The Young and the Restless Casting Spoilers: Michael Muhney Character Adam Newman Returning After Unjust Firing?

The Young and the Restless Casting Spoilers: Michael Muhney Character Adam Newman Returning After Unjust Firing?

Young and the Restless fans have been divided for months now over the Michael Muhney scandal that rocked the soap opera last January. Muhney, the actor that played the role of the fan-favorite Adam Newman was accused of groping fellow cast member Hunter King (Summer Newman) and promptly fired due to the allegations by show-runner Jill Farren Phelps. Some diehard Y&R fans stand by Jill Farren Phelps (EP) and the soap in general, while the other half of fans are boycotting the show and refusing to watch again until Michael Muhney is reinstated and the allegations are dropped.

Even though the scandal occurred almost six months ago Michael Muhney fans are still adamant that the actor is completely innocent and in no way groped or harassed Hunter King. And, although it seems unusual that Y&R fans are still so upset and fired up over the scandal, they have good reason to be. A report from a high profile soap insider gave fans good reason to doubt the allegations.

After Michael Muhney was fired, Nelson Branco thoroughly investigated the incident and his findings were disturbing to say the least. According to Branco, “Turns out there wasn’t much of a story there: According to my sources, Muhney never “groped” King.” and “Unfortunately, after speaking to several of Muhney’s co-stars and backstage crew, it’s clear the dangerous game of telephone over at Y&R turned this into the sensational lie that it is.” The soap reporter even went on to say that he spoke to a source on set that stated, “Michael picked a few too many battles, which is why he was let go. It had nothing to do with anything else.”

So, as you can see this entire scandal has been sensationalized by the media and at the end of the day the Michael Muhney fans have a ligitmate reason to be upset. It’s no wonder they are still protesting the firing of MM and boycotting the series.

Michael himself just broke his silence with this tweet the first @MichaelMuhney’s first tweet since Jan. 6th, 2014:

 “Lotta good people in this world. I’m thankful each and every day for the overwhelming love.” #LoveMichaelMuhney #YRBringHimBack  #YR  #MichaelMuhney

What are your thoughts on the Michael Muhney scandal? Do you want to see him back on a soap soon? As The Young and the Restless moves towards revealing the new Adam Newman the pressure mounts on Jill Farren Phelps. Today’s rating results are in (May 5) and they show that for the second week in a row ratings hit a new year low in the critical female 18-49 market. As Chelsea plans Adam Newman’s Memorial (she thinks he’s dead) fans are reminded of MM’s firing and all the anger and upset that generated. We will see soon enough if TPTB will bring on the new Adam – and if they do who do you think it will be?

53 responses to “The Young and the Restless Casting Spoilers: Michael Muhney Character Adam Newman Returning After Unjust Firing?”

  1. Neeta says:

    I pray that Muhney’s name will be cleared; and he is given the oppottunity to return to his roll. Muhney has my vote/support to return as Adam.

  2. Rosalea Moore says:

    Please bring him back. It doesn’t have to be Y&R.

  3. Mary1054 says:

    Michael Muhney needs to return to the show. There is no replacing him. There have been so many new people the show is not even recognizable. The producer also needs to be replaced, she has destroyed the show!

    • Angela Williams says:

      So true

    • bea123 says:

      Mary just read ur post i have been watch fo over 30 years so disappointed. I really enjoyed. Coming home and setting down 1 hr unwinding. Before i stared super and ever one got home :( now i haven’t watch its allfule. Story lines new faces geeez. Do they think we are simplmined.

  4. RedRiver38 says:

    It is obvious that Y&R’s powers wanted to ruin Michael Muhney and his career. What kind of people do that? Sick ones, that’s who. He is a wonderful, talented actor with a beautiful wife and kids. I can’t imagine him ever wanting to set foot on Y&R’s set to face these monsters. Jill Farren Phelps is a soulless witch. She fired Ana Lee off of General Hospital at the age of 90, who died not long afterwards of a broken heart due to her dismissal. She is disgusting, so her character assassination of Muhney isn’t surprising. CBS and Sony should also be seen as villains in this entire sad episode. Shame on all of them.

  5. Racquel Garnette says:

    I was right from before. Michael Muhney didn’t sexually harassed Hunter King. That was false. The real reason why Jill Farren Phelps fire Michael Muhney because Michael Muhney argued with the producers with his storyling they wanted him to do. Michael Muhney argued back with the writers about where his storyline was going. Jill should of made him stayed on the show because without Michael Muhney as Adam Newman this show is a no show. Michael Muhney and Billy J Miller or someone else can play Billy Abbott can comeback on the show. Billy J Miller is joining General Hospital as playing Jason Morgan. I don’t have a problem of him playing Jason on General Hospital. The writers needs to find someone older to play Billy Abbott. The writers can find movie actors to play Billy Abbott. This show was good this week and i hope it continues by next week. David Tom can kiss his acting career on the young and the restless goodbye. David Tom doesn’t know how to act angry when he was arguing with some people. This Abby needs to be recasted. This Abby is way too old to be playing Abby. Marcy Rylan who played Abby Newman did a good job with her. She move on to General Hospital which it is ok. This show lost lots of good actors. Michelle Stafford also had disagreements with the writers too just like Michael Muhney. Michael Muhney had disagreements with the writers too. I just hope Michael Muhney comes back on the show if it is not him then find someone older to play Adam Newman. Lots of movie actors or regular actors can play Adam Newman.

  6. Tanya Williams says:

    I hope he does not return to Young and the Restless because that show is trash and he deserves better. He should have a formal apology for the lies published about him.

  7. Fox says:

    The large, gaping void created by his absence grows with each passing week.

  8. RedRiver38 says:

    But they didn’t fire him, they didn’t renew his contract at the 13 week mark. Get your facts straight before you rant.
    The reason he was let go was because he called out Braeden on his incompetence and war broke out between them. Braeden used his might and Muhney lost. Phelps then smeared Muhney to take the heat off of her. King is Phelps pet, so she’ll do whatever it takes. It’s all bullcrap. Muhney got railroaded. Now the truth is finally emerging and the Muhney haters don’t like it one bit. Y&R is a snakes nest. Who knows what legal steps might be taken. The statute of limitations haven’t run out. Melody Thomas Scott and Doug Davidson had better be looking over their shoulders, along with the old German.

  9. Karen Fitzhugh Taylor says:

    It’s possible she could have been used, that would explain the gag order….but without a doubt they should fire Jill and sue…..

  10. New Ol'Lady says:

    Hunter King may not be at fault in this mess. She may have been used as a pawn in order to justify Phelps’ firing of Muhney. I would not want to be in Hunter’s position – the Emmys will be hard enough because she has been made to appear the “bad guy”. Cut her a break.

  11. Brina says:

    I have watched the young and restless since I was a little girl. I taped it when beta came out, I VCR’d it, I DVR’d it while I was at work. Now I’m semi-retired and have been enjoying watching soaps again. I was a loyal viewer for 40 years. I was a little sad when Michelle Stafford left because “Red” was my favorite character, but I hung in there. The storyline with Delia’s death and the climax with Billy and Adam really had me. I haven’t watched the Y&R since the last episode when the vehicle was overturned and found out that Michael Muhney and Billy Miller were no more. I have other friends who no longer tune in as well.

  12. Scott says:

    When they turned him into a nice guy again he was my favorite character to watch. His friendship with Jack and him evolving into a better person, was an important centre piece for the show.

  13. Snuggles says:

    I would love to see mm back. I really don’t think there will be anyone to take his place. He really got a raw deal. It’s been proven that replacing people doesn’t always work. Look at ten new K elly and that dumb ass Billy. I think that they both stink and do not do a very good job. There’s no replacing MM and I have watched y&r since I was in high school when it first started and the way it’s going lately it really does seem to be going down hill fast.

  14. Louisa says:

    This was grossly mishandled! Heads should roll! In addition, Michael Muhney is owed a big apology, a cash settlement, and an invitation to reprise his role at a much higher rate of pay. This was sloppy, ugly and so unnecessary! He suffered and so many fans, including myself, stopped watching.

  15. ChristineVea says:

    Darlene couldn’t of said it better!

  16. ChristineVea says:

    Couldn’t of said it better!

  17. Lynne Bures says:

    Meanwhile Hunter King is up for an EMMY booooooooooooo

  18. ChristineVea says:

    100% Correct!

  19. ChristineVea says:

    Couldn’t of said it better!

  20. Sylvieg says:

    After 40 yrs of being a loyal Y&R viewer, I gave it up & never looked back. They picked the wrong fight. Michael Muhney was the best actor the show ever had. There’s no way he groped anyone & I’m a Women’s Liber. I studied him as a person as well as an actor. He’s a wonderful guy, very special. I think General Hospital needs to create a new character as complicated as Adam Newman for him & they’ll knock the sox off of Y&R & some of the self centered people associated with the show. Michelle Stafford hit Y&R where it hurts by going over to GH which I now watch. At last year’s Emmys, I heard her say very dramaticly, “My Hair Is Brown, not Red ” as she gleefully left the scene. Go Michelle!

  21. Tena says:

    Really liked Adam. I wish he would return to Y&R. :(

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  23. Amy says:

    PLEASE, ,,, hire back Michael Muhney! The show desperately needs that flavor. He added what no one else has brought. You loved to hate Adam Newman. That is awesome

  24. Rhonda Bateman says:

    Well, I certainly feel vindicated. I knew there was nothing to the disgusting rumor intended to destroy Michael’s life and not only do they owe him an apology, they owe him reparation. They may have done serious damage to his career and his family. I find JFP unsupportable and unbearable. I will continue to boycott Y&R until something is done to set this matter to rights.
    JFP and Eric Braden both need to be let go from Y&R. As for that little twit he’s supposed to have “groped” he’s got better at home and could have had better anywhere else, had he wanted to, than her. She’s a no talent twit that got more publicity from her accusations than she will ever get from her portfolio.

  25. Rhonda Bateman says:

    As for his being “promptly let go” that’s another falsehood. They informed him that he would be let go but they kept him on the show for many more weeks until they found it “convenient” for themselves to let him leave. Had I been MM, I doubt that I would have acted with such grace and honor. I would have promptly walked out after telling JFP exactly what I thought of her and her lies.

  26. Rhonda Bateman says:

    Eric Braeden is an ego ridden, first class, A @1 JERK. His character is insufferable and apparently he’s played the part for so long that the 2 have become inseparable. He drives away anyone who has the talent to show him up on screen and he’s a lazy actor who refuses to learn his lines. The cast is constantly tripping over the cue cards left about the set so that the dullard won’t look the complete fool on screen.,

  27. Rhonda Bateman says:

    Same here. I stopped watching the day I heard that they were letting MM go and I won’t be back. I have no hopes that they will fired JFP and if they did, what is really left to watch? MS is gone. MM is gone. BM is gone…The best of Y&R has already gone to GH. I’m thinking that’s where I’m going next and I’ve never been a GH fan.

  28. Lori says:

    Why would we wish for Michael to go back to such a hostile working environment? With JFP still there, let another network steal him away and bring on the EMMYS!

  29. Barbara Collum says:

    Michael is irreplaceable! Jill Phelps is the one who should be replaced.

  30. Dakota says:

    Bring back MM and fire jill and hunter. Both are useless. They also need new writers. They keep using the same plots over and over again. How many times can the “who the father is” be used? The Sharon thing has taken too long. Who can go into a doctors office and re-write a letter and not be caught. They don’t have any ideas so they come up with garbage and jill allows this because she has no sense herself. MM needs to be brought back to save Y&R.

  31. Angela Williams says:

    Return Adam ASAP!!! fire the producer and all who were involved with Micheal firing

  32. fan says:

    Bring our Adam back

  33. Maria Spinelli Mirone says:

    If it’s not Michael Muhney back as Adam, they can continue to shove their show where the sun don’t shine. I was a 40 year watcher & never cared who came & went until Michael. I agree with TaNika. How could that girl do that to a man with a family & not say a word. It takes guts to say no I won’t lie for you & she obviously doesn’t have any. Michael I hope you see this & know that I and people like me, never believed you were guilty & have stayed loyal fans.

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  35. Desiree Lee says:

    I knew it wasn’t true and I hate how the paparazzi took it. I love MM and I miss him. He was changing his ways since Chelsea finally admitted that Conner was his. He even told Victor to back off so he would not damage Conner like he did to his family that was the turning point for his character. We miss him and BM . Jill is ruiruining the show that fans fell in love with 40 years ago. All the fans of 40 years no longer recognize YR. It’s gotton horrible since Jill took over. Fire Jill and Hunter and Bring back our beloved MM and BM and Fix our beloved soap.

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  39. Andy says:

    If I Were Michael I Would Sue. We All New All Along That He Never Did What He Was Accused Of And He Should Get A Major Apology, And His Job Bad. Although I Wouldn’t Blame Him If He Did Want Anything To Do With The Y&R After What They Did To Him. This Whole Thing Just Proves That Michael Muhney Is The Best And That He Was The Only One On That Show That Gave Anyone A Reason To Watch. Without Him There Is No Show.

    We Love Michael Muhney.

  40. Oldmanfrost says:

    Maybe he wants to work CBS at some point again. Hollywood is such a place that you never burn your bridges. Also if there are legal issues everyone’s lawyers told them to stfu.

  41. suerum says:

    The same vague statements from the same rehashed sources are being printed over and over again without any support or true verification. All anyone in authority had to do, if they wanted to be rid of Michael Muhney, was simply release him from his contract at the end of a thirteen week cycle. TPTB at Sony and CBS have no interest in fomenting drama and would never fire someone, the way MM has reputed to be fired, because they would then make themselves liable for litigation. The fact that the principals in the situation have been silent with regard to true commentary, particularly denial on MM’s part, tells me that the allegations have merit and that it’s quite likely nondisclosure agreements have been signed by all the various parties. An actor’s reputation can’t afford to be tarnished to the degree that he is seen as being unemployable which is precisely what has happened with MM beginning with his fall from grace with Veronica Mars & now YR. If MM were innocent, he would be taking legal action now to protect his reputation in the business and to get remuneration for losses due to the slanderous attacks upon both his livelihood as well as his good name. Neither of which he can afford to not rectify if he ever wishes to have the opportunity to work as an actor again. The fact that MM, who has historically been extremely vocal whenevet he has perceived being under attack or having any kind of slight laid against him, is now being significantly quiet in the aftermath of extremely damaging allegations, speaks volumes to me.

  42. disqus_GQOvVHRQWZ says:

    Reminds me of what happened and still is happening to Michael Jackson…follow the money trail and the big names to the truth!

  43. disqus_GQOvVHRQWZ says:

    Please get rid of Angell Conwell / Leslie and her bro Tyler Michaelson on the show! OMG they have the most odd looking faces – huge forehead and annoying voice on the bro, she has the most angulated jaw and odd accent and face I’ve ever seen. Please include a MULTINATIONAL CAST, not just european/white and black!!! for god sakes the world needs representation. I loved Victor’s ex-wife Sabrina Costelanta/Raya Meddine

    And stop paring old and young couples…HIlary and her Sugar Daddy make me sick. He is too old adn looks like her father…could have been . much incest or hinting at being played out on tv with drugs!!!

  44. #giveaguyabreak says:

    Bring him back. He is one of the best. This time give him some happy time. Let more than one person love him at a time. Sheeze

  45. mom chez says:

    We can only wish… As long as the booing does not come from MM. He is such a classy man…

  46. Jonathan Tolley Aaron says:

    Bring Michael muhney back there is no other guy that can be Adam Newman or can play the part as good as him. He is a great actor and he deserves to have his job back.

  47. marie says:

    I want to see Michael back on Y & R not anyone else. I think we’ve waited long enough. Marie

  48. christine says:

    If the story about mm was not true then why didn’t he file a slander suit? Thank u

  49. Ellen Ann says:

    I agree with Darlene 100% and also think Hunter King and JFP should be fired. KNowing the result of the investigation and not hiring him back shows what a idiot and classless act she is. Both of those women knew the truth and kept quiet about it and then Eileen Davidson comes back and says she ”supports” Hunter King. What is she supporting? Sounds like a conspiracy against MM to me. I guess he was getting to popular with the fans and they wanted him out. I said when this story broke it was a lie and think Hunter King made a play for MM and he turned her down and this is the result of a scorned woman and nothing more. Just my thoughts on the subject but look at what happened; she demands they fire him or she was going to sue the show , you get my drift? Fire the bitch!