The Young and the Restless Casting Spoilers: Michael Muhney Won’t Be Back – New Adam Newman Implied by Eileen Davidson’s Return?

The Young and the Restless Casting Spoilers: Michael Muhney Won't Be Back - New Adam Newman Implied by Eileen Davidson's Return?

The Young and the Restless producer, and Y&R fans’ least favorite person, Jill Farren Phelps, is known to play favorites on the set of the CBS soap opera (cough, Steve Burton). So, it wasn’t exactly shocking news when it was announced that TPTB at The Young and the Restless had poached Eileen Davidson from Days of Our Lives and offered her a contract to return as Ashley Abbott, seeing as how Davidson has publically supported Phelps in the past.

Recently, rumors have emerged that Michael Muhney may be returning as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless, nearly six months after he was scandalously fired and certain media outlets falsely accused him of some inappropriate behavior towards Hunter King. Muhney’s sudden reemerging on social media and cryptic tweets have given fans hope that there is some truth to the rumors that he was seen on the Y&R set and that this might indicate a return to the show.

However, any fan who has followed the Michael Muhney scandal closely would realize that if Eileen Davidson is returning to Genoa City, there is no way Michael Muhney is. Amid all of the drama and scandal last winter, Eileen Davidson took to Twitter and defended Hunter King and applauded her for coming forward and claiming that Michael Muhney groped her.

Davidson tweeted, “2 u who r bashing @HunterHaleyKing. Shes amazing, brave & courageous. She deserves 2 b applauded & respected. THE END. I have so much respect for you Hunter. My thoughts are with you. Xoxoxox.”

Eileen Davidson is obviously on Jill Farren Phelps’ and Hunter King’s side when it comes to the Michael Muhney scandal. If she has signed on to The Young and the Restless full-time, there is no way she could effectively or willingly work alongside Michael Muhney.

What do you think about Eileen Davidson returning to The Young and the Restless? Do you still think there is a chance that Michael Muhney is returning after TPTB inked a full-time contract with Davidson, someone who obviously doesn’t want him on set? Furthermore, why would a talented actor like Michael want to return to a hostile working environment anyway? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

Eileen Davidson PUBLICLY supported Hunter King in her alleged dispute with Michael Muhney – since it was announced that Eileen is returning to Y&R CDL maintains that this strongly implies MM is not. The logic seems sound. Here are some comments on this hot-button issue from the savvy fans at Soap Opera Spy Facebook page:

All these articles pertaining to Michael Muhney just repeat the same ole same. No one knows who is going to play Adam Newman. Even JFP doesn’t know. If she did, she would make the announcement. I do love this picture of Michael and Melissa. JFP was an idiot getting rid of MM. The only two couples on Y&R for the last decade that had electricfying chemistry together was Adam Newman and Sharon Newman (Played by Michael Muhney and Sharon Case) and Adam Newman and Chelsea Lawson Newman) Played by Michael Muhney and Melisa Clarie Egan. Just goes to show you he was and is one fantastic, talented, gorgeous man who had chemistry with whomever he had scenes with. Some of the best scenes he had was Adam Newman versus Victor Newman, Adam and Nick, Michael always gave 110% in all his scenes. It is true one actor does not make the show, but you have to admit Y&R fans tuned in to watch this man when he was on the t.v. screen. Now that he has gone, One and half million fans have tuned out and given up on the show. No Ashley Abbott will not bring those one and half million fans back to Y&R. That is just how ignorant JFP is. They better get rid of that woman Jill Farren Phelps before it is to late for Y&R. Y&R is the sinking Titantic and Jill Farren Phelps is the iceberg.

Eileen should have stayed with Days, Kristen is the more complex character who can showcase her talent, Ashley is just boring. I haven’t watch Y&R since Michael left and don’t plan to unless he returns.

Bad news. MM is irreplaceable. I want him back!! Who cares what Eileen Davidson thinks. I am very disappointed!

I don’t believe that MM ever did anything to Hunter. I’ve worked in sexual addiction and everything points to he didn’t do it. People don’t start behavior like that out of the blue. I believe that Hunter is definitely lying for her own means. She ‘s a terrible actress & now they can’t fire her & she knows it Hopefully no one will touch her with a ten foot pole after this. That would be sweet justice. Ultimately she’s the reason this show is now going under and in Hollywood that won’t be good for her

Wow, what a huge disappointment. The only person I’m remotely interested in is Chelsea and that’s because I was waiting for Adam (played by MICHEAL MUHNEY) to return.

Some people think the past should be forgotten – well CDL can’t ignore the past on this issue since MM and Adam Newman are currently very important soap opera topics. We will be bringing you more on the evolution of Michael’s soap career shortly. Fans really want to see him on a show soon!

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24 responses to “The Young and the Restless Casting Spoilers: Michael Muhney Won’t Be Back – New Adam Newman Implied by Eileen Davidson’s Return?”

  1. Melissa Martin says:

    CBS/Sony apologize to the two actors. Step Up: Hire back Mr. Muhney as Adam Newman. All of these people have acting jobs – they must act while they are on their jobs (like we all have to do, also, except we are not highly paid and adored by fans).. so Mr. Muhney can very successfully act gracious at the job of being the actor for Adam Newman regardless of what his colleagues do or do not think or did or did not say. The fact and the reality is the show that was once so great is toast without him. Ms. Davidson seems to be lovely but she is always given stupid storylines depicting her to be a weak, crazyish woman when she could be portrayed as strong and commanding ( a chemist, with brains – what a concept). Hire back Mr. Muhney as Adam. Thank you.

  2. disqus_pZP6hwoCft says:

    Just because Eileen Davidson supported Hunter King and she is returning to YR doesn’t rule out Muhney’s possible return. The headline is misleading. This all happened 6 months ago, and Davidson along with other castmembers were doing what they felt was the right thing in supporting their coworker. If Muhney returns, the other cast members will have to work with him whether they like it or not. It’s a job after all. If MM does return, I’m sure some resolution to the alleged incident with HK must have come to pass so that it won’t be an issue any more. Until an announcement is made as to who is playing Adam, I wouldn’t rule out Muhney’s return.

    • gml0603 says:

      I would like to believe he’s coming back. I just don’t see how with all this controversy. they have annilated his reputation how will the show explain that? the actors or just some of them knew exactly what claim to make to make sure he can’t return. they are jealous of him especially EB that is a fact. what Hunter did makes it hard for real claims of harassment to be believed. she shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this

  3. birdcage says:

    I don’t want this actress back !!!!! She is awful, her character Ashley is so useless. I alway, and I do mean ALWAYS, skipped any episodes with her in it. And it did not matter, as she meant nothing of importance to the S/L… was able to know what was going on without her. So I guess I will no longer be watching Y&R as JFP has done exactly what she was hired for….to kill another soap.

    I also watch DOOL, but when I read that ED was reprising the role of Kristen, I will not longer watch those episodes either…

    • gml0603 says:

      I used to like her and the other actors that have gone public with a claim that was disproven by a report that was published on this site by an investigtor

  4. RedRiver38 says:

    Eileen Davidson’s return to Y&R has nothing to do with Michael Muhney. This is the silliest bunch of trash I’ve read in some time. Get a grip. Total garbage Amanda. If you’re going to make crap up, try to be more creative. Jeez.

  5. Henrietta Boyd says:

    Muhney is not coming back according to his mother and i really like davidson and the character ashley but those writers will ruin her as they have the whole show until they tell better stories and fire jfp and steve kent the show will continue to go down its really sad all the cast and crew out because a few ptb r to proud to admit they were sooooo wrong sad really sad

    • MTC103054 says:

      I certainly hope this is not true as far as Michael returning. I do agree that JFP will continue to ruin careers!

  6. P. E. MARSHALL says:


    I can’t believe that no one has brought up the following

    If Muhney was “fired” for groping Ms. Hunters breast-
    before they fire/terminate him he would/should have been counseled, given a verbal warning, then given a written warning, all the time being counseled for his behavior. There are laws & procedures
    regarding sexual harassment and if certain steps were not followed then Mr. M should hire a lawyer and sue the entire group for “wrongful termination!”
    I am very sorry that CBS/Sony have let this mad woman run the show. Why not just cancel the damn show and be done with it? Why continue to “torture” the actors & the entire company that have to go through this painful crap not to mention we crazy viewers that all love the Y&R? Cancel the show and put whatever the low information people want to watch.

  7. Fred says:

    No one really cares that much about Ashley and few miss her. Many miss MM. The return of Ashley will do very little to prop up sagging ratings. Expecting to see a drop below 4 million viewers soon. GH ratings are climbing since they fired JFP.

  8. Tina Oliver says:

    Please can anyone get rid of JFP???? She has ruined our beloved Y&R.

    • Elaine says:

      I so agree with you..if only we could bring back the days when our Y&R was the best soap on tv…lets hope we can get our Michael back as this will bring the ratings back sky high!

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  10. MTC103054 says:

    Just get rid of JFP – she has destroyed this soap! No wonder everyone wants out! Tune into GH, you will see Michelle Stafford, Emme Rylan and very soon Billy Miller! Would love to see Michael appear as well. I will watch Michael’s work anywhere he goes, he is a phenomenal actor and it was and is a huge loss to Y&R. It is very sad to see what one person (JFP) has done to this show. She needs to be FIRED!

  11. gml0603 says:

    it’s unbelievable what the actors have done to his reputation. they shouldn’t be able to get away with this…

  12. El says:

    I think she should have stayed with DOOL.At least there she had a character

  13. El says:

    I don’t think she will do anything for the ratings either. Fans want MM when will they listen to us?????

    • Elaine says:

      I don’t think she will do anything for the show either…it is getting so boring..I hope they start listening to us fans before it is too late! Bring Michael back and while you are at it..bring Billy Miller back!! Then you will have a awesome soap once again!

  14. Ellie1123 says:

    Big freakin deal she supports Hunter King. Eileen Davidson is unbalanced herself and is nobody to be talking about what went on 6 months ago. If she knew something why didn’t she come forward? When is this crap gonna end, did he or didn’t he, that is the question. This is nothing but He said/ She said and it is time to get over it. MM was fired now leave him alone and move on. The fact that actors are coming out of the woodwork against him says there is more to this story than what we are being told. Was MM set up by some of the actors? Strange, he is not saying anything it is the rest of the cast. MM should tell her to prove her allegations or he is suing her character assasination, loss of income, unlawful termination and anythingelse he can. Is this why this show is going down hill because everybody is trying to destroy MM career. You have a writer who is choking the life out of the show maybe you should concern yourself with what is right in front of you and stop trashing MM.

  15. Kmac860 says:

    The man can act! Bring him back!

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  17. mom chez says:

    Still not watching, glad not watching. Get my info from the boards. This show, corporate and cast connected with it are trash. Sinking to the lowest levels. Thank you to Michael’s mom for setting the facts straight.

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  19. Ellie1123 says:

    Well look at the timing in all of this;; Eileen Davidson has been back on the show maybe a month ago or so and she could have supported HK then but choose now to do it, why? It has been 6 months and time to get passed this. The fact that MM has already been fired and these people are still up in arms about this says to me there is a chance he might be back. I think MM is awesome but the hell if i think this show is worth all the torment this man will get if he does return and for sure JFP isn’t going to help him out by taking charge and putting an end to the fighting and hostility on the set. What about the old Adam CHRIS ENGEN, is he available to come back.? If MM returns the only decent thing to do is not to schedule HK and MM on the set taping on the same days. That could possibly work for both of them. And the other thing that would work is if they had some authority on the set to stop this childish bickering going on between these ”supposed adults….