Teresa Giudice Fired: Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Dina Manzo and Bravo Betrayed and Used Tre

Teresa Giudice Fired: Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Dina Manzo and Bravo Betrayed and Used Tre

Teresa Giudice has reportedly been fired from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, to which we say – it’s about time! The woman’s a convict and a felon and is about to serve serious jail time. I know reality shows are all about the ratings, but are they really willing to risk any modicum of remaining respect to keep Teresa on their roster? The answer to that is a resounding no.

We always knew that Bravo executives would fire her before she ended up in jail, and we were right. Plus, she made it really easy for them by not participating in any major events and refusing to do any promotion for the latest season. What are they really gaining from her name, apart from the notoriety? Thus, they fired her.

They also had Dina Manzo ready and waiting to take her spot on the show, helped by Dina’s willingness to stab her friend in the back. To be fair, Teresa was extremely naive in trusting that Dina had her best interests at heart. Does anyone on that show actually have each other’s best interests at heart? More than anyone, Teresa more than anyone should know that a display of kindness – especially when captured by the cameras – is all put on for show, and doesn’t mean anything.

So in part, you could say that Dina Manzo was responsible for Teresa getting fired from the show. However, you’d be more accurate saying that it was Teresa’s own negligence, criminal activity, and complete disregard for the law that landed her in hot water. As a result, she’s lost her job, she’s lost her future, and she’s lost any chance she had at redeeming herself in the eyes of the public. Good riddance to one more desperate reality star, I’d say.

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  • janie

    I agree with you 100%!!! Good Bye to the lying, thieving felon and her husband!! They should never have been given a new contract!

    • Tre’s Pic’s aren’t Angelic

      I hope she gets to sleep in the same bunk that Martha Stewart had the fine opportunity to drool on at Camp Cupcake.
      And BTW Dina, try learning not only how to write but how to actually spell. Such a Dumb (expletive)!
      And dear princess, it’s a couple of weeks away to know if Teresa will be doing hard time! Boo Hoo, YOU!!!

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  • StrongIsland

    She won’t even get jail time she’s going to get house arrest I guarantee it.

  • oma

    i wouldnt say she lost her future. i dont agree with what she had done but who are you so say she lost her future? look at Martha stewart and many others. i think she will learn from this mistake and i pray her future will be bright and especially for her girls. we all make mistakes.

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  • siriusthecat

    Teresa is ridiculous. I just saw her last episode, Gotti is her friend now. She is just dumb or Bravo hired this friend for her. How hard is it to find friends that will get paid and be on TV? It is very telling the Teresas and Farrah Abrahams of reality tv can’t even hire friends for the shows. How unpleasant are you if you can’t hire friends?

  • mcccmar45

    she may be fired but this season is already taped so we will see her for the next 10 episodes

  • Mister Bill

    Good riddance to this BAT SH*T CRAZY C*NT!

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  • Denise Pona

    If she cared anything about her kids she would not be on television exploiting them!!!How can any mother put her child in front of a camera for the world to see when that child is clearly heartbroken???? Ohhhh yeah,I know….for the money.

  • tommyny

    There’s 3 side’s to their story and am sure its all blown up because of who they are!!!! I been there and done that best wishes joe and Teresa

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