The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Spotted At Y&R Studios – Was Adam Newman Role Offered?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Spotted At Y&R Studios - Was Adam Newman Role Offered?

The Young and the Restless fans are buzzing about the iconic character Adam Newman, and his impending return to Genoa City. Despite the fact that Michael Muhney was fired by Jill Farren Phelps and TPTB at The Young and the Restless back in December 2013, some fans are still clinging to the hope that when Adam Newman returns to Genoa City and reveals he isn’t dead, it will be Muhney in the role.

Although there were no official charges ever filed against Muhney, it was revealed by multiple sources that the reason he was let go was related to accusations made against him by co-star Hunter King, she claimed he groped her and harassed her. Muhney’s fans were in an uproar over the accusations and despite the fact that the incident occurred nearly six months ago, it is still a very controversial subject.

Hundreds of Thousands of Muhney’s supported have since boycotted the soap opera, and refuse to watch again until the actor is reinstated. Considering the circumstances surrounding his firing, the odds of him returning to the set of Y&R are slim to none, however a recent report from Soap Opera Digest will give fans a sense of hope.

According to the June 9th edition of Soap Opera Digest, Michael Muhney was recently spotted on the set of The Young and the Restless. The magazine goes on to say, “The search for an actor to play Adam has intensified in the last few weeks, and insiders report that Michael Muhney could be back in the mix to reprise the role. The actor, whose controversial exit last December sent shock waves throughout the community, was reportedly spotted at the Y&R studios.

So, it turns out there is a possibility that those hands we keep seeing on Y&R could truly belong to Michael Muhney? Do you believe the report in Soap Opera Digest? Would you lose respect for Michael Muhney if he actually returned to The Young and the Restless after they treated him so badly and tarnished his reputation? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out CDL’s The Young and the Restless spoilers.

This is huge news and Soap Opera Spy fans react:

OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!!! Please let this be true!!!!

This would be the best thing Y & R could do for the show…making your long-time viewers happy

Yes , I watch only the end to see his hands the rest of the show boring beyond belief.

Bring MM!! Fire Phelps! Recast Hunter King when her contract is up!

I am sure if he happens to be reinstated, it will be with a fat juicy paycheck! and good for him!

 Id be one very happy girl!!!

The Adam Newman fan in me would be thrilled, but I would totally get it if he told them where to go. I support MM in whatever he chooses to do.

Please, please, please let this be true and MM is returning to his role of Adam! Fingers and toes crossed!

I would be worried if he came back and JFP and Hunter were still there, what else would those two try to do to him. I wouldn’t come back otherwise if I were him. As much as I’d like to see him back . Better he go to GH.

Let’s hope this sighting of MM on the Y&R set is for real and indicates a possible return of Michael as Adam Newman. We are covering this story and will get back to you ASAP with more info. The exchange of views on SOS continues:

Thing is, hunter may have been part of the big deception. I just find it odd thatsomething that has this much understory was basically quiet with the tabloids. If so, no need to get rid of hunter as she was in on the hush hush story and there was no bad blood between the two. Also odd that mm is posting to twitter again after radio silence. My spidey sense tells me there is something brewing.

 I hope they do bring him back. He sure did play the part well….and while they are correcting mistakes; bring the correct Billy back.

Yes , I watch only the end to see his hands the rest of the show boring beyond belief.

LOL I have said it before it is sad when the best actor on the show is a hand.

Talk about a hostile work environment! I just can’t see MM going back and putting himself in the line of fire day in, day out. No amount of money would be worth it.

Yes!!! Bring Michael as Adam back to Chelsea and “Peanut”, and as the succession plan for Newman Industries!!!

Please, please, please let this be true and MM is returning to his role of Adam! Fingers and toes crossed!

Couldn’t agree more……bring back MM…wave bye bye to Billy and Summer, hire a new writing staff, and drive Jill to the airport to go anywhere that doesn’t have television to screw up yet! Maybe she could look for that missing plane…..keep her busy!

Well what do you think? Could Michael really be in negotiations to return to Y&R? The show can’t continue using what are practically disembodied hands to portray Adam Newman so it’s only a matter of time until we learn the truth.

  • RedRiver38

    Gee Amanda, if they brought him back, do you thing the groping allegations might be bull crap? Twit.

  • Graci

    I have tried several times to watch Y&R and it is just such a mess I can’t so am not sure I want him to waste his talent on the travesty the show is now.

    • Kelli

      I agree gracy …he’s such a phenomenal actor…although I feel completely spoiled getting to watch him five days a week…talking to the tv “o geez Adam just TELL Chelsea” and then he threw her scarf in the fireplace…TOTALLY ripped me up cause he makes you FEEL the torment. Amazing actor and its clear to me now that he’s WAY above a soap. Ive read he produces too and envision this awesome epic STAR creating a better gig for us to watch!! Team Muhney cant wait till he’s back in the game ???

  • shaka love

    Bring him back x 6.02 x 10 million. He’s irreplaceable. He’s a keeper. He’s a young, Victor Newman.

  • Lisa

    Please yes bring MM back immediately the show will be a hit again if he’s back I’ll definitely watch again!!

  • Sandy D

    Whether it’s Y&R or somewhere else – it doesn’t matter to me! I will follow MM. I would love to want to watch Y&R again! I only hope that everything works out for Michael.


    I believed from day one all the allegations were b.s. I do hope he returns only then would I watch Y&R again. Wish Billy Miller was back also. I feel if MM does return, the first 5 days before the soap comes on JFP should give a statement of apology añd truth. Clearing Michael of ALL allegations.

    • omg

      Yeah! But, that will never happen. Michael will be forced to keep his mouth shut about the whole ordeal and the rest of them will sweep it under the carpet so fast that we’ll forget it ever happened!

  • Dinamo

    yes please bring back M M. it’s not the same without him. we miss the other Billy to.

  • Darlene

    Would you please STOP writing about crap that was never substantiated! It actually never hit any information outlets until January 2014 when Michael Muhney was off the Y&R set. Michael was informed that he was being let go by Jill Farren Phelps on Monday, December 16th (a week before Christmas. Choice!!) Michael informed his fans why he was being let go and accepted responsibility for his behavior, having problems with co-workers and having too much hubris at times, letting his on set behavior bleed over into real life. His last day of taping was actually December 19th. If there was any truth to the allegations, JFP would not have been able to retain Michael for the final three days of taping and have him on set. Remember the alleged victim was still working for Y&R also. It has been stated over and over again that this was leaked by a CBS insider to TMZ and TMZ picked up the story and ran with it. It was never investigated to determine if there way any truth to it because sensationalism sells and the truth doesn’t. Nelson Branco also released an article of his investigation and he said that there was nothing to the rumor and it was a case of telephone tag, or something like that. I don’t remember Nelson’s exact words. Y&R’s behind the scenes has been reported to be very dysfunctional for a long time, cliques, fighting, etc. etc. Long before Michael Muhney. Eric Braeden and Peter Bergman “duked” it out some time ago…and neither were fired. They both would be fired if that happened in current day. So stop printing this garbage! Where is your responsibility for printing the truth? Where is your morality regarding Michael and family, a wife and three young children, one only a year old? It’s articles like this that keeps the rumors alive. Stop it already!!

  • meemee

    Please bring adam back there is no way no one can replace him I don’t like the new billy either I’m threw til adam returns

  • Amy

    Sony/CBS – do the right thing. Apologize to MM and other actor/actress you threw under the bus AND make Mr. Mahoney an offer than makes it worth his while to accept your APOLOGY, and, show some integrity by putting into place a professional and kind workplace at the Young and Restless production…. and invite and empower MM to work his magnetic and superior acting skills to save this show, save all those castmates – who treated him so terribly – and make us, the fans, happy… and bring back what was once such great entertainment in our homes for so many years. DO IT. —- You know how to do a deal; you know how to make an actor feel and be valued, so do it for Mr. Muhney. Create this deal for Michael Mahoney, convince him it is worth it for him to even consider it – and then make the huge effort to successfully convince him to accept your offer — and save this show. It will also save you from remaining in the disgraceful position you have allowed the two institutions Sony and CBS and the show, the once great Young and Restless, to be placed in. Thank you.

  • floridanative56

    to bring him back would get me watching again….lose respect never….its not his fault that the new management screwed up….


    Us Diehard Muhney Fans would Follow Him Anywhere..Too Much Talent To Contain..If My Dream Came True and the only thing that would Save YR and MM Returned It would only Increase My Respect for Him. .To Show He is Not Petty and a True Professional and Cares More About and Has More Respect For His Fans and Adam Newman than Pure BS..#PureClass

  • omg

    We’ll never know the details of what happened, but I sure hope everything is all straightened out and he got lots of money for the hassle and b.s. this has caused him. And if he comes back… won’t it be a great show, again?!?!

  • omg

    It totally sux these days. More happens in GH in one episode than what happens on YR in 2 weeks! (I started watch GH just incase MM showed up on it… and I’m liking it. Good soap!)

  • omg

    Maybe money will talk, eventually. (If all is forgiven and forgotten) So many good/high paid actors have left. Look at the excess cash they have to pay MM now! He can come back with a big fat pay cheque since they don’t have to pay BM, MS, and EH their huge salaries anymore.

  • janie

    No! I could never see this happening. I doubt there’s enough money and apologies to lure him back! I’d love for it to happen, but I don’t think it will.

    • VickiJ

      I think it is easier to get a job when you have a job. So maybe if he does return it will open doors that have been closed due to the false allegations, in my opinion. A short return to Y&R if that is what it is, will more then likely put all the nasty allegations to rest, and let him move on. He is to good of an actor, and I miss watching him. I have not watched Y&R since 1/29!! Watching GH with fingers crossed.

    • lisette

      apologies for what? If the allegations are true, then they don’t owe him any apologies. Per Michael Logan, there’s absolutely no chance of this pervert coming back.

      • livewire

        I can assure you as a retired police officer that if the allegations were true he would have found himself behind bars within hours of being fired not brought in to finish three days of filming. What is alleged are both felonies in LA County. JFP & her fellow execs would have been arrested as well for sitting on the fact they allegedly knew about the allegations. They would have been charged as accessories after the fact.

        You should be extremely THANKFUL MM is not pursuing civil litigation against people making libelous comments by calling him a “pervert” etc. With modern technology, it is extremely easy to obtain information. So you might want to carefully choose your words in the future. Who knows, he could change his mind and come after ALL those who have decided to defame his good name.

        • mom chez

          Thank you for taking the time to post. Your words are reassuring.

  • livewire

    I think you are full of BS. I am a retired police officer, and I can smell out fabrications a mile away. There were NEVER any charges filed, and in LA county what was alleged are both felonies. I am sure your “so called friend” told you that if the accusations were true he would have been arrested by now, as well as JFP and the execs at CBS daytime for not reporting it to the authorities. They would have been charged as accessories after the fact since they allowed him to come back for three days of shooting AFTER he had been fired. I personally think you need some mental help, making up an imaginary friend who “works for the show”.

  • livewire

    Personally I do not believe the allegations period.

  • Mrs Alm

    Loss of viewers and low ratings is all due to MM leaving Y&R. I think if he returned, many of us would gladly start watching again simply because our real Adam Newman is back and not some other actor trying to replace him. As for HK or whatever her name is. she’s so busy wanting a love relationship with this new guy, she won’t even notice MM. In fact I honestly feel she was set up as well and EB had a lot to do with it. Fire that ugly Victor, he no longer is entertaining but just a waste of good air time.

  • celebdirtylaundry

    Herekittiez, This site has supported Michael M since day one when his fan groups came to us to help. Your comment are unfair and mean. We have never copied anyone and if there is a source we always mention them. Most times we are the ones copied. You have the right to your opinion, but I have the right to disagree with you.

    • Herekittiez

      How are my comments unfair and mean when you can’t post up truthful or factual evidence, that proves other wise? I have more facts than your entire site. You keep changing and contradicting your OWN articles. You just stated that MM was hanging around the studios, then you post up another article stating that CBS has hired someone else? Please, inquiring minds wanna know THE TRUTH! I never accused this site of NOT SUPPORTING MICHAEL MUHNEY. Team Muhney, want’s facts not lies. Thanks!

  • Mollie

    I agree, they would not let him back on the set if the rumours were true.

  • Tikasue

    Well I have been holding my breath for 5 months now. I see It happening now. A lot of negative nellies said it wld never happen. & I don’t care to start another soap, as this one has taken 40 years of my life lol. If so that’s the best news and thing jfp could have done. Otherwise they were stuck in a plot that would go no where because it was actor suicide to take over that role at this point. I Can’t wait !!! Can u??? I’m sure MM wld feel vindicated and will give it all he’s got. Hope the other actors/ actresses make their peace with him after everything that has happened. He’s the bread and butter along with all the other staple actors on y & r … Yeah. It will be nice to devote myself to what’s happening on screen than what was behind the scenes, Y & R. I’ll be watching u!!!!????????????

  • Joey Smith Johnson

    If anything I would admire him more for returning.It takes a certain caliber of person to be bale to move on and forgive what they have done.Honestly,him coming back is the ONLY thing that is going to save the show now. JFP has made such a mess of things.I love ya MM!!

  • Joey Smith Johnson


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  • Anna Spaulding

    They need to fire JFP and rehire MM and BM. Let HK go as well. The show has gone straight down hill since MM and BM left. I FF more than watch anymore! Hate Stich, he is a drag like Dylon. If they are going to bring back Adam they need to find a way to make it someone else that hit Delia. Please, please make it Kelly. I am praying MM is rehired as Adam.

  • kelly

    I think this story is probably BS and Young and the Restless is so desperate for fans back they are lying about it!

  • Amy

    You are correct! Typo made accidentally. No disrespect intended to Mr. Muhney whom I hope is back – and soon – and given a huge, deliberate, deserved apology.

  • LeftofcenterHoosier

    If the accusations are true, it would make work hell for Hunter King. I don’t see how people can support this man when so many of his co-workers support Hunter. Put yourselves in her place. He’s never denied the accusations, has he?

  • Susan Foor

    I miss hi he is a great Actor he made the show …the show is boring I do not watch it like I used to and I been watching for 30 years!! miss Him and Billy!!

  • EC

    Your article should state “it was revealed by an anonymous poster on a message board that the reason he was let go was related to accusations made against him by a co-star”. No official statement was ever released by CBS, Sony, MM or HK. No charges were laid (if they were I’m sure TMZ would have gotten their hands on the documents and published them). The allegations were made by someone on a message board and reprinted by media. I highly doubt MM would have been allowed to give an exit interview had the allegations been true. He would have been told by lawyers to keep quiet. Eric Braeden (Victor) confirmed that he and MM got in to a physical fight and shouting matches on set. It sounds to me that MM was let go due to conflict on the set with senior cast members not the HK allegations.

  • Pattie Patriquin

    i third that!!

  • Janna Goodwin

    Bring Michael back- get rid of JFP, a lot of people will come back.

  • Norma

    Loose respect for him?? Are YOU KIDDING ME!! I would be absolutely thrilled to see MM on Y&R again! Omg please let it be true!

  • Dianne

    I would be over the moon if Michael came back! Because he has been quiet all this time I am hoping it is because of negotiations.

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  • Lynn N.

    If they replace the character of Adam with anyone other than MM I will NEVER watch again. I have been a fan since about 1971

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  • nmonte

    I totally hope this is true as there is NO ONE we could accept in this role other then Michael Muhney!! I don’t believe Y&R, JFP or TPTB DESERVE TO HAVE HIM BACK… But this is about an EXTREMELY TALENTED MAN that is a father & husband who lost his job to what seems to be over lies & nonsense, they tried to ruin him and it didn’t work because he’s amazing and has amazing fans! So although He should probably tell them to “F” off… We the fans are what keeps these shows on the air and WE want “our” Adam back & MM deserves his job back. I just hope if he is rehired they fire the right people (Hunter King, JFP, and even Eric Braedon). Id sacrifice all of them for the GREAT Michael Muhney in a second!! Plus, that would be the biggest & best daytime twist/reveal in soap history and Michael & his fans deserve that. This was RIDICULOUS and NEVER should have happened, EVER! PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE, THE SHOW IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU MICHAEL!

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  • Honey

    Hunter King is a very inexperienced actress. Her acting is very bad. That is who you need to replace. You will never replace Michael Muhney. He belongs in the big screen. He is the best you’ve had in a long time. He should earn an award for that show. Just hope you will not make a horrible mistake and not take him back. You have a lot if boring actors you need to replace. Like Jill and Colin.

  • Shereese SR

    Please please please. .Let this be true!!!
    I truly miss him!! : )