The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Dylan Confronts Ian Ward – Billy Abbott Mad at Jack and Kelly – Colin’s Evil Secret Exposed

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Dylan Confronts Ian Ward - Billy Abbott Mad at Jack and Kelly - Colin's Evil Secret Exposed

Characters are always coming and going in Genoa City, but tomorrow, April 16, on The Young and the Restless one man will return who nobody wants to see. According to Y&R spoilers the infamous Ian Ward will waltz back into Dylan’s life tomorrow during the daytime soap opera. To say that Dylan and his alleged father Ian Ward have some bad blood between them would be an understatement.

Back in the day when Nikki Newman was just a troubled teen girl she got caught up with a cult and brainwashed by Ian Ward. Nikki claims that Ian held her against her will and raped her multiple times, which is how Dylan was conceived. Last month Ian Ward arrived in Genoa City posing as a life coach and tried to get inside Summer’s head just like he did Nikki’s years ago. Nikki caught on to his scheme, and Ian extorted a large sum of money from Nikki in exchange for leaving her family alone and leaving town. Nikki wore a wire during the money exchange and Ian was brought up on charges, the Newman family assumed he was out of their lives forever.

Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless Dylan is thrown for a loop when Ian Ward waltzes into his café. He reveals that Niel’s ex Leslie did an impressive job representing him and all of the charges brought against him were dropped. Ian tries to work his magic on Dylan and get inside his head, he insists that Dylan needs some anger management counseling and offers to help him like he did Summer. When Avery learns that Leslie helped free Ian Ward she has some choice words for her as well.

Also tomorrow on The Young and the Restless, Billy will learn that his big brother Jack has been seeing Kelly – this after Jack told Billy he wasn’t allowed to see Kelly if he wanted to repair his relationship with Victoria. Hypocritical much? But with Billy’s character he can’t see the forest for the trees. He doesn’t understand that Jack was operating with Billy’s best interests at heart. It was Billy’s problem that Jack was trying to solve – not his own interest in Kelly that motivated his advice to his younger brother. Summer is not impressed with her Dad’s new gal pal either. And, Jill finally wises up and realizes that Colin is hiding something from her and has his own ulterior motives when it comes to the great music box investigation.

What do you think Ian Ward is doing back in Genoa City? What could he possibly be up to now? Do you think he is really Dylan’s father, or could Paul possibly be? And what do you make of the music box investigation? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below, and check tomorrow for more Y&R spoilers.

4 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Dylan Confronts Ian Ward – Billy Abbott Mad at Jack and Kelly – Colin’s Evil Secret Exposed”

  1. Racquel Garnette says:

    Well i guess this show is going to turn out to 2 dna tests that has been going on with these storylines. The Dylan father thingy storyline has been going on since from November and if it goes on til in the fall then that will be 1 year with an old storyline. Which it is bad. Jill Farren Phelps was only looking for a storyline to drag and drag. I think Ian Ward secret is that Paul is Dylan father not him. When Ian Ward raped Nikki she was already pregnant. Just hurry up with this storyline and make Dylan/Ian Ward/ Paul do a dna test very soon. If this storyline goes on til June then i wouldn’t care less for this storyline. Summer paternity results needs another dna test since the writers mess that up too. Ian Ward is a dangerous man. Nick/Jack/ and Summer can do a dna test very soon. What Sharon has done was very bad. Put Chloe in the liddybin where she can get help. Make Summer have one father not two then that would be better for the show. Chelsea shouldn’t forgive Chloe for what she has done to her dress at the fashion show. Chloe hasn’t share her scenes with David Tom yet what happen to that part. The changes you have to do very soon is get rid of David Tom as Billy Abbott and hire someone older who resemble Billy J Miller on the Young and the restless. This Abby needs to be recasted. This Abby is the older Abby but we would like to see the younger Abby who is 19 or 20 years old.

  2. n2trouble98 says:

    When are we getting a new Billy. This Tom has always been boring as an actor. He isn’t sexy at all and is winey. Show is about to go down hill. Anf please don’t bring in Susan Lucci. She is a fine actress but there are enough strong female roles Don’t need here winey self either

  3. Debbie Randolph says:

    Paul could be dillon dad,but lan is a nasty man to sure of himself.I dont like him.Dont like leslie anymore.Who is kevin going to have since chloe is leaving?Im going to miss her she has fire,like miss chanelor did.

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