The Vampire Diaries Detailed Recap: Season 6 Episode 3 “Welcome to Paradise”

The Vampire Diaries Detailed Recap: Season 6 Episode 3 “Welcome to Paradise”

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday October 16, season 6 episode 3 episode! In “Welcome to Paradise,” Elena and Caroline meet at a swimming hole where Elena plans to introduce her to Liam, but things don’t go quite as planned. Meanwhile, Tyler asks Liv for a favor; Stefan returns to Mystic Falls and notices a strange change in Elena; Jeremy makes a discovery about the anti-magic spell that could put Elena in danger; and Damon and Bonnie stumble upon clues that lead them to believe they are not alone.

On the last episode knowing she needed to come to terms with the loss of Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Elena (Nina Dobrev) turned to Alaric (Matt Davis) to help her move on with her life. Enzo (Michael Malarkey) convinced Caroline (Candice Accola) to join him as he tracked down a lead to get Damon and Bonnie (Kat Graham) back, but Caroline was shocked when they made an unexpected detour and uncovered what Stefan (Paul Wesley) had been up to. Meanwhile, Matt (Zach Roerig) worried about Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) who was spending time with Sarah (guest star Gabrielle Walsh), a mysterious girl who had recently arrived in Mystic Falls. Elsewhere, Tripp (guest star Colin Ferguson), leader of the community protection program, made an interesting confession to Matt about his connection to the town. Lastly, with the Other Side destroyed and gone for good, Damon and Bonnie reluctantly banded together to uncover the mystery of where they are and how they were going to get back home. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode in an attempt to bring some fun back into their lives, Elena (Nina Dobrev) persuades Caroline (Candice Accola) to meet her at the swimming hole where she plans to introduce her to Liam (guest star Marco James). Tyler (Michael Trevino), still working on controlling his anger issues, asks Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) for a favor and is surprised when she makes an unexpected confession. Stefan (Paul Wesley) arrives back in Mystic Falls looking for Enzo (Michael Malarkey) and is caught off guard when he notices a strange change in Elena. Meanwhile, at the lake, Enzo’s actions cause Matt (Zach Roerig) to make a startling revelation, and Jeremy makes a discovery about the anti-magic spell that could potentially put Elena’s life in danger. Elsewhere, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) stumble upon clues that lead them to believe they’re not alone.

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 6 episode 3 for you right here and in the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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Stefan pulls into work at the garage. He tells his boss he needs a few days off and his boss threatens to fire him. Stefan grabs him up and chokes him, then compels him. He tells him to shut up and don’t move. He tells the guy he was looking for a new life with a new job and a normal dick of a boss. He drags the guy along, opens the trunk of his car and shows him his dead girlfriend Ivy and says he has to go home and kill the guy who did it. He says he needs a few days off and his boss says he should take a few days off. He tells his boss to drive his car into the woods, bury his GF and give him a raise when he gets back.

Elena tells Caroline she has to volunteer at the hospital but Caroline says she’s not staying. She’s packing. Elena says needing your friends isn’t a weakness and Caroline says to tell it to Stefan. Elena reminds her that he just lost his homicidal maniac brother. Caroline is stunned that there’s no affection in her voice for Damon. Caroline says she has breakfast plans for Enzo and says he’s very tolerable lately. Elena tells her to bring him to the party and says everyone else is coming.

Elena threatens to selfie bomb her if she doesn’t come to the party. Caroline agrees and leaves. Caroline asks Matt what Alaric did to her. They talk on the phone and he says he made her forget Damon and at least she’s happy. Matt finds Tripp washing his van and says it’s early for a wash. He tells Tripp he has a party to go to tonight and he says it’s fine. He takes off and Tripp continues rinsing off blood.

Jeremy is at the Salvatore’s with Sarah. She loves the house and asks who lived there. He says two brothers – one died, one moved. Tyler asks Luke and Liv to come to the party tonight. He tells Liv he’s really working on his anger management. He asks her for booze from the bar and she says to come by later and she’ll help. He leaves and her brother says she’s doing that bitchy thing she does when she likes a guy.

Elena comes up to Liam – another hospital volunteer. She teases him then invites him to the party. She says there’s a girl she wants him to meet. He agrees. Stefan is there and Elena comes over and hugs him. She says four months is too long to go without seeing him. He says he just came by to say hi. Damon and Bonnie are grocery shopping in LaLa Land. He asks her if she thinks she can do magic now and she says to be an optimist.

She reminds him they have proof that they’re not alone and he says a filled in crossword clue isn’t enough proof. He tells her it makes no sense. Bonnie says he refuses to have hope that he’ll see Elena again so he won’t be disappointed. Bonnie points out that for the past four months there have been pork rinds on a shelf but now there’s not. She hears a noise and head outside. The kids merry-go-round ride outside the store is playing music and turning. She tells him that’s the sound of hope.

Stefan is surprised she’s volunteering at the hospital and she says she loves seeing sick people get better. He says she seems happier. She asks him if he’s happier and says Caroline told her about the dinner party from hell. She asks about his new job and GF. He looks away and she says it’s not weird and that she’s just happy to see him again. She says it was rough losing Bonnie and says it was insensitive to say since he just lost his brother. He looks perplexed though.

He tells her he needs to talk to Caroline and Elena says she’ll be at the swimming hole party today. He says he’s not sure he’s ready for that but Elena encourages him to come to the party. She says he needs to convince Caroline that Enzo is not best friend material. She offers to uninvite Enzo but he says it’s okay and that he’ll try to stop by. Caroline goes over the rules for Elena’s memory modification with Enzo.

She says they can’t mention Damon and have to live her new life the way she wants. She says Elena had to do it to stop chomping innocent people. Caroline says she’s still miserable and Enzo offers to be miserable with her. He reminds her he’s not Stefan and she says no to mention that jerk. She sees a red spot on his shirt and asks if it’s cobbler or blood. He tastes the spot and says it’s Shirley. She chews him out for eating a local and says it can cause problems.

Damon checks out the ride and says he thinks it’s an electrical short but Bonnie insists someone just put a quarter in it. He asks why someone else being there matters. She says if it was his hell, no one else should be there but if her Grams put them there, they should be able to get out. Bonnie asks what is the first thing he’ll say to Elena when he sees her.

He says he’ll apologize to her for killing Bonnie for being terribly annoying and non-magical. She points out his cool blue muscle car and he’s thrilled that it’s there. Liam, Stefan and Elena ride to the party and Liam gets the vibe they used to date. They insist it hasn’t been for a long time and he says they are weirdly functional.

Damon sits in his car, happy and she asks how it got there and if he left it there in 1994. She prods him and he admits that someone may have put it there. He thinks back to when he was in the car with Elena. He says he’s going to tell Elena he loves her and then apologize for killing Bonnie. They see someone rushing by and say they need to go meet their little friend.

It’s a lively crowd out at the swimming hole when Elena, Liam and Stefan show up. Liam asks if a lake is different from a swimming hole and Elena thanks him for making her sound like a redneck. Elena goes and climbs the tree, grabs the rope and does an excellent flip before diving into the water. She sees Jeremy making out with Sarah and introduces herself. She asks to talk to her brother alone. Sarah leaves.

Elena asks Jeremy why he brought the girl she attacked and he says Caroline compelled her to forget and he says she looks good in a bikini. Matt has another one of the guard guys there with him. Tyler comes up and tells Matt they need to go to talk to Elena. Tyler gets annoyed by Jay, the guard guy and calls him a douche bag. The guy pushes Tyler and Matt agrees he’s being a douche bag. Jay backs down and goes to get beers.

Elena is with Caroline and calls Stefan to join them but he doesn’t answer his phone. Tyler and Matt join them but they haven’t seen Stefan. Matt asks what they’re doing there and Elena reminds them it was their place they got wasted when their parents were grilling. She has jello shots but Matt has to drive and Tyler is working on his rage issues so she and Caroline do the shots. Elena says she just wanted to pretend for a minute that they’re not all drifting apart.

Caroline says not everyone is comfortable pretending and prefer to face their problems head on. The guys leave the girls to talk. Elena asks what’s going on and Caroline says she’s just lonely. Elena tells her she’s still there and Caroline pats her on the back and walks off. Elena offers her another shot, but she’s already gone.

Damon and Bonnie are looking for the person. The ride comes on he says it’s on a timer and says they saw a tarp flapping. He says they are in his hell with no escape hatch from Grams. He says they’re never getting out. She tells him to give her his daylight ring. She says if he has no hope, why doesn’t he just end it? He wrestles his arm away and she says hope is the only thing keeping her going and says if he’s done, to be done, because this isn’t helping.

He goes into the liquor store and grabs a bottle but then hears something. There’s a guy eating pork rinds who introduces himself as Kai. He offers him a pork rind and asks if he’s had a rough day. Elena walks at the shore of the swimming hole with Liam and asks if he’s okay to find a ride back to campus. She says her friend Caroline is having a crisis. He says he’s glad he didn’t meet her because it would have made this awkward then he kisses her.

Elena says it’s a red flag when a guy kisses you when you’re trying to set him up with your friend. He says he thinks that’s her type and walks off. Enzo hears a noise and turns and uses the ice bag he’s carrying to stop the stake Stefan tries to kill him with. He says that was Caroline’s ice and knocks Stefan down with the bag of ice. Stefan gets up to come at him again and Enzo tells Stefan he doesn’t want to kill him. Then he throws the stake past Stefan and takes out Jay who was sneaking up behind Stefan with a gun. Enzo says – but it looks like he did.

Back at the hole, Caroline opens the cooler and is annoyed and says she told Enzo to get more ice. A girl next to her says it’s no surprise he didn’t if she asked in that tone. Caroline is annoyed and compels the girl to get more ice. Jeremy comes up on her and says – aren’t we supposed to be having fun. She tells him that his fling with Sarah is a sad attempt to try and forget Bonnie but then she gets a text from Enzo that say there’s a problem.

Enzo tells Stefan the cavalry is on the way. Stefan picks up the gun the guy had and Enzo reminds him he just saved his life. Caroline zips over between them. Enzo tells Caroline – good news, I just thwarted a vampire hunter, bad news – Stefan has just become a vampire hunter. Caroline asks Stefan what he’s doing and he tells her to ask Enzo then walks away. She demands that Enzo tell her what he’s done.

Damon tells Kai to stop the crunching and he says it can’t be more annoying than listening to him and Bonnie bicker. Damon says – you’ve been watching us and Kai says it’s the closest thing he has to TV. Damon threatens to kill Kai if he doesn’t tell him what’s up. He grabs the guy up and he says he’s rusty on human interaction. Damon demands answers and Kai tells him to have a drink. Kai says he’s following him because he wants to kill him. Damon takes a drink and then falls to the floor choking and spitting as Kai smiles and says – vervain in your bourbon.

Kai grabs up a patio umbrella and snaps it in half then jams the wood into Damon’s hand when he reaches for him. He tells Damon he always fights dirty and reminds him that he knows he cheated playing monopoly with Bonnie. Damon says again that he’s going to kill him and Kai smashes all the bottles of bourbon with the handle. Booze explodes and Damon goes down screaming. Kai says he didn’t know which bottle he’d choose so he vervained all of them.

He rears back like he’s going to stake Damon and Bonnie is there and tells him to stay away from him. Kai says – the useless one is here – and asks if she’ll fail at him. He says he’s embarrassed for her. He goes to stake Damon and she stares at the candle and tries to work her magic but it fails. She tells Damon to run. He does and she does an incantation. Fire surrounds Kai and he says okay.

She asks if he’s giving up so soon and tells him she’s embarrassed for him. Damon is back and kicks the guy into a display knocking him out. Damon apologizes for calling her the most annoying person in the world and adds – I hadn’t met him yet. She smiles.

Tyler is loading up the truck and complains that one of Liv’s kegs got dented. Enzo shows up with Jay’s corpse and Matt asks what happened. Enzo says he stopped him from firing a stake at he and Stefan and tells him his friend is a vampire hunter. Matt is in complete denial. Enzo says he can process the revelation later but he needs to bury the body know. Tyler tosses him the truck keys. Caroline finds Stefan and tells him she’s sorry about Ivy but says killing Enzo won’t bring her back.

He says killing Enzo will keep him from harassing him to the ends of the earth when he tries to start over. She asks if he showed up so he could say goodbye to she and Elena then kill Enzo and disappear. He says yes but she gets annoyed and says he misses them. She says Alaric just came back from the dead and Elena has had a horrible four months. She says if even a part of him came back to check on them or her, he should stay. Stefan looks thoughtful then side steps her and walks off.

She’s devastated. Elena is there and sees this go down. Caroline smiles at her then cries a little. Elena walks over and hugs her friend while she cries. Jeremy sees the girl that Caroline compelled to get ice. She came back without it and he asks why she didn’t get the ice. She says because she realized Caroline was mean to her and she has self respect. He asks when she realized that and she says halfway there.

He asks specifically where she had the realization and she says Route 13 in Mystic Falls. He asks Elena and Caroline if they’ve seen Sarah. He tells them that the girl crossed the border into town lost the compulsion when she went into town. This means if Sarah went into town, she’ll remember that Elena attacked her.

Damon and Bonnie have Kai tied up at the Salvatore house. He has a poker and threatens him but Kai says he’s on the same team. Bonnie asks if he always tried to kill his team mates. He says he was just trying to get her magic back and says it worked. He says he wouldn’t kill one-third of the town’s population. He says he knew he had to give her the motivation to get her magic back but was worried that Damon’s life wouldn’t be enough. Kai says her magic is the key to getting the hell out of there.

Tyler and Matt wonder if Jay was working alone but Matt says he’s known the guy since they were eight. He says he was so stupid for not seeing this before. Liv comes out and complains that she didn’t want to spend her Saturday night coming to get her kegs. Tyler tells Matt he can go and says he’ll load them up. She says sad jocks are hilarious and Tyler says he’s not in the mood.

She plays with him with her magic and he pushes her against the Jeep and asks if she wants to see him break. She says it’s easier for her if he’s an aggressive, unlikable dick so she doesn’t have to worry about falling for him. He looks at her and starts to move in for a kiss but then stops. It gets awkward and she pushes him away and stomps back to her Jeep.

Jeremy calls Elena and says Sarah is gone and trashed the house. She says she and Caroline will go search the border area. Caroline says if there are vampire hunters, living alone isn’t a good idea. Elena asks if she’s officially unpacking and Caroline says it is. She says she’s sorry for getting mad at Elena. She says she envies her secret way to move on. She has a scarf of Bonnie’s and says that’s her secret – she doesn’t. Caroline holds it and says she misses her Mystic Falls and their old life.

Elena asks if she misses Stefan and Caroline admits she does. Elena asks if she has feelings for Stefan. Caroline pauses and says maybe she did. She puts Bonnie’s scarf up and says they need to find Sarah before she outs them. Enzo comes to the diner and Tripp is at the counter. He says he sent everyone home and tells Enzo he can’t let him kill anymore of the wait staff. He injects Enzo with a syringe and says he should be careful when he feeds because you never know who’s watching.

Enzo says he probably expected the vervain to knock him right out but then tells Tripp he’s not like other vampires. He says he can fight it. He grabs Tripp up by the neck but then Stefan puts two stakes into Enzo and says he found the gun that one of Tripp’s guys had and says he thinks Enzo killed him. He introduces himself as Stefan Salvatore and says he thinks they have something in common.

Tripp says he’s from one of the founding families too. Tripp thanks him and Stefan steps closer to Enzo to finish him off but Tripp says he has a way he prefers them to do. Stefan hands over the gun and says – just make sure it’s painful. He walks out and leaves Enzo vulnerable and with the head vampire hunter.