The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Stitch Did Prison Time For Murdering His Father – Victoria ‘Controls’ Paternity Test Results

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Stitch Did Prison Time For Murdering His Father - Victoria 'Controls' Paternity Test Results

The Young and the Restless fans have been waiting months to find out Stitch’s dark secret, and spoilers teased that during the week of July 21st it would finally be revealed. Fans have speculated that he may have killed Kelly’s son or even the childhood friend whose identity he stole. No one predicted how twisted his secret would actually be.

According to our exclusive CDL The Young and the Restless spoiler source, Stitch’s secret will finally come out on Friday July 25th. With Billy pressuring him, Stitch has no choice but to confess to Victoria that he is indeed a murderer, and he killed his own father! According to Stitch he is innocent though, in his version of the story he claims that his father was an abusive drunk, and after he attacked Stitch one night in the garage he passed out. The garage caught on fire, and Stitch barely made it out alive, he couldn’t save his passed out father. Stitch admits to Victoria that he plead guilty because he didn’t want his family to have to go through the stress of a long and gruesome court case, and he served his time in prison.

Victoria obviously didn’t take the news well, and the last thing she wants is to have a baby a man twisted enough to murder his own father, regardless of how dysfunctional their family was. On the July 25th episode of The Young and the Restless, Stitch heads over to Victoria’s house and begs her to let him in, but she doesn’t fall for it. CDL’s exclusive Y&R spoiler source teases that when Victoria heads to her paternity test, she informs the doctor that she wants to “control the outcome.” It looks like Victoria is having Billy’s baby, regardless of what the DNA says.

So Y&R fans, are you as shocked as we were that Stitch killed his own father? Or, did you see that twist coming? What do you think about Victoria tampering with her own paternity test results? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

  • amaris

    I am soo glad that Victoria will go back to Billy

    • don

      not confirmed yet we’ll see the direction the show is taking with characters .

  • ann

    Off topic, What the hell happened to Nicki ‘ s face? Looks like plastic surgery gone bad.

    • hazel

      The story about stitch is so phony. why would they write about him killing the father and he was still a juvenile.the story that he’s telling look like you should have got off..I also agree with some of the other comments about the paternity test how many times will the writer keep playing the same story lines.

  • Oldladyfl

    Wow how creative. Another paternity issue. Boring y and r

    • Elaine

      That is exactly how I feel!…lets get a little creative Y&R..can’t you think of new story lines..we are getting a little bored here

  • Annette Li

    Yay! I really want the baby to be Billy’s!! Victoria & Billy belong together!!

    • Berda Gomez

      They sure do !

  • Emily

    Stitch should be the father. Billy has messed with Victoria enough. Also billy and Victoria have been dragged out long enough.

    • Berda Gomez

      No I hope not he had plenty of time to tell Victoria but choose not too. Get rid of him

  • Sarah Coffman

    I hope Victoria becomes more understanding and realize it was an accident and for gives him.

    • Berda Gomez

      Please don’t let that happen. He needs to be alone not with Victoria.

  • VJ

    I don’t understand how a teenager pled guilty to murder it would be man slaughter he went to juvenile detention and his records would be sealed. This storyline is stupid his sister Kelly knows the truth and for her to call him a murderer is wrong. She knew her dad was an alcoholic and an abuser. Kelly is so full if crap. She’s ruined Stitches life twice now. I waited to see this, give me a break.

  • jj

    Confused. Stitch said he was young and lived at home. If he was a juvie, why would he need to change identity? Juvie records are sealed, no one would know about his juvenile murder unless he was over 18. Either this confession was disappointing or there is more to the story.

    • Thatgirl

      Actually, that’s not totally true, especially when you’re talking about the military. Maybe that’s why he changed it, to enlist. That would explain why Dylan doesn’t know anything about it. Or, the story may be he doesn’t want the name association; sealed juvie records or not, that information wouldn’t be too hard to find out by just visiting his hometown & mentioning his name.

  • Elaine

    Yay! The secret is finally out..can we move on now???? Oh no,not another paternity story line..Y&R..can’t you come up with something new…you haven’t even finished the Summer one and now we have to deal with Victoria’s!!!!

  • ssh

    bring Phillis back Need some action

  • don

    i agree with you they need to get real seriously, they are repeating themselves over and over again with the paternity test storyline already it is getting old move on Y&R be more creative then that.

  • HonestBrotha1911

    The story is such a waste of time. They way they keep tossing around the term murderer you would think he planned to kill someone and succeeded. It’s an absolute joke. Add in the fact that they have reduced the Victoria character to victim status and you realize this series can’t continue. When the younger characters like Victoria and Nicholas have been reduced to WEAK characters you’re pretty much killing the series. Billy cheats over and over and weak Victoria accepts it….too funny.

  • PassionQueen77

    i hope the baby is for Stitch or Billy. Stitch is innocent for murdering his father. The writers doesn’t have any imagination. The writers just putting storylines together. Nick and Sharon relationship will be a distaster once Sharon secret comes out. Ian Ward lawsuit against Nikki is so crap. Ian Ward couldn’t have kids because of the accident he had in the past. That is funny. He is sterile. lol. Ian Ward is mad that Dylan is not his kid. He could get mad at him for that. If Hilary choose Devon over Neil then there relationship won’t last for long.

  • Lee Williamson

    As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been watching Y&R for 30+ years. The paternity issue/lies that continue to drag on and bore viewers is redundant, ridiculous & soooo overplayed in this soap & make a hypocrite out of Victoria who is about to harbor the biggest kind of lie possible after condeming anyone and everyone else for lying. The love triangle on the horizon is another overplayed saga. Paul being turned against his life-long friend both disappointing and disheartening. And the so-called coma with Phyllis downright near stupidity as anyone in a coma that long will struggle with any memories at all – and to think a storyline hinges on her miraculously coming out of a coma. Ugh…..why is Y&R incapable of better storylines and why would they beat a dead horse and runoff their loyal 30+ year fans???

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  • misa

    I don’t think he did it. I think his mom did it and he took the blame.