decide which one would make the best wife. Then, our hero will declare his love to his soul mate and give her a ring he didn’t pay for. The two of them will ride off into the sunset-end scene. How sweet and wonderful this dream is.

Only that doesn’t happen. Not at all. These soul mates who find each other courtesy of ABC rarely make it to the reunion show before they’re taking up permanent residence in splitsville. Unlike Alex Michel, the very first bachelor who resembled Prince Charming, each bachelor is a bigger tool than the last.

I wouldn’t worry too much about poor Juan Pablo and the world seeing his joystick. I doubt he has any shame. In fact, he’s probably planning on using the photo as advertisement to snag his next bimbo. Let’s face it, a person has to be pretty bold and super confident to send a nude photo to someone they barely know, he’s probably relishing in the attention he’s sure to get from this.

ABC should, however, issue a disclaimer to its impressionable viewership. It’s the only responsible thing to do. Attention regular unsexy viewers of this totally sexy show: Please don’t text ANYONE nude photos of yourself, it will not get you fame and fortune; it may, however, have an adverse effect on your professional life and your family may disown you. Do not try this at home, just don’t.

Image credit to FameFlynet