The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ivy Makes Her Move On Liam – Helps Him Get Over Losing Hope With Hot Love?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ivy Makes Her Move On Liam – Helps Him Get Over Losing Hope With Hot Love?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers revealed that Ivy Forrester would be one of the Spencer brothers’ love interests before she even arrived at Forrester Creations. Frankly, we all thought Hope would marry Liam in Paris, and Ivy would end up with Wyatt. However, in a bizarre twist Hope married Wyatt and kicked Liam to the curb. So, it looks like Ivy’s new love interest is going to be Liam Spencer.

B&B spoilers teased that Ivy and Liam would grow closer during their spontaneous trip to Paris, and they did. The Bold and the beautiful writers are definitely laying down the groundwork for a future relationship between Ivy and Liam. First there was Ivy meddling in Wyatt giving Hope the HFTF diamond when she first arrived, then there was that awkward kiss after Liam helped fish her out of the river in Paris, and there’s the way she gushed to Aly about how “amazing” Liam is , and how much of a gentleman he is. It’s obvious that Ivy likes Liam, but will he return the feeling?

Well, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers in the September 8th edition of CBS Soaps In Depth, there is a chance Liam could pursue a relationship with Ivy Forrester this Fall! B&B executive producer Bradley Bell told the magazine, “Much to Liam’s surprise, Ivy is waiting in the wings to comfort him and help him move on from his heartbreak. Will he be able to set his feelings for Hope aside and welcome Ivy’s advances?

What do you think B&B fans? Would you like to see Liam finally move on from Hope Logan, and give Ivy Forrester a chance? Do you think that seeing Liam and Ivy together will make Hope suddenly realize that it was Liam she wanted all along, and make her leave her hubby Wyatt? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • coco

    hope need s to move on from Liam.. Stay with Wyatt.. i think Steffy should come back and cause problems between ivy and liam

    • mona


  • ESG

    Ivy is already annoying to me, not really likeable. Seems like a cheap way to rehash another Steffi/Liam Steffi was feisty but likeable and cool. Ivy just comes off as judgemental as soon as she arrived!
    Remember how Liam saved Steffi in the bathtub then she fell for him. Now it’s Ivy in the water. Note to self Liam, save your relationships and leave the brunettes a life jacket. Hope had to witness Liam marry Steffi twice now Liam’s getting a taste.
    Personally I think Hope and Liam were original and cute together with legitimate complimentary chemistry and respect of values. Every time they date their opposites attract counters they end up losing their core character. Steffi lies deceit and baby death. Wyatt comes with lies conniving and a murder for a mother in law.
    B&B please just add more characters / James Scott left Days. Stephen Nicholas or Farrah Fath…bring back Felicia. Stop all the practically incestlike partner swapping and recycled stories with recycled story lines. There’s a reason why Y&R has been #1. Take some notes from your momma soap.

  • mona

    Can’t stand phoney ivy already. tired of whiny liam me me me

  • James

    It’s time for Liam to move on.

    • Mary

      You got that right.

  • Tommie

    Let Hope and Liam move on because there relationship never seems to go anywhere…it always ends…it just never was meant to be. Why hurt Ivy and Wyatt? At least let them be happy then let things happen like a soap opera does.

  • unknown

    I Hate wyatt and hope together…dont care to watch anymore

    • Nanette

      I’m with you!!!

  • Pat

    To tell you the truth, i am sick and tired of the writers for the Bold and Beautiful. They take one situation and run it in the ground, it appears they don’t have any new material to write for fresh scenes to happen. these characters are sucked dry like a vampire sucking a human’s blood. Liam and Hope should have been married a long time ago, just like Caroline and Rick were married, instead of Maya and Rick- or was that a racial thing?

  • Tommie

    Wyatt is not a mama’s boy. He wants Quinn to leave them alone. Liam is a spoiled brat and is very demanding. Look how many times he has giving Hope ultimatums and has bossed her around. If someone was like that to me I’d tell him that he knows where to go. Liam and Hope just aren’t meant to be…ormaybe just for a while. Get used to it. There’ll never be a happy ending for Hope and Liam. Look how happy she’s with Wyatt.

    • PassionQueen77

      Yes Wyatt is a mamas boy. He would do anything of what his mother says. Quinn gave those spanish guys the jewelry to give to Wyatt. Wyatt decided to present the diamond to Hope. You think that is ok for him to do that. The diamond plan worked for Hope. Hope wanted to be with Wyatt because of it. Yes Wyatt told Quinn to leave them alone. Liam has hurt Hope so many times but they were this close to get married in Monaco. Liam and Hope should be married to eachother without interruptions. The writers rather bring another Steffy character wannabe to the show for Liam. That is bullshit. Hope doesn’t know why Liam was late in Paris. It will be revealed soon. Ivy says she was pushed. Quinn pushed Ivy in the water so Liam can rescue her. Hope should of waited for Liam for twenty minutes later. If she did then Liam would find Hope by the bridge.

    • BJR

      Wyatt is a mama boy. He tell his mom everything. When things don’t go his way he tells his mama so she can fix it. Why you think Quinn end up in Paris. Mama boy told his mother that Hope invited Liam. This been going on for awhile with mama boy and mama. Remember when Quinn went to Liam to kill him Wyatt made a statement and told Quinn I told you to call me when you get like this. So they came with history we don’t know about. Quinn tells Wyatt what to do. Remember she told him to marry Hope. We are going to wait to see how it ends but mama boy also a lier.

    • Linda G

      Wrong wyatt is a mamas boy he tells her everything so she can do her dirty deeds why do you think Wyatt told is ma about Liam going to Paris Bingo NO Hope is not happy give the good guy liam a chance let true love prevail and let the evil one move back in with his mama

  • Theresa

    Agreed on Hope being miserable. Am a new B&B watcher, and I love the outdoor shoots. Already can’t stand no backbone Hope. The day she accepted that stupid diamond over respecting Liam, the writing was on the wall that she wasn’t as committed to him as she claimed. I hope Liam leaves her in the dust for Ivy, and she dies of jealousy because she later realizes she loved Liam all along. And what would be even better would be Wyatt realizing his precious princess loves his brother. I’d also like to see Brooke and Ridge back together, and somehow, see Quinn tortured and killed for a long time. I think the best soap ever! LOVE!!!!!

    • Mary

      I agree I wanna see Hope miserable and jealous. She married the wrong guy. A back stabbing brother. But Liam does need to move on tho. He shouldn’t want to be with Hope now that she’s been with Wyatt. I would be so gross if they got back. Sharing brothers is so wrong and gross. Let.him go with Ivy to make Hope feel so jealous and wrong for what she did. Hope she gets what she deserves.

  • apreddy

    Yes! I would love to see these 2 together and I would love for Hope to be jealous of Liam’s new found happiness :-)

  • Irish

    Don’t these writers get paid good money? Well then write something worth watching. Come on..Hope goes away with the intention to marry Liamand comes back married to Wyatt. Really???Who does that…make it interesting not far fetched. For starters. ..get rid of Quinn..she’s ridiculous..really a stupid character. Maya too..gotta GO. you should really listen to the fans of the show because you’re losing them.

  • jean

    it was so wrong that marriage. They should after all these years given Hope and Liam a shot to be married. I have no respect for her now.


    If hope do not leave Wyatt and go back to Liam I am done with b&b. it if not fair and ivy being with Liam is a corny idea

  • Grammie

    This is just crazy! Liam and Hope belong together once and for all. get rid of Wyatt the schemer, back stabbing his brother, thief and his crazy mother (killer of Ricardo the diamond guy). Done with this show. Let Bill and Brooke alone too. Need to put Deacon back in jail. Ridge needs to get on with Katie, forget Brooke.

  • Kobayashi Jyunichi

    If Liam and Ivy get together, keep them together. No more intervening from Hope or Wyatt. Let Hope/Wyatt stay married, and let Liam/Ivy become a new couple, and focus on other storylines after that.

  • huntin2fishin

    Please let Hope see how she was once again manipulated into rushing into this so called “marriage” with Wyatt. She needs to know the truth and go back to Liam. After all, nothing was mentioned of them filing the marriage license in the US so may be there is a loop hole. Also, I think ship weddings need to be so many miles off shore before it is consider legal. Hope and Liam have been around and around too many times. Let them get married at least for a while. Wyatt can go with Ivy. Please let Liam and Hope be HAPPY!!!!!!

  • Dlj

    Wyatt is sickening. I want to slap his stupid mouth. And Liam’s too good for Hope. I hope Liam and Ivy get together.

  • Paula Haag

    I cannot stand Wyatt, Quinn, or Deacon…Ivy is blase and passe…Hope belongs with Liam and Brooke belongs with Bill Spencer now that they have finally replaced Ron Moss…No one can replace him as Ridge Forrester; therefore, the chemistry between Ridge and Brooke will never be the same…Getting back to the Wyatt/Hope/Liam tryst, it befuddles me how they keep repeating the same old story-line with different characters and think that it will keep our interest…25 years ago it was Brooke/Ridge/Taylor and then it was Steffi/Liam/Hope over and over, and less than a year ago, it switched to the current Wyatt/Hope/Liam situation…Yes, I understand it’s a soap opera, but come on people, get creative for a change–put Hope and Liam together and leave them there–Let one couple stay together for goodness sake!!! Let them face some of the real life problems that the every day married couples face–disease, disaster, sick children, some kind of loss or business failure, something other than this roller coaster of partner swapping…It’s getting to the point that I don’t even want to watch the show anymore, and I have been watching it since it debuted in 1987!!! Make me WANT to see what’s going to happen next, again!!!!

    • Tisha

      The show is nothing more than repeats with different faces…I can quit watching this soap, and six months later nothing is different.. I’m serious..the characters are interchangeable.

  • Frenchie

    Yes Liam needs to move on and leave the newly weds alone please don’t drag us back in the boring saga of Hope ,let Wyatt and her be .After all no one forced her to say yes to Wyatt if she wanted to know where Liam was all she needed to do is call him and see why he didn’t show .And besides if Hope and Liam stop and think how many more times do things have to happen to realize it’s just not ment to be for those two it doesn’t matter who is interfering it’s just not ment to be or it would have happened.

  • robin

    I do hope liam and ivey.get together hope.could had waited a couple more.mins but she didnt and how.come she can say.she.wanted.liam and in a second flat she married wyatt so good.for.liam if he moves on but granted hope will relizes liam is the one she really.wanted. hope will find out quinn pushed ivey in the water and about and the.investgation with the.diamond. and by then liam will be with ivey and liam being the gemtlmen he will.not break iveys heart

  • Melissa Haakinson

    I think Liam seems pathetic. It is time for him to move on and quit following Hope around like a sad puppy. Let him move on with Ivy.

  • Lilly Ajuna

    I nolonger watch this shit since hope accepted to marry wyatt I want her to be miserable like her mother who is confused and lost .and tired of Quinn and deacan

  • Kimberly Settles

    It would be great if Liam and Ivey got together ???? In a very serious relationship. And here comes Liam ex wife , Steffy Forrester . How would that grab you!!That would be a very interesting story line.????

  • SydneysMom14

    Come on really, I love this show, but can’t stand to watch it now that hope and Wyatt are married. Hope and liam belong together. They should be given the chance to be married. It’s how it needs to be and as far as ivy I can’t stand her. Liam and Hope deserve a happy ending finally.

    • Ashton

      I so agree they need to end the triangle.Its just gonna keep going to Liam nd hope gets married finally. The writers know it we all do so let it happen already why kep dragging it out we all know where hopes heart lies she’s only staying in the marriage cause she feels she has to she’s made a commitment so that’s no reason to stay if you want someone else

  • Just Me

    I’d like to see Liam move on from Hope and start a relationship with Ivy. I’d also like to see Hope get so steaming jealous she goes mad and has to be institutionalized. Okay, that’s extreme but seriously, marrying her fiancé’s brother hours after supposedly planning nuptials with Liam was just nutso. If Hope is trying to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she’s doing a pretty darned good job.


    I don’t know why Hope had to even marry ?Shes young/immature,they could’ve made her much more interesting by leaving her single.She didn’t want to be like her mom,yet shes already on the path-multiple marriages ?

  • Janet Hibbs

    No Liam and Ivy
    I have stopped watching the bold and the beautiful and as log as Hope is with Wyatt and not Liam I refuse to watch the show. I hate Wyatt.

  • Ashton

    What. Really so how would yu feel if your so in love with someone. They accept a priceless gift from another love interest in front of the whole world. Seriously anyone would have been the same way. Plus than yu make plans to get married to that someone kiss ever so passionate before they leave. Try nd surprise them. Be alil late. And they marry your sibling. Yea your so tough you’d be ok. Yea right.

  • Ashton

    Your not watching the same show than cause the only two that belong together is hope and liam not only do they connect they have such passion nd chemisty plus they have more in common with each other way more than Wyatt wyatt trys to change hopes thoughts nd beliefs about things too much you shouldn’t try nd change anyone your with when hope was with Liam she was nothing like her mom now ever since she’s met wyatt she’s just like her mom what’s that tell yu he brings out the worse in her

  • mary Sanders

    I Love Hope An Liam Together. …But Sense Hope Couldn’t Wait For Liam N Paris An Runs Off An Marries His Brotha Wyatt.. Think I Probably Would Love Ivy An Liam Relationship….The Hope An Wyatt Thing Is Not A Perfect Match ONLY Becoz It Was Quinn That Interfered In Hope An Liam Life From The Start…An If Hope An Wyatt Would Have Fallen For OneAnother An Gotten Married On Their Own It Would Be Different But Quinn Was Behind All Dis…I Hate A Mother Who Can’t Let Her Son Fine His On Love :-)

  • nora

    I think Hope is wishy washy for sure. How does one fall in and out of love so quickly. I think your writers need to get a new story line, enough already with love triangles and sleeping with son-in – laws and brother-in-laws. You are ruining Hope’s character making her look like a fool like her mother. So much for her morals and character when all she does is run without thinking. No one I know likes Wyatt at all. He is irritating as an actor. After another failed attempt for Hope and Liam I am finished with B & B!

  • tamara

    Hate Wyatt and really sick of the writers always screwing things up for hope and Liam let’s see a happy ever after for them and maybe some kids get rid of the hope and Wyatt I don’t even care to watch it since Wyatt is with hope

  • Disappointed Viewer

    Hate this Hope / Wyatt storyline

  • Maya

    I agree wholeheartedly, no more Bold and Beautiful for me since Hope is with Wyatt. Why make Hope such a weak woman. Do the writer’s fear a character of worth? I know it’s only a soap opera, but why not actually create a woman of substance? I’ll go back to General Hospital, perhaps I will not be as disappointed.

  • Frenchie

    No I’m not single but you must live in a fantasy world. life isn’t like a soap opera get real these are just characters not. real hope you understand that .Time to become real all just make believe

  • Frenchie

    People this in reality is a soap opera life really doesn’t go the way we want it the only reason most people want liam and hope together is because it like an old pair of shoes we’ve seen them together for so long .In soap opera world Hope did bring in Wyatt so she started all the drama she also does love Wyatt she wants her cake and eat it too no one forced her to say yes that was her decision she’ll just have to live with it Wyatt is truly in love with Hope we can’t choose our parents so why so much hostility towards Wyatt , Liam has had more chances then you can count time to let it go.

  • Nanette

    Hope and Liam need to be together this has dragged on too long! And it’s silly , why does Quinn get away with doing so much??? I’m over her and her back stabbing son!!! Let’s let them ( hope and Liam) get married and create another story line !! Please!!!!

  • Sotiredofthis

    So tired of the writers not letting Liam and Hope get married. Really it’s ridiculous, who pianos to marry one person and marries another on the same day. Just for once let Luam and Hope be happy. Why do the writers always let bad characters have everything. Tired of watching!

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  • Ruby sanders

    I want hope to leave her husband cause her and Liam belong together not him and ivy let hope find out Quinn is the reason her and Liam miss one another

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  • candi

    Liam and hope keep getting scheamed apart. its about time now to see them together!! im tired of wyatt being in the picture! he scheams just like his mother. i only keep watching to see hope and Liam back together. get rid of wyatt!!!

  • Bored

    Ok so tired of the entire hope and liam crap, I like liam with Ivey cause u pretty much got rid of Steffy so at least do so e better writing and not make it look so desperate on Liam’s behalf and allow him to at least have some happiness with Ivey and how cud the writers make a soap being about hurting ppl so much in relationships cause now they wanna hurt wyatt and pretty much make him look like a fool instead of allowing him and hope to be happy for a change. Make it interesting, let Ivey get pregnant by Liam and hope by wyatt

  • Pam

    Yes Ivy. You should be with Liam and Hope needs to focus on her marriage.

  • alisa brewer

    i want ivy and liam to be together i hate hope to heart

  • Just me

    Soooooo tied of Hope!!!! Ivy is way prettier, smarter, and more interesting than Hope and Steffy!! Put Ivy and Liam together and this may be worth still watching! And I dont care what happens to Hope!!

  • Flagal

    I honestly think Liam and ivy deserve a chance together. Hope has made her decision even if it was a hard one. Let new love begin.