The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Mariah Sharon’s Daughter – There are Clues – Helen Copeland Arrives

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Mariah Sharon's Daughter - There are Clues - Helen Copeland Arrives

The Young and the Restless spoilers have teased for weeks now that Helen Copeland, Mariah’s mother, would be arriving in Genoa City. Even though Mariah is a dead ringer for the late Cassie Newman (and it’s no wonder seeing as how Cassie and Mariah are both played by the same actress Cassie Grimes), she insists that she is in no way related to the Newman Family. Since she began growing closer to Sharon Newman, Nick has been snooping around and trying to dig up some information on the woman she claims is her mother, Helen Copeland.

According to our exclusive CDL The Young and the Restless spoiler source, on Thursday August 14 Helen Copeland will arrive in Genoa City, and even more clues will be dropped that lead us to believe Mariah is Cassie Newman’s twin. When we first learned that Helen was a nurse, fans automatically jumped to the conclusion that Helen stole one of Sharon’s twins from the hospital when she gave birth to them. During the August 14th episode of Y&R, Mariah reveals that not only was her mom a nurse, but she was a pediatric nurse which means she would have had access to the babies in the nursery at the hospital.

Our Y&R spoiler source also revealed that during the August 14 episode, Mariah also makes a statement to Nick Newman about Helen Copeland that is another tell-tale sign that she may not be Helen’s biological daughter. Mariah told Nick that Helen “never got her” and she “never got Helen” like a mother and daughter should.

Ian and Helen have both teased that Helen Copeland was a horrible mom to Mariah, and that is part of the reason she turned out the way she did. What doesn’t make sense to us, is if Helen didn’t want Mariah and couldn’t take care of her, then why would she steal her form the hospital? And, how did Sharon not notice that she gave birth to not one, but two babies?

What do you think Y&R fans? Is Mariah a long-lost twin of Cassie Newman that was stolen from the hospital? Or is she really Helen Copeland’s daughter and it is just a bizarre coincidence that she could pass as Cassie Newman’s twin? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.


    I think the producers know they made a mistake years ago when they let cassie die and they are trying to make up for it now

  • Liz Miles

    Mariah is Cassie. Ian had been stalking Nicki since way back then and was in town when Cassie had her accident. When Cassie died she wasn’t really dead but Ian made it look that way. Cassie sustained a brain injury in the accident and forgot about her life before the accident. Ian brain washed her and implanted memories of a previous life that never happened. The lady that Mariah thinks is her mother is just someone who is part of Ian’s lie……..I’ve been watching soaps for 30 years. It could happen. Lol

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  • There are clues that does make me believe that Mariah is Sharon’s daughter.

    Why does Mariah get along well with Sharon and her family but not so much with the woman (Helen Copeland) who raised her?

    I am so glad that Nick is thinking as smart as his father Victor does. He followed Helen and recorded her conversation with Ian Ward secretly.

    That is why you should never have a private talk in a public place.

  • maya

    I agree y&r is really gone down hill.. some of these story lines are coming out of left field. Too much sleeping around with each other. And Neil nobody falls in love that quick after a break up and to take that women over his daughter after she tried to sleep with Lily s husband. What kind of man do that to his daughter…plus the whole time he was marrief to Drew they never had kids … now he’s a dad from sleeping one time with Sophia.. come on Y& R. Get some real action going. All the story lines are written for first graders. Soon the ratings will be so low that this soap will be cancelled …Jill is not good for this soap… Y&R .. find another writer.. losing interest in this to long story line.. Phillis should have woke up 5 months ago… You can stop watching for a year go back and she s still in a coma… Lily need to come down to earth she dont play the tough girl role very well. Colon and Jill need to leave Katherine alone ..She dead.. Respect that. Jill always calling her out of her name.. that’s so disrespectful. She will never be the women Katherine was. With her funny dressing too fat for TV.suppose Esther start calling her old fat a… prune face… chunky but. She never respected Katherine and that was really out of character she was in her eighties. It waould hurt me to hear her talk to Katherine that way. No respect at all.. I hope Colon take her for a long broke down ride and give her what she gave Katherine.

  • janie

    Sharon’s pregnancy was never a storyline, that happened in HS, before she knew Nick. Her best friend found Cassie and eventually Sharon told Nick, After they were married. Sharon never had custody until Cassie was around 7. She may have had twins but nothing was ever a part of the storyline. All of this was before she hooked up with Nick.

  • Nyzaria

    I believe this will either be Cassie, and she didn’t pass it was made to look that way to have leverage over Nikki’s family, or it was another daughter from the same father…… Cassie didn’t look like Sharon.

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