Teresa Giudice Fired – Is Dina Manzo Responsible: Real Housewives of New Jersey in Jeopardy

Teresa Giudice Fired - Is Dina Manzo Responsible: Real Housewives of New Jersey in Jeopardy

Bravo’s pride and joy, Real Housewives of New Jersey is sinking faster than the Titanic, and we can’t help but wonder if Teresa Giudice and her legal woes are to blame. There is a fine line between being a reality TV train wreck but entertaining to watch, and being just a downright horrible person that nobody wants to see on their television screens – and that is why she will be fired.

In the beginning Teresa’s antics made for good TV, she was a villain and always dishing out drama. But as the seasons passed, and Teresa and her hubby Joe Giudice were eventually indicted, it became clear that she was just a lying, stealing, fraud. America used to laugh with Teresa Giudice at the people she made fun of on RHONJ, and now we are all laughing at her – but not in the numbers Bravo needs.

Ironically, Teresa must have finally realized that she lost her Queen Bee status and is going to be fired, because she is refusing to even film the reality TV show properly for Bravo anymore, despite the fact that she is contractually obligated to finish filming the current season. With Teresa’s trial date rapidly approaching, she has decided she wants to spend her final days before she goes before the judge (and possibly to prison) with her family sans a TV crew.

Teresa Giudice is just the beginning of Bravo’s lengthy list of problems with Real Housewives of New Jersey’s ratings and cast. Dina Manzo’s major comeback was expected to boost RHONJ’s ratings, but her lame storylines on the reality show have actually hurt ratings and not helped them. Despite just firing Jacqueline Laurita, rumor has it TPTB had to beg her to come back to RHONJ to appear in the second half of the current season in an attempt to salvage some of the ratings. And, some of the newcomers that were added to Real Housewives of New Jersey’s cast to boost ratings, and not settling well with long-time fans.

What do you think RHONJ fans? How do you feel about the current cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey? Do you think that Teresa Giudice is actually hurting the ratings instead of helping them? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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31 responses to “Teresa Giudice Fired – Is Dina Manzo Responsible: Real Housewives of New Jersey in Jeopardy”

  1. Nikki says:

    I don’t think teresa is hurting the ratings. Teresa is going thru something very serious and I personally think that she shouldn’t be TV at this time.. It’s hard to watch because she his children.. Like her or hate her.. It’s hard to see someone go thru that on TV.

  2. I?bravo says:

    Umm, they weren’t considering their family where they? With 39 indictments?

  3. victoria amaya says:

    Just not into the new cast , bring back Kathy & Rosie & the rest of last season’s cast !! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it !!

  4. Debs says:

    Well in the uk we live Teresa

  5. Yvonne from Austin says:

    I hate all of the new housewives and their annoying husbands! Boring! Bring back Rich! He was genuine and funny. I’m sure hoping Jaqueline comes back to stay. As a longtime fan I hope to see more of the original cast. Love you Rosie! I don’t know how much more of this new cast I can stomach! Will be interesting to see what the outcome will be for Teresa and Joe. Hope their punisment fits the crime. Wishing the very Best for Teresa’s kids!

  6. jbird says:

    This season is a snoozer..The dynamics across the board changed and are NOT entertaining by any means. Horrible decision to make change and with the lamos they chose!! Not interested. ..

  7. Fritz the. At says:

    She is a liar and a thief. She stole millions and lied about it. She raised her kids to be materialistic and shady. You wish for the best? The best is they both go to prison for a long time and those children go to,a stable, honest home away from the cameras. A good mother wouldn’t have exposed her kids to the filth of this reality,show. She is a vile pig.

  8. Patty Fraser says:

    This Amber chick is really a PIA major. She is just not even worthy of being in the cast. Give me back Jaclyn and Caroline and Cathy and Rosie. Amber and her husband, who the he LL does he think he is what an annoying LITTLE man. That couple needs to be flushed. Next the twin married to the Annoying Chef ditch them please he has such a big head not sure how he fits in the door. Other sister I don’t know I can’t even remember anything about her. These people need to go.
    Theresa hhhmmm I think someone convicted of a felony should not be on tv being paid including her husband sorry don’t feel bad for them they got themselves in the trouble. Hope their kids aren’t left without both parents but may that bratty unbelievably bratty one will change Milania what a BRAT can’t stand having her on screen. Just ditch the show Caroline is done, so that only leaves Jaclyn, Melissa and Cathy cuz all the new ones have to go they are so BAD. Just BAD.
    Oh and this Dina chick who thought she would be interesting. With her rocks and her colored bracelets and her feel good crud.

  9. Jessie says:

    The new people really, really suck….. In fact most of the show is really sucking because it’s soooo extremely boring now…. I really hate to think where it might be going because it only seems to be getting worse with plans of bringing Jacqueline Laurita coming back! YUCK!!!! At least Richie and Rosie were a lot more fun to watch and you didn’t even mention bringing them back. Jackqueline (TOTALLY) bores me to death! But there is always ABC or NBC TO WATCH! Since Bravo is slipping soooo bad. :(

  10. seriously? says:

    Hope Teresa goes to prison for a very long time then maybe someone else can teach her bratty kids some manners.

  11. justsaying says:

    So time for the GREEDouchie’s to go! They’ve shown no remorse and continue to flaunt lavish over-the-top spending sprees while portraying themselves as victims! “Why is this happening it’s so unfair?” And yes Bravo so time to kick this low life to the curb! And they can’t understand why majority opinion is rooting for real prison time and need to be held accountable!

  12. ArkMedic says:

    If Teresa leaves the show, there will not be anyone left that I care anything about watching. She has brought that show to its top level in ratings, & I do not believe her being indicted means that she is guilty of anything. You have to be proven guilty before a jury of your peers or a judge, and sometimes even their wrong. I’m not saying she is guilty or innocent, but it is not my place to judge her. I like what she brings to the show. I think Caroline was the real egotistical, judgemental and boring one who brought nothing to the show except a husband who has the personality of a rock and her kids looking for free publicity to launch one new business adventure after another. Jacqueline was a long for free ride, and brought nothing to the show. Teresa’s own selfish, vindictive, controlling sister in law, Melissa, is A gold digger, and she wanted to make sure that she drove a wedge as far as she could between Teresa and her brother only because she wanted total control. I have never sonly because she wanted total control. I have never seen anyone act so innocent to their husband, yet turn around and stab his sister in the back as many times as she did. As far as the new cast goes, how deep did They have to go to scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with those 3? I am mortified that Amber uses her, “I am a cancer survivor” so many times that it gives cancer survivors, & I am one of them, a bad reputation is just wanting sympathy. That’s not what we are about. We are fighters! And the twins, whew, get them voice lessons or cut their adenoids out! Teresa is the only good thing you have left on the show worth watching, except for Dina, if she stays as close to Teresa and she always has been. The most touching scene, and the only time I have cried on that show, is when Teresa asked her to be her baby’s godmother. If Teresa goes, I know I will stop watching the show. I also believe losing her will the show to fall to it knees.

  13. Lynn says:

    ‘TPTB’ = “The Powers That Be”, or whoever the decision makers are for the show, etc.

  14. susan says:

    the new girls suck !!!!!

    bring back Danielle

    and Dina and her Zen and her namaste bitches tagline so lame …..

    she is and always was one big yawn fest

  15. Tom says:

    The only reason I watched the show was because of Teresa. So no its not her fault shes the only one who’s mildly interesting enought to tune in for.

  16. RChamp says:

    Get rid of the new people including Dina,; show Teresa during parties and trips; center the show around Rosie, and bring back the Gorga”s, the Wakile’s, the Laurita’s, and the Manzo’s

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  18. Salvador Rivera says:

    Don’t like Dina. Way boring. The twins are funny. Amber isn’t afraid. Bring back Kathy, Caroline, and Rosie. They were fun.

  19. Disgusted says:

    Gave up watching after last season. Life challenges are interesting. Outright intentional criminal activity is not. Continuous bad behavior was rewarded by Bravo and evolved into fraudulent illegal activity.

  20. chris1964ws says:

    Well the article isn’t about the title at all. Anyway, I don’t think Teresa is the one hurting RHONJ. I think most people are sympathetic to her situation. I think Andy Cohen is just an ugly human being and thrives on destroying families. All he is concerned with are ratings. He would slit his own mother’s throat for a percentage point. The solution is really quite simple. Get rid of Amber and the twins. Get rid of Messy Melissa and her psycho wimp husband and take it back to the beginning. Teresa, Caroline, Dina, Jacqueline, and Danielle. I am so sure Dina would agree to film with Caroline and Jacq if the price was right. THEN I think Andy would see a HUGE jump in ratings.

  21. Vick says:

    I quit watching as soon as Joe & Teresa were caught stealing, cheating, lying, etc. I work hard for my money and don’t appreciate other people cheating to get theirs.

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  23. Josie says:

    Let’s remember what Teresa and joe are indicted for. We really shouldn’t feel sorry for them and they shouldn’t be on tv. The new cast is awful and offer nothing whatsoever. The end is near and clear I’m afraid.

  24. Karin Marie says:

    I loved this show never missed an episode till this new season missing old cast members replaced with new idiots who can’t act their way out of paper bags. I agree no criminal no thief no liar I don’t care how much she makes the show what it is should remain a cast member. What is that telling society?? Integrity People not eye candy and Glam to watch. The new cast members are a real disgrace immature unprofessional little girls and boys that’s what dropped your ratings I don’t care if you have to kiss ass and how much of it do what you have to do to bring the old cast members back that is when your ratings will increase.

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  26. ana says:

    The twins are so annoying to watch and hear….makes me want square tits back. Bravo come on Amber is so fake why do this to us and wonder why ratings are down. I think Teresa Giudice is the least of your problems actually nice to see she has gotten a reality check no pun intended….Malania ia crazy and in wierd way fun to watch. Dina just needs to get her zen head out of her ass and make up with her family. I miss caroline and jacquline they brought real to bravos reality. GOT TO SAY THIS AGAIN THE TWINS ARE ANNOYING AND I RATHER HEAR FINGER NAILS ON A CHALK BOARD THAN THEM. Add Rosie she’s fun and bruttaly honest and most of your so called wives are not even married like the annoying twin nicole….did I mention that twins are ANNOYING AS HECK.

  27. TexasGiant says:

    I personally hope Teresa enjoys using the crapper that everyone else uses in her cell. If there is a God in heaven then she will be in a cell with one or more woman so she must squat with them watching. He y T the toilet, sink ,and water faucet is the same piece of fixture. Enjoy being treated like the dishonest, crooked, cruel, fake snake you are. I hope the biggest nastiest lesbian makes you her bitch.

  28. Jennifer says:

    I think I’m done with RHONJ…Between Theresa screwing up and the new cast members, I’ll find something else to watch. I miss Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline, etc. The old crew was worth watching!

  29. Theresa morse says:

    Teresa is the show, a lot of times people take deals because their afraid of losing, that doesn’t mean she is guilty, the show will end without her, no matter what everyone thinks, your all curious about what’s going on with her, and watch the show or come on here to see what’s going on with her, if your truly against her don’t be giving her the publicity.

  30. Tt says:

    I love watching teresa n her family they are the show. I think Dina should stuck up for her more. Also, the twins are so loud and made a big deal out of what was said. I don’t teresa did anything wrong she just told her close friend doesn’t everyone tell their best friend. And Dina brought it up also so what’s the difference she could of let it alone. And another thing Teresa n Joe made a mistake who doesn’t . people need quit judging so hard. The will be boring without them. And people need quit saying her kids e brats they’re kids.

  31. D says:

    All back stabbing each other look how Melissa told right away what Amber said. Now Dina knowingly Teresa didn’t do no wrong, what’s the difference.