The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hunter Tylo Returns as Taylor – Aly Meets Her Mother’s Killer Again!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hunter Tylo Returns as Taylor - Aly Meets Her Mother's Killer Again!

Characters are always coming and going on The Bold and the Beautiful, but spoilers tell us that during the week of April 21 Hunter Tylo makes her highly anticipated return to the daytime drama as Taylor. Taylor has been in and out of the series for a while now, making just short brief appearances. However, on Friday April 25th the character will return for a storyline that will be carried out until at least the middle of May. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have been teasing for months that Aly Forrester will be having an altercation with Taylor, and it appears that the time is finally upon us.

For those of you who don’t remember, Taylor is actually the drunk driver that put Aly’s Mom in that creepy ghost bubble that Aly keeps talking to. When Aly was just four years old her Mom Darla was ran over by Taylor while she was changing a tire on a car in the middle of the night. To complicate matters even more, Taylor wound up dating Aly’s father Thorne after the accident and playing step-mom to the girl that she left motherless. No wonder Aly Forrester is so screwed up, her Mom was killed and then she had to live with the woman that killed her!

Aly Forrester has become so unhinged lately, a run-in with her Mom’s killer could be just what she needs to officially put her over the edge. She already is sleeping in a bedroom that doubles as a Hope Shrine and talking to her Mom’s creepy ghost/head in a bubble. Taylor is a psychiatrist, so it should be pretty clear to her that Aly’s sudden manic behavior is most likely related to her mother’s death when she was a young girl. Considering the fact that she is the one that killed her Mom, we are really hoping Taylor doesn’t try to treat Aly or talk to her about what she is feeling or why she is behaving so bizarrely lately.

Are you excited to see Taylor return to Bold and the Beautiful this week and come face to face with a crazed Aly. Or, are you growing tired of the crazy Aly storyline? Aly hasn’t seen Taylor in years – how do you think she will react? Will Taylor get involved in the relationship of Aly and Oliver?

Many fans of Soap Opera Spy claim they are sick and tired of the endless Hope-Wyatt-Liam love triangle so this entry onto the set of Hunter Tylo should help. Aly is a compelling character who has certain personality quirks but also a strength of character not shared by many on B&B. Aly has certain hopes and dreams that are atypical of most young people today and that certainly sets her apart – in a good way. Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL each day for more The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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  • Racquel Garnette

    For Taylor coming back on the show will be a good thing. Maybe Taylor run down Darla by an accident. Aly will hate Taylor for a while but after that she will forget about what really happen to her mother. Thorne is Eric other son and he hasn’t been on the show lately since the logan family took over. This week on the show looks very boring. I rather tune in to watch of what happens at the business office between Bill, Katie and Brooke. I don’t really care to watch what happens to between Liam and Hope this week. i am tired of the love triangle betwen Hope/Liam/Wyatt. I am glad that Wyatt stand up to his mother by saying ” Let me fight my own battles “. Quinn is a nosy little witch who likes to go in people business all the time. It is time to give her the boot out of the show by in May or June. Quinn just want to attack people whenever she feels like it which it is wrong. Liam needs a new girlfriend and the writers are so dumb of making Liam making dinner for Hope while she is with Wyatt. Hope is with Wyatt so why try to jeopalize that. It makes no sense. Liam can keep trying to win back Hope but her heart is with Liam. The writers needs to make up there minds and stop with the love triangle. Maybe Wyatt is not Bill Spencer son afterall. Wyatt father is unknown out there.

    • Bridget

      This soap revolves around the Logan’s any way all we see is Eric let Brooke tell him what to do, we are so tired of looking at Hope bed hop like mommy, this soap needs to cast new people to look at

      • Racquel Garnette

        You are right about everything. Eric still loves Brooke. Eric needs to retire from Forrester Creations and give it to Ridge. Ridge and Katie can work at Forrester Creations. Katie can work at the designs and Ridge can work on the runaway. They would work well together. Brooke can work with Bill at Spencer Publications. They will work well together. Hope says her heart is with Liam. That pissed off Quinn good for her. Hahahaha. This show needs new storylines and new people.

    • B&B Lover Faults and all!

      You really think she will forget what happened to her Mother? Would you? Just because a beautiful woman hit her. I think not.

      • Racquel Garnette

        Hope is just like her mother. Hope just wanted to go from one guy after another. It happens sometimes in real life and on the show. Hope wanted to get naked at her fashion line. Hope doesn’t love Wyatt anymore yayaya. Finally the love triangle is almost over. Taylor hit Darla by an accident. Aly will forgive Taylor someday. Aly shouldn’t be that mad with Taylor. All Taylor is going to say is that she didn’t mean to hit Darla at the side of the road.

        • Bridget

          Put Hope with a different man not brothers and let them try to work things out Ally is being used she needs to grow up and stop acting like a nut we are getting another Hope is in the making, Now we are getting Deacon back put him with Quinn they will make trouble together so now they will dwell on that now.

          • Racquel Garnette

            That will be a great idea to put Hope with someone else other then these brothers. The writers doesn’t care for the characters on the show. Aly hanging out with Oliver was so weird. Deacon with Quinn will be a bad mix because she is going to use him for sex. The show is in a mess. It is all about the logan show and nobody else. I am so glad that i have other shows to watch most of the time by this week.

    • Bridget

      I dont understand why Hope can’t be with someone else is this same old like Taylor/Brooke/Ridge story im starting to walk away from this as I Say its always the Logan’s, all you have to do is cry.The writers needs to work on this soap really hard.Liam needs a woman like Steffen not a child.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Quinn was kind in the beginning then after that she became a bully. The way she push Aly near the balcony was so scary for Aly. Quinn doesn’t want Aly ruining things for her son. Quinn only cares about is her son and that is all. But for Quinn sleeping with Bill is so nasty. I was like what was the writers thinking. The writers doesn’t know how to write good for this show anymore. They are running out of ideas. This show looks like it is going to stick around by next year. I am tired of the love triangle with Hope/Wyatt/Liam. Hope needs to make up her mind of who she wants to be with. She says her heart is with Liam. That will make Wyatt mad. Good for him.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Yeah i know that the writers is going to put Hope with Liam. I think it is a great idea but if the connection is not there that is it for her. I don’t blame your friends for not watching this show. I think the show could do better if the writers slow down about there partnership. Aly falling in love with Oliver is so weird. Oliver is 5 years older then Aly. Liam is a good guy and he deserves to be with someone who would treat him very nice.

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  • chris

    The show has been a snooze fest since everyone left. Sick of the Logan sisters being happy. Please bring Steff, Taylor, and Thomas back ASAP.