The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Gina Tognoni Hired as New Phyllis

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Gina Tognoni Hired as New Phyllis

The Young and the Restless fans, get ready for your new Phyllis Newman. Soap Opera Digest announced that actress Gina Tognoni will be succeeding Michelle Stafford as Phyllis on the show. According to the report, Phyllis will make her return sometime late this summer, although the specifics aren’t provided. Don’t forget that Michelle just popped up as Nina Clay on General Hospital. 

Gina is best known for playing Kelly Kramer on One Life To Live and also playing Dinah Marler on Guiding Light. She’s always been a soap fan favorite, and Y&R fans have expressed their happiness at having her in the role. It’s about time Phyllis makes a return, considering it’s been more than a year since Michelle Stafford left. Phyllis has been completely absent in the interim, but Gina’s casting definitely makes us more excited for her return.

Sources close to the casting also claim that Gina had a phenomenal audition, which should comfort soap fans who have had to deal with some shakeups in casting in the recent months. Plus, no character should have to spend more than a year in the hospital, and Gina will be the perfect person to bring Phyllis back to life, at least Jill Farren Phelps hopes she is!

We will keep you updated as we find out more about when exactly Gina will be making her first appearance, but for now, it’s exciting to anticipate the return of such a dynamic character. The Young and the Restless has had to deal with falling ratings and negative publicity surrounding the firing of Michael Muhney, but perhaps this type of casting news can help bring it back on track.

What do you guys think about Gina’s addition and Phyllis’ return to the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Ellie1123

    She is a good actress but might be hard to fill Michelle Stafford shoes but will give her the benefit of the doubt.

    • mas14

      Good actress, but too young for Jack! Another mistake!

  • Patrick Ferrando

    There are no “falling ratings” due to MM’s firing. All soaps are currently UP over a year ago. Don’t sensationalize your story, as you come off not credible.

    • Windy rose

      I love Michelle stafford good luck trying to replace her! I hate the new billy! I used to root for billy and Victoria now I’m team stitch! Btw I hate the new Abby too.

  • PassionQueen77

    I think Gina Tognoni would play a wonderful Phyllis Newman. She was a good actress on one life to live. She was my favourite actress on One Life To Live. Gina knows how to play that mysterious person. She did it with Kelly on One Life To Live. I am glad she will be on the show very soon.

  • Leenywoman

    Loved Gina as Dinah on Guiding Light and I think she’ll be a firecracker as Phyllis. Now if they would only replace David Tom as Billy. He’s still pretty awful and has no chemistry with any of the ladies and actually anyone…. Please bring BM back or get someone who does justice to the part. Still miss MM and still fast forward through most of the boring storylines. Y/R is not the same soap I used to love. Very sad! Get rid of that Jill lady!!!

    • Allison

      Agreed want Michelle to stay as Phyllis… Did a phenomenal job on y&r and the old billy… We really miss him. I’ve been watching y&r for years and after they replaced Victoria… On and off.. They finally got it right with her… But te others need to stay. They lost mrs c… And that was sad… It won’t be the same without her… But keep these characters!!

  • big dog

    Be glad when she come to the show .so she let the world know how much dog Sharon is .

  • maya

    What is wrong with this jfp dont she no that another phillis will drop the ratings like crazy.. it’s bad enough mm and bm are gone soon victor and niki will b gone and y&r will b history and so will she.. I’ve decided to stop watching go to gh.. y&r story lines have gotten so bad who cares about watching. Noone grows up or have a good life at all. And Lily needs to come back down to earth she’s not Phyllis so stop trying to through her weight around she’s the little girl that will never grow up.. what they need is a new Devon that’s too much money for that little non acting boy. He don’t play that role like a big boy with a lot of smarts.

  • maya

    Brin back mm and bm

  • maya

    Get rid of jill . She’s the down fall of this soap ..too many plots going on and they last toooooo long. Oh, and get rid of Hunter the role is too big for her… she cries toooooo much

  • mare

    E Excellent choice!! I might start watching more than once a week again

  • Charlene

    LOL….good luck with this recasting of Phyllis!! I don’t care how wonderful of an actress that this woman is, SHE IS NO PHYLLIS!! JFP has to go, she is the only one who needs to be replaced!

  • Charlene

    I despise this Site, don’t know why I bother even looking it up, Moderator’s are a bunch of Nut-Jobs, waiting, waiting…..yup there it is…lol GONE!

  • She should do fine although I may have preferred Sarah Brown the original Carly on GH or even the actress who portrayed Carly after Sarah left the role. I can’t remember her name but she was dynamic as Carly and would continue to make Phyllis a spitfire on Y&R. Oh well, we shall see how Gina does. Recasting can be difficult especially since Michelle Stafford put her own stamp on the character.

  • Louise

    I don’t care who plays Phyllis as long as Sharon gets her downfall

  • StaffordFan

    Haven’t watched Y&R since Michelle’s last day. Was thinking of going back to give it another try but they got rid of Billy and Adam. What is the point. It’s about as exciting as watching paint dry now. Watched for over 20 years. Sad

  • Velma Brown Braboy

    I was a fan of Guiding. Light and of Gina, but I would be fine if Phyllis stayed in a coma. I really want Nick and Sharon to stay together. I already have one foot out the door with the firing of Michael Muhney, so I have almost given up on this soap.

  • jen

    I vant stand this show now that all the characters that i loved are gone Jill single handedly destroyed the best soap. I feel bad for the other actors who will lose all thier fans.