The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack’s True Love Phyllis Newman Returns – Will He Dump Kelly For Summer’s Mom?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack's True Love Phyllis Newman Returns – Will He Dump Kelly For Summer’s Mom?

The Young and the Restless spoilers revealed months ago that the CBS soap opera had cast Gina Tognoni to play the part of Phyllis Newman. Phyllis has been in a coma since 2013, and the actress that played the part, Michelle Stafford, has since then left The Young and the Restless and is now on General Hospital playing Nina Clay. According to Y&R spoilers, Gina’s first air date as Phyllis Newman will take place on Monday, August 11th.

Right now on The Young and the Restless, the writers are setting the stage for Phyllis’s return. Victor Newman is determined to wake her up from her coma, and of course he has his own personal agenda. Victor just hired a coma specialist, Dr. Hans Cutler, who claims to be able to bring Phyllis back to the land of the living.

Phyllis Newman’s highly anticipated return is sure to rock the boat in Genoa City. Since Jack’s wife slipped in to her coma, he has begun dating newcomer Kelly. Jack’s family, and especially his daughter Summer, are not thrilled about his new love interest and have bumped heads with Kelly on more than one occasion. Despite the protests he has received from his loved ones, Jack is smitten with Kelly.

The obvious question on every Y&R fan’s mind is, will Jack dump Kelly once his long-lost love Phyllis is awaken from her come and returns to Genoa City? Jack seems happy with Kelly, but Phyllis was his one true love and they have years of history together and share a daughter together (or so he thinks). At one point Jack even promised Summer that if her mother woke up he would be with her again.

If Jack does dump Kelly for his resurrected love Phyllis, how will Kelly react? A lot of The Young and the Restless fans believe that Kelly has a crazy streak and hasn’t shown her true colors yet. She lost her son, slept with a married man, and her brother is a murderer, it’s safe to say she has some unresolved issues. When Phyllis returns there are sure to be some sparks between her and Kelly.

Do you think Jack Abbott will dump Kelly when Phyllis strolls back in to Genoa City? Are you Team Phyllis or Team Kelly? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

  • mrubert

    Get rid of kelly and billy

    • Elaine

      Without BILLY MILLER there is no Billy…I agree..get rid of kelly..such a boring character!…can we still hope for Michael Muhney…I sure hope so…wake up Y& don’t have Billy Miller but you can sure try to get Michael back and save Y&R!

      • Debbie Freeman

        Yeah I agree, I miss the old billy, he had alot of personality.I doubt there going to bring the old adam back, but I hope they get somone cute.

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  • janie

    Jack & Kelly are kaput after he broke her.”trust”. Funny, huh? End some of these idiotic storylines! They’re ridiculous!

  • eve

    I dont think ben is in qny great danger what he did he did for his family l think kelly is as much involve as stich l think kelly no more than he do and choose to lie abut it.shes the killer and no its not dehia

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  • Trixie16

    New billy is awful he needs to go

  • tc

    Jack was not married to Phyllis when she went into a coma

  • RealY&R Fan

    Sad part about these lame story lines is that most of us have usually figured out what the writers are going to do WAY before they even shoot most of the episodes! Who, right now, can’t figure out that Chloe will return, if not pregnant, at least “with child”. They’re making Neil look like a COMPLETE idiot & Devon a love sick drunk fool with several billion dollars. The current writers need to do some research about former story lines before writing the lame ones they currently are. I dont watch EVERYDAY but I do remember Sharon’s OTHER therapist knew the whole “secret” & has now “conveniently” disappeared from the show. I could go on and on but since your only reading this if your a Y&R fan, and have been watching since the womb as I have (thanks Mom for the bad habit) I’m sure you have figured it all out as well. Oh, btw, replacing Adam would be like replacing Victor. Anyone who takes that role better come with it or be prepared to be ripped to shreds. Thats without a doubt!

  • nancy

    Pls bring back the old Billie he was hiliarious with Jack and Vickie now it’s so boring I just want to gag

  • hominid

    Michelle looks awful on G.H.looks like a clown,horrible make-up job & dye job.

  • GoGo

    I so agree with you! They need to give Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford whatever kind of contract they want because they can’t be replaced. They’ve replaced Adam before and it worked out way better than expected however, I don’t think it will this time. Michael was definitely very good at being Victor Jr.

    If bringing the Phyllis character back will end the tortuous Summer paternity storyline – I’m all for it. This is the worst storyline ever – right up there with Lily’s paternity storyline. Please end this crap already.

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  • Mickey

    PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE let Jack and Phyllis get back together. PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE!!!!! Also, please end Sharon secret I love the show but her secret needs to END.

  • Kelly Brown

    This billy is at least better then the original one…I love the actress who plays Kelly wish she could of been the new Phyllis but Kelly needs to go …get to the point of Mariah also we already know she’s Sharon’s daughter she had twins and someone took one that’s what ean

  • Kelly Brown

    People who think the new Kelly can’t act r new to soaps she’s been in big roles for a long long long time love her. Kelly’s story just needs to leave. Wish she was the new Phyllis’s because she’s not going to leave GH ..MM needs to be brought back your stories are going so slowwwwwwwwwwwww. Really the Mariah thing how many has figured out she’s Sharon’s other daughter that was a twin at birth. Lol.

  • catman245

    Please bring back billy, phyllis, & Michael. & please make a man out of nick newman, he is truly a chump !

  • Bonnie Schermerhorn!

    Don’t care for the new Kelly and especially the newest Billy. C’mon Adam!!!