The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman: Josh Murray Ashamed Of Fiancee For Having Fantasy Suite Sex With Nick Viall – Wedding Cancelled?

The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman: Josh Murray Ashamed Of Fiancee For Having Fantasy Suite Sex With Nick Viall – Wedding Cancelled?

Season 10 of The Bachelorette 2014 is officially over, Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman are reportedly planning their extravagant TV wedding. But, runner up Nick Viall is not happy about it. When Bachelorette spoilers teased that Josh Murray would be the winner of the season, fans were skeptical seeing as how Nick Viall was considered the front-runner the entire season. Bachelorette fans, and Nick Viall, thought he had the competition in the bag. So, you can imagine all of our shock and Nick’s shock, when Andi gave her final rose to Josh Murray.

During the After The Final Rose show Nick Viall dropped a bomb on Bachelorette fans… and Josh Murray. While he was on stage with Andi for the first time since she dumped him, he announced that Andi “made love to him” during their Fantasy Suite date. Considering the fact that Andi accepted Josh’s proposal just a few days later, the fact that she slept with Nick could definitely be considered cheating. And, Josh Murray is not happy about it.

Josh played the role of “TV husband” perfectly when he took the stage during the ATFR show, and he gushed about how in love he was with Andi and pretended he didn’t care that Nick Viall told the world he had sex with his bride to be. But, according to insiders, all hell broke loose after Andi and Josh left the stage. Josh is livid that Andi had sex with Nick Viall while they were filming The Bachelorette. Considering what we have learned about Josh since his stint on The Bachelorette, it’s not even about the cheating, it’s his pride that is hurt. Multiple sources have reported that Josh Murray is very controlling and territorial when it comes to the women in his life, and Andi made a mockery of him on live television.

What do you think about the bomb that Nick Viall dropped on The Bachelorette’s After The Final Rose show? Do you think that the rumors are true and Andi and Josh’s wedding is on hold now that Josh knows she had sex with Nick Viall? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

7 responses to “The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman: Josh Murray Ashamed Of Fiancee For Having Fantasy Suite Sex With Nick Viall – Wedding Cancelled?”

  1. vorymonavay says:

    I don’t blame Nick for asking his question about the Fantasy Suite hook-up on TV. He had tried, unsuccessfully, 2 times to speak with Andi privately in order to get some questions answered that he was too blind-sided to ask on the night she dumped him.

    Josh always seemed like a smooth talker to me. Real love is never that smooth to articulate. There are often a lot of false starts, pauses and some awkwardness when you are telling someone for the first time that you love them or revealing very deep feelings/information about yourself. Think of when you have had to do that.

    I hope that Andi and Josh love each other enough to make it to the wedding and have a good life together. I certainly hope she wasn’t dumb enough to choose Josh because she thought he was better in bed. It was a comparison based on one night. Granted, sex is the foundation of any marriage, but you don’t live in the basement. You better have a whole lot more going for you as a couple than that.

    I’m rather glad that Nick dodged the Andi “bullet”. He will definately find someone who is as passionate and has the many emotional layers he needs. Good Luck Nick!

    • Ty says:

      I agree with most of this however Nick never attempted to talk to Andi off camera. He contacted the show both times that he wanted to talk to her and there were cameras present both times. It was all for tv it was never going to be private. Sooo Nick is still a douchebag. He may be a hurt douchebag but none the less he is still a douche. There are tons of less revealing more classy ways that he could have gotten his answer. He didn’t have to put her on blast! That was soooo classless!

      • Lin says:

        You are wrong. He DID try to talk to her off camera and she refused. Chris Harrison said it himself. Nick had no choice, and he is not a douchebag…he loved her and she treated him badly. If anyone has no class, it is Andi herself!

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  3. SISSY says:

    first of all if she had pick nick then josh would be asking questions as to what happen. nick was creep from the start and studied the show. him revealing what they done was to break up her and josh. he is continually playing the game. he is not going to admit his intentions.however she was dating 25 men if she wanted to try them all out , yes she would be a loose cannon but they all sign in to date her. so she narrowed it down to two men and slept with them.making
    sure, i guess. although it was televised the bedroom was not. nick is a sick puppy and josh needs to suck it up and not worry about society slandering him. if he is happy then go for it. remember people hate seeing others happy. enjoy your life and get married and have babies the abnormal way.the rest of us will continue to switch partners and create new families. good luck and best wishes.WATCH OUT FOR THE OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE.!!!!!!

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  5. Lin says:

    That is what people DO when they are hurt…they call a friend and TALK! He didn’t know that the person in the seat behind him was filming and recording what he was saying. He DID try to talk to Andi privately and she wouldn’t talk to him. She deserved the embarrassment she got when he finally got the chance to face her down. She was awful to him and she did lead him on. I hope Josh has seen through her and runs as fast as he can the other way.