The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Moves On With Ivy After Bill Tells Him to Forget Hope – Deacon Confronts Quinn – VIDEO

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Moves On With Ivy After Bill Tells Him to Forget Hope - Deacon Confronts Quinn - VIDEO

When The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers revealed that Ivy Forrester was headed to Forrester Creations, we all assumed that she would be Wyatt’s new love interest. But, considering Wyatt and Hope just tied the knot and Ivy has been spending a lot of time with Liam, it looks like we may have been a little off and she is actually Liam’s new love interest. In an all new Bold and the Beautiful spoiler video, Bill Spencer lectures his son Liam about his feelings for Hope and tells him he has to move on. In the video Bill says, “You’re going to accept this marriage and move in with your life, that’s how it has to be Liam,” to his miserable son.

Seeing as how Bill is right and Liam has really no other option than to “move on with his life” now that Hope is officially married, we can’t help but wonder if Liam is going to “move on with his life” with newcomer Ivy Forrester. Ivy is definitely interested in Liam, and when he isn’t obsessing over Hope, it seems like Liam might actually like Hope as well. And, we can’t forget that awkward kiss in Paris after Ivy’s impromptu dip in the river.

According to the new Bold and the Beautiful spoiler video, B&B fans can also expect to see Wyatt and Hope gushing about finally saying their “I Do’s.” And, Deacon screams at Quinn that she is certifiably crazy and asks her “what is going on in that head of hers.” Quinn doesn’t seem too upset about Deacon’s rant though, afterwards she informs him that they would make a “formidable team” and implies that they should be working together.

So B&B fans, do you think that Liam will take Bill’s advice to heart and finally move on from Hope? Could Ivy Forrester be exactly what he needs to help him move on? What do you think about Quinn and Deacon joining forces? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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  • PassionQueen77

    Hope doesn’t know what she wants. First she had feelings for Liam then after that she has feelings for Wyatt. The writers is just making her a slut just like her mother Brooke. Brooke was with the whole family of the forresters. First she was with Eric and had two kids with him and second she was with Thorne while Thorne was with Macy. Then third she was with Brooke. The writers let her get away with so many guys on the show. The fourth one she was with Deacon and mess up her daughter marriage to Deacon and had a child with Deacon. It goes on and on. The writers likes the logan family. They are on the show everyday. Quinn is up to something. Wyatt doesn’t deserve Hope love. Neither the brothers deserves Hope love anymore because she is confused of who to be with. The writers doesn’t know what they want with there characters.

  • Ebony Luster

    Finally someone who see this is just all so dumb

  • pissed

    ditto to ash. Hope is just like her mother Brooke Logan…she doesn’ deserve Liam. Let her deal with Wyatt and his crazzzzy moma.

  • Ramiro Burnias

    I agree with you. Hope is a slut just like her mother. Liam should not waste his time with this indecisive broad. I have stopped watching BB when Hope married the back stabbing brother.

    • La Quetta

      I am too

  • sharon

    I feel u all on that they are a piece of work and yes the logan family woman’s are all slut it started with there mother sleeping with eric and brooke going after ridge when he was with Caroline, and then she married eric, than thorn, than nick, than ridge now u see were hope get this from who in the world family screw one another family members that’s nasty and it’s not right stop asking for steffy to come back cause she was nasty too first rick was her sister man, that she got with him.than she got with dollar bill than his son liam nasty is nasty and it nasty all around the board and who didn’t know that’s why they brought ivy there for liam cause they don’t care that he was married to here first cousin do anyone see were this mess is going the writers are sick people.

    • La Quetta

      I’m glad Katie is with Ridge they are good for each other. Writers will screw that up too. I’m glad I stopped watching just not soon enough.

  • La Quetta

    Hope and Liam belong together. Hope should have to win Liam back. He has kissed her butt too long. Kill off Quinn please!!!

  • La Quetta

    If hope doesn’t leave wyatt I’m done with the show. I fastforward to see what’s going on. The shows not worth it anymore but no more steffy either.

  • La Quetta

    Wyatts character on Days as Max was better. never liked the actress who plays quinn

  • Debbie D

    Hope is soo stupid .she makes her self out to be a slut ..who ever writes this dopes sucks ..I can’t beleave she went and married that thing not watching this stupid soap any more ..she need to open her eyes and see what she lost ….n

  • La Quetta

    Bill and Quinn are perfect for each other.

  • La Quetta

    No steffy or hope Liam deserves a good woman who knows she wants only him

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  • si si

    Everybody is saying the same thing poor liam blah blah blah what about when luam married steffy not once but twice! This is daytime drama not Cinderella! This is not real its a soap opera. If you dont like it stop watching.. so what if you do, im still tuned in and so are alot of other people I know as well! The writers know what they are doing they are pissing you all off really decent lol! It doesnt matter who is with who to me! I just like the drama in it all and thats what its for… Stop getting your panties in a bunch! ITS NOT REALITY TV……..You all are taking this too serious, relax you all will get what you want sooner or later and when you do dont say ohhhh its so boring now!!! Where’s the DRAMA??????

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  • Marie

    I’ll marry Wyatt if Hope is stupid enought to fall back to Liam (if the writers have any saying she will be…).

  • Liver

    Laim n hope should be tagether drd. Bill needs ta tell hope n laim wat Quinn did ta ivy ta cost him ta b late for hope. N hope so stupid she didn’t evn wait ta c wat went Wrng . My opinion is that she ever wanted ta marry wyet I hope Wyett dnt kick ha too the curve

  • boops

    I really want steffy come back to do whar she does best!!! Any possibility?