The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Arrested or Forgiven, Murderer or Hero, Can Genoa City Recover From His Return?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Arrested or Forgiven, Murderer or Hero, Can Genoa City Recover From His Return?

The Young and the Restless spoilers for November and December will be full of news and rumors about Adam Newman, and no wonder, since Adam is alive and will be returning to Genoa City! Here we explain in detail the history of Adam Victor Newman on Y&R and show how this ties into the current news and storylines. You can’t understand the present until you understand the past. The role of Victor Jr/Adam Wilson/Adam Newman has been played by many actors over the years. Celeste and Coryn Williams 1995, Danielle and Sabrina Helper 1995, Spencer Klaas 1995, Hayden Tank Recurring 12/96-11/97, Chris Engen 2/08-6/09, Michael Muhney 6/09-12/30/14. The role is now taken over by Justin Hartley who made his on-screen debut on November 5, 2014.

On The Young and the Restless Adam is the son of Hope Wilson and Victor Newman. When Adam was a baby, Hope decided she did not want to raise her son in the Newman spot light. She wanted a more stable family life for him. She took him back to Kansas where he was raised with her and Cliff Wilson. Adam believed Cliff to be his father. Victor did have visits with Adam through his younger years, but was never told Victor was his biological father.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Arrested or Forgiven, Murderer or Hero, Can Genoa City Recover From His Return?

When Hope was dying and on her death bed, she summoned Victor and Adam back to Kansas. Adam was a young man that graduated from Harvard and was working on Wall St. in New York City. Hope finally told Adam that Victor Newman was his real father. With her gone, she wanted Adam to finally get to know Victor. Of course, Adam was stunned by his mother’s admission, but obeyed her wishes. Victor also bought the Kansas farm for Adam so that he would always be connected to his roots.

Adam accepted a job at Newman Enterprises along side his father. He also had half siblings he didn’t know he had. Victoria, Nicolas, and Abby. They all shared Victor as their father. The three children had a hard time getting to know or even like their “new” brother. Victor took him straight to the top in Newman Enterprises. This is something his siblings took offense at.

When Victor went missing in Mexico, Adam took over Newman Enterprises. He fired both Neil and Victoria. Once Victor returned, he wasn’t happy with his son’s actions. He fired him and told him to move off the ranch.

Adam first love affair in Genoa City was Heather Stevens, daughter of Paul Williams and assistant DA The two were engaged to be married. There engagement was over when it came to light that Adam, with the help of Jack Abbot, forged a diary supposedly written by daddy Victor. They wanted Victor to “write” that he killed a man while in Mexico. Adam wanted to get back at his father for firing him. Jack had a grudge against Victor for years and was a willing player in the plot. When it went down, Adam was convicted of fraud by Heather and sent to jail with Jack’s help.

While Adam was incarcerated, he began to lose his sight. His mother Hope was blind and it was thought he was losing his sight just like her. Victor felt remorse for sending his son to prison. He was able to have Adam’s sentence reduced to house arrest. He also had to live with Victor and his new wife Ashley. Adam was required to wear a ankle monitoring bracelet.

Adam was not actually going blind, but rather injecting his eyes with botox to simulate blindness. He kept up the lie while living at the Newman Ranch.

Adam wanted revenge on Victor and Jack. He gas lit a pregnant Ashley. Pretending he was Victor’s deceased wife Sabrina, Adam “haunted” Ashley. One evening, Ashley fell down the stairs at the Ranch due to being spooked by Adam. She incurred a miscarriage, but due to her mental state, did not realize. Adam blackmailed an obgyn doctor to take care of Ashley during the remainder of her sudo pregnancy.

When Ashley went into labor at a mental hospital, Adam stole Sharon’s new born baby girl and past her off as Ashley’s baby. Sharon was let to believe her child died and was totally devastated. Mean while, Ashley and Victor where celebrating the birth of “their” baby girl Faith.

Not long after, Sharon took pity on Adam. She felt they had a connection and started a romance. The two eventually married. When Adam’s deceitful actions were finally uncovered, Sharon got an annulment. Faith was than returned to Sharon and Nick. Ashley and Victor were left grieving their baby.

Adam was hated by most of the folks in Genoa City. His ruthless actions touched so many people. The Abbotts and Newmans decided to confront Adam and make him pay for his crimes. They took him to the Abbotts cabin where he was confronted by all the people he hurt. Adam was able to escape before they were able to have him sent to prison. He landed in Brazil along with his former girlfriend Skye Lockhart.

Victor found Adam and brought him back to Genoa City. Skye followed. This time, Adam faked a mental breakdown. He was sent to a mental hospital where Patti Williams was a patient. He took advantage of her state of mind, and convinced her that she murdered Richard Hightower. He also helped Patti escape the facility through the duct work.

When Adam was released from the mental institution, him and Skye married. Adam had a Harvard education and a knack for business just like his father Victor. Together, Adam and Skye started the Newman Fund. Both Victor and Jack invested money into Adam’s project, in the hopes of finally bringing Adam down.

It was around this time, that Adam performed a good deed. He saved Faith’s life and Sharon was thankful. He also had his fill of Skye and took the money out of the Newman fund and left Genoa City. Sharon convinced Adam to return to GC and he donated the funds to the son of murder victim Richard Hightower. He also divorced Skye.

Victor paid Skye to pretend to be dead so he could frame Adam for her murder in Hawaii. But Adam and Sharon were rekindling their romance in New Orleans. Adam wanted to turn his life around and become a better person with Sharon’s help.

Once Adam returned to GC, he was accused of Skye’s “death”. Sharon returned to Hawaii to find Skye alive. Unfortunately, Skye was killed when she fell into a volcano. Sharon had no proof that Skye was not murdered by Adam. Jack and Phyllis were able to prove Adam’s innocence and was cleared of the crime.

Adam and Sharon again rekindled their relationship and moved in together. This time it was Sharon who was accused of killing Skye. Adam helped her leave town and Sharon wound up in New Mexico. Adam has no idea where Sharon went. She was presumed dead after a violent storm. He grieved over losing Sharon once again. He was still determined to prove her innocent of killing Skye. With Nicolas helped, Sharon was found and returned to Genoa City, but with a new friend Sam.

Adam still wanted to make it work with Sharon. But Sharon has already moved on to Adam’s father Victor. Shortly after, it was known that Adam was the one who let Patti Williams escape the mental hospital. Victor, Sharon and Jack are rejected Adam. He felt so alone.

During this time, Adam met Chelsea Lawson who was a known con artist. They were good for each other. Helping each other cope with past disappointments and regrets. Soon their friendship bloomed into a real love connection. Adam proposed and they eloped to his Kansas farm. Sharon did try to stop the wedding to no avail.

The happy couple returned to Genoa City and soon found out they were pregnant. They also started a company with Chloe and Kevin Fisher named Tag N’ Grab.

While on their way out of town, Chelsea and Adam were hit by Summer Newman. The accident caused Chelsea to have a miscarriage. Both Adam and Chelsea were totally devastated about their loss. Between dealing with their grief and Sharon’s constant melding, the two divorced.

Chelsea soon discovered she was pregnant again with Adam’s child. She wanted to tell Adam, but found him with Sharon. She pretended the baby was Dylan’s. Adam had his suspicious about the baby really being his.

Adam continued to be friends with Jack. He tried to help him kick his pill addition and took over as Co-CEO at Jabot. Adam also continued trying to obtain his father’s love and approval. This wasn’t easy. Every time Victor turned him away. An uninvited Adam, when to Victor and Nikki’s wedding. Adam seeing a gunman aiming at his dad, stepped in the way of the bullet and was shot. Adam made the ultimate sacrifice for his father. Finally, Victor made peace with his son Adam.

Shortly after Chelsea gave birth to her baby boy Connor, Adam became aware that the baby had a degenerative eye disease. Adam than knew the baby must be his and not Dylan’s. Chelsea finally admitted the truth to Adam. The two decided to live together to raise their son. Adam was extremely happy that he had a son of his own, but at the same time, scared that his son would go blind.

During an eye doctor appointment for Connor, Chelsea and Adam learned that Connor needed a cornea transplant immediately. This news left Adam extremely emotional. How would they be able to find a donor in a short amount of time? As Adam drove home himself from the appointment, he encountered a dog in the road way. He swerved to miss the dog, but didn’t know Delia Abbott was also on that same road looking for her lost puppy. Adam saw the dog and began continuing driving feeling relived he did not hit the dog. When the news later broke that Delia Abbot was killed by a hit and run driver in the same area he swerved, he felt anguish.

Adam found Delia’s scarf wrapped around his tire. He knew if he confessed to the hit and run he would forever lose his son and Chelsea. He destroyed the evidence. He also made a video confession of the crime and gave it to Avery Clark, his attorney.

Soon Connor, Chelsea and Adam were back at home getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas together. Adam wanted to remarry Chelsea and start the new year off right. The two were married in a quite ceremony.

Chelsea and Billy donated Delia’s corneas to Connor. Chelsea and Adam were extremely humbled and thankful that these parents that just lost their little girl, gave their son the gift of sight. Adam was so guilt ridden. He started a non profit organization in Delia’s name. Adam also communicated with Billy in a online chat room for grieving parents. Adam anonymously tried to make Billy see that Delia’s hit and run was an accident. A frustrated Billy, was able to put two and two together. He had Kevin’s help in tracking that he was Adam in the chat room.

Billy wanted Adam to pay for killing his daughter and ruining his life. He had Adam meet him at Delia’s memorial site. There, Billy held a gun on Adam, and made him confess to hitting Delia. When a distraught Adam did, Billy made Adam drive his car. They went off the road and the gun Billy was holding went off. Later the car was found down a ravine and exploded. No one was found. In typical Y&R fashion, both Adam and Billy were presumed dead. Days later, Billy found his way back home. Still no sign of Adam. It was assumed that Adam did not survive the explosion. He was declared dead. Chelsea was over whelmed with grief. She than came across the video that Adam made confessing to Delia’s hit and run. She tired to make people, especially Chloe and Billy see it was just an accident.

That has been about nine months ago. The Young and the Restless has operated on the premise that most people in Genoa City presume Adam Newman is dead and life has gone on. A body was never found and there has been strange “hands” that appear. These hands have been watching Connor and Chelsea in their penthouse. Can this be Adam??? He’s still alive and checking in on his family? Who has been helping Adam out all these months? Now that Adam has returned, how will the folks in Genoa City react? Chelsea has moved on with Billy. Will she forgive Adam Newman and take him back or keep Billy? How will Victor react when he sees his son is still alive? Grieving parents Billy and Chloe will want him behind bars, or worse! I guarantee, you’re not going to want to miss Adam Newman’s return to Genoa City and all that it entails! He’s BACK! Return to CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers and news.