The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon and Quinn Team Up and Get Hot – Rick Shuts Maya Down and Chooses Caroline

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon and Quinn Team Up and Get Hot - Rick Shuts Maya Down and Chooses Caroline

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of August 18-22 tease more love triangle madness for the CBS soap opera. Before half of the B&B characters jetted off to Paris for a whirlwind wedding, Maya was stirring up drama at Forrester Creations. She decided that, despite the fact that she was engaged to Carter, she still had feelings for Rick Forester, and she cornered him in the steam room and let him know it. Naturally, Rick’s wife Caroline was not impressed with Maya’s sudden desire to express her feelings for her husband. According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Rick makes a decision and chooses his wife, Caroline, over Maya and tells Maya to stop pursuing him.

It recently became clear that Deacon Sharpe still had feelings for his baby-mama, Brooke Logan, when he planted an unexpected kiss on her. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Bill isn’t ready to give up on his relationship with Brooke and, during the week of August 18th, he surprises her with another proposal. Meanwhile, Deacon makes a shocking move after discovering that Quinn is a suspect in the Montemayor murder case and actually joins forces with her. Rumor has it that Quinn decides to sink her claws into Deacon and attempts to seduce him while they are working together.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for August 18th-22nd reveal that Ivy is guilt-ridden over the fact that if Liam hadn’t stopped to help her out of the river, he would be the one married to Hope right now and not Wyatt. She convinces Liam to talk to Hope and explain why he was late for their rendezvous at the Eiffel Tower. According to B&B spoilers, by the end of the week Bill Spencer has to play referee between his two sons Wyatt and Liam.

So, B&B fans, do you think Hope will reconsider her marriage with Wyatt once she learns why Liam was late? And what could Quinn and Deacon possibly be joining forces to do? Would you rather see Deacon in a relationship with Brooke or Quinn? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more BB spoilers.

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  2. Sharon p says:

    Definitely deacon and Brooke!!! Not Quinn. Ugggh. Please put Liam and hope together Wyatt is ruining the show!!!!

  3. Deavean Harris says:

    Liam hope and wyatt drama is getting really old the writers on b and b need to do better

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  5. Oueen G says:

    I strongly agree. I’m tired of psycho Quinn and her sneaky son getting away with murder. I urge the writers to please change the story lines.

  6. guestwho says:

    Liam should tell hope to go to hell alone with wyatt and his mom so stupid

  7. Gwen Jack says:

    REALLY! Are you Serious!!! Ok, first, ivy falls into the the water, DROWNING, per say, and no one but liam heard? Then hope,being the Barbie that she is, married that worm, Wyatt. WHY, WHY, WHY? He probably needs to marry Quin. Who knows? Maybe down the line,we might find out he is not her son , but was switched at birth. She sure is doing a lot of messin in that man’s grown life. Come on, please let hope and liam get together. It’s getting to be a little monotonous.A Little Reality, PLEASE,!!!!!!!!!!! I think I will watch the young and the restless, then switch channels.

  8. I love sands of time says:

    Stfu biatch ..stop following my boo around on these blogs..

  9. I love sands of time says:

    Wyatt is a loser!! And so are u spam

  10. I love sands of time says:

    Ivy and wyatt belong togethet

  11. PassionQueen77 says:

    You are so bad. You want to come on here and say that Hope should be with Wyatt. You like bad boys like Wyatt. Quinn is evil and dangerous just like you. Hope might leave Wyatt for Liam you never know. Don’t predict something that you don’t know if it is truth. It seems like you don’t watch the show that much lately. Go read a book and go get some psychological help from the mental hospital. You look so much like Miranda Lambert. You have sex on your mind every single day. Maybe you like Brooke so much.

  12. Pam says:

    How do you know, when you said you don’t watch B&B. More lies from passion schit. You have no clue as to what’s going on, loser. Get a job and get off welfare you useless biatch.

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