The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman, Josh Murray Never Sleep Together – No Love – Fake TV Wedding is a Business Agreement

The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman, Josh Murray Never Sleep Together - No Love - Fake TV Wedding is a Business Agreement

Season 10 The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman and her new fiancé Josh Murray have been bombarding the internet with candid photos of them going to NFL games, playing golf, and celebrating Josh’s latest birthday. It has been a long time since any Bachelor or Bachelorette couple tried this hard to sell the happy couple image. And, no one is really buying it after the shocking After The Final Rose episode when Nick Viall announced Andi had “made love to him.”

When Andi Dorfman quit her job and revealed she wouldn’t be returning after she finished filming The Bachelorette 2014, it became clear that she wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment business. And, several sources have mentioned that she is competing in the next season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Andi has hinted several times that she also wants an extravagant televised Bachelorette TVwedding, just like Sean and Catherine’s. It’s obvious that the reason she chose Josh Murray at the last minute over Nick Viall, is because he will play the perfect celebrity husband. And, marrying Josh would further her career as The Bachelorette much longer than marrying quirky Nick Viall would.

Any man in his right mind would be furious when he learned on live television that his fiancée slept with another man literally hours before he proposed to her, but Josh Murray apparently shrugged it off and went golfing with Andi. The only sensible explanation as to why Josh doesn’t care that Andi was sleeping with other men, is that he has no interest in sleeping with her and is using her for fame just as much as she is using him.

As the days go by, and Andi and Josh play the part of the perfectly happy couple, it is beginning to look more and more like their engagement was more of a business transaction. Why else would Josh be okay with the fact that Andi had sex with another man, and the entire world knows about it? What do you think Bachelorette fans, are Andi and Josh a fraud? Do you think they are truly in love, or just in it for the fame? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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17 responses to “The Bachelorette 2014 Andi Dorfman, Josh Murray Never Sleep Together – No Love – Fake TV Wedding is a Business Agreement”

  1. Dorren Hill says:

    I think they are truly happy!

  2. barbsplas says:

    To the writer: I think not everyone has an agenda. Whatever works is fine with me, as long as there is no violence; there is much more to talk about in subjects such as Gaza, Kiev and Siria. If you want to criticize or speculate about master plans war would be a better subject.

  3. Unknown says:

    Nick had the guts to tell the entire world what they actually did in the fantasy suite which was a BIG deal but realistically, do you think she is the only bachelorette who has done this? There are probably a couple bachelorettes that have done this but no guy has gone that far to tell. Yes it is a big deal but nowadays sex isnt as sacred as it used to me.

  4. Nefe says:

    First of all, she had told him before “after the final rose” aired. Josh admitted in an interview after the whole fiasco that he had known everything. Their relationship is real, but there will always be haters. All the best to Andi D. and Josh M.!

    • Carrie Uniejewski says:

      Well said! Of course people want to make it seem like its fake and not real love. Instead why don’t people just be happy for the new couple. The only thing that’ll show if its real is time.

      • Michelle says:

        Not sure if it is true love or a business deal. Think that Sean and Catherine are more in love with making money and being in the limelight–similar to this couple and all four had that “double date” to plot their futures. But don’t forget all the plotting that goes on in Seattle–Chris and Des, Sean and Catherine (again!) and Jason and Molly are best buddies and always conniving to see how they can get invitations for expensive travel for appearing on future shows or weddings to offer their advice. Makes you wonder why these Batchelor couples cannot make any friends on their own-they just stick together like a band of thieves and looks like ABC and Fleiss are re-thinking these million dollar weddings and how these couples are always trying to milk the system. Looks like Trista has finally been cut off–and Ashley and JP’s pretend first ultrasound (on TV!) to find out the sex of their baby has backfired and the viewers are realizing that these relationships are not true love but are just business arrangements between deceptive partners who value being a celebrity and living like the rich and famous rather than returning to their old jobs, returning to a private life and facing their former old boring life.

  5. paijon says:

    This Bachelorete had a rocky start but turned out to be one of my favorites in the end. More power to her and I hope the best for her & Josh Murray.

  6. Calie girl says:

    The whole thing is — Andi is obviously just in this for the fame — or why would she sleep with Nick right after spending the night with Josh and I’m sure having sex with him as well. Josh is dumber than a box of rocks so it’s hard to say if he’s going along with the charade willingly or does he think Andi is in love with him. He would be dumb enough to not care if she slept with Nick — but seems that another reason Andi chose him was that he’s so simple – and will be easier to dump when she’s finished with him.

  7. Angie says:

    What a joke! Eric Hill called her out the week he left when he called her a fake. She is one way with him and another way on TV. The fact that she gave Chris the boot which is genuinely a good guy, and the Nick whom she clearly had a very passionate, loving relationship with, fora guy who is dumber than a box of rocks? She kept saying this is too good to be true with Josh. He always the type she fell for. He got upset when she wanted to read the lie detector results. No kidding! Of course, he doesn’t want her to read how he slept with over 20 women, is not there for true love, etc. When Chris Harrison gave her a second opportunity to read them in “the men tell all”, she passed. Why? Because she knew what Josh’s answers were and she didn’t want to embarrass HERSELF! By the way, Andi, can you please stop sticking those stupid lips out every time a guy is talking to you. You look like you are trying to do a selfie everytime you’re not talking. Vomit. You’re not a teenager, and you’re a beautiful woman. Stop with that puckering your lips! You look so ugly when you do that. Enjoy your career onTV. Apparently you weren’t looking for love, you were looking for the spotlight. Glad Eric Hill called you out on it early on!

  8. J says:

    Josh has no reason to be upset BC Andi slept with nick. He willingly joined a show knowing the woman would have relations with other men.

    • Michelle says:

      she slept with Juan Pablo the previous series. Now why wouldn’t Josh think that she has slept with just as many people as he has? Two players–looking to become celebrities and just loving time in the limelight. Even Hy wants to get some loving–looks like both families have become fame whores. Never had a Batchelorette’s daddy have to come to interview the 25 guys on the first night; or have him post pictures of himself and his wife with Josh and Andi at the football game. Guess next week it will only be fair for Josh’s parents and the members of their church to have a big prayer meeting (with pictures for the media) praying that Andi won’t get pregnant quite yet and that she will find a very financially rewarding career in Hollywood. Fame has gone to this couples’ head–Andi needs six months without working so she can scheme to see how she can get a million dollars for having a million dollar wedding. If ABC has enough guts to tell Josh and Andi no, figure the next day Andi will announce their breakup.

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  12. carol says:

    I think they are so cute together

  13. Michelle says:

    Yeah Yeah Andi–we knew you would come up with this explanation to cover your tracks.

  14. Michelle says:

    doesn’t seem like faithfulness is part of their business agreement–just need to be discreet and post a lot of staged photos on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.