The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Stitch’s Ex-Wife Jenna Coming To Genoa City – Tells Victoria His Secret?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Stitch’s Ex-Wife Jenna Coming To Genoa City - Tells Victoria His Secret?

The drama is really heating up on CBS’s daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless, and one Genoa City resident’s dark secret is about to be exposed. Y&R viewers have known for months that Stitch is keeping a dark secret about his past life, and Kelly is the only one who knows what it is. Recently Billy Abbott overheard the pair discussing his secret and is determined to expose it in an effort to derail Victoria and Stitch’s budding relationship.

Billy may not have to expose Stitch’s secret though, his ex-wife Jenna might do it for him! Stitch has referenced his ex-wife Jenna numerous times, however no one has ever laid eyes on her. We know that Jenna and Stitch’s marriage was destroyed by Kelly, when she revealed his secret to Jenna. According to the May 12th issue of CBS Soaps Jenna is on her way to Genoa City, and we will all know the truth behind her divorce from Stitch in no time. The magazine teases that, “Y&R is casting the role of divorcee Jenna, a former Army wife who was deeply hurt by her husband and is fiercely protective of her young son.

Stitch and Victoria Newman just began dating, but unbeknownst to him Victoria is pregnant and there is a chance that he is the soon to be baby-daddy. If Jenna arrives in Genoa City and reveals Stitch’s secret to Victoria, it could be the demise of their relationship. And, Stitch will lose his second chance at having a family.

There is no news yet on what daytime actress will be playing the part of Jenna, but when it is revealed CDL will be sure to let you know. It looks like fans Y&R fans will finally learn what happened in Stitch’s life before he arrive in Genoa City, and why he has been trying to keep it all a secret. What are your theories on Stitch’s dark past? Do you believe the rumors that he may be the hit and run driver that killed Kelly’s son? Or, could it be something as simple as he had an affair with Kelly and she told Jenna about it (she doesn’t have a thing for married men)? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Racquel Garnette

    Well i hope that it is not that Jenna from who was on the show couple of years ago. Jenna was a lunatic on the show and she needed help. If the old Jenna and Stitch hooked up then that would be a bad mix. Since Cassie lookalike is Mariah so it could be possible that the old lunatic Jenna might be coming back to the show. You never know what the writers are up to. They like to bring back old people from the past. This show is better off without this Abby, David Tom playing Billy Abbott, Ian Ward and Colin. Ian Ward and Colin needs to go away. For the writers bringing him back on the show was a big mistake. The writers don’t care of what the fans think about for this show. That is why this show won’t survive for another year. Bad writing coming from Jill Farren Phelps and her writing crew.

    • Richie

      Another Y&R hater, I hate to tell you this, but if Y&R doesn’t make it another year, (FYI-already renewed thru 2017) the other 3 soaps won’t make it another 3 months.

      • Racquel Garnette

        Yeah i know they renewed the young and the restless by 2017. To me the show won’t go on til by September because of the bad writing coming from JFP. The writing crew needs to go because they don’t have a good imagination. The writers are in there 40’s who likes to make wack decisions. The writers should of made Sharon tell the others that Summer is Nick daughter. She refused do that. Jill Farren Phelps just quit from now with the show. Your writing is getting very bad.

        • MHB

          Yes, this has gone on long enough… Either end this soon or just quit and let someone else run Y&R. Preferably the latter!!!

          • Racquel Garnette

            If someone wrote for the young and the restless the storylines would become so much better. Dylan would know who is real father is. Jill Farren Phelps was the one who wanted to dig up Nikki old past and bring Ian Ward to the show. Since Ian Ward is on the show he has a secret that he hasn’t been telling anyone. I wonder what it is. Someone broke in Ian Ward hotel room and mess up his room. I wonder who would do that lol. Ian Ward is up to something. There is other good writers who would write good for this show. I moved from watching this show to watching General Hospital or other tv shows.

          • melissapoet

            I believe his secret is that Paul is really Dylans father.

          • Racquel Garnette

            Oh well Ian Ward should tell Dylan the truth. The Dylan father thingy has been going on for a year.

      • tyson

        She’s right though.

    • MHB

      TOTALLY AGREE 100%

  • Racquel Garnette

    Yes you are right about Jenna. She died because she had a brain tumor. Stitch ex-wife Jenna is coming to Genoa City. I hope it is a tall woman who has brown long hair and blue eyes. Stitch secret is that he ran over Kelly son. Stitch tells Kelly at the atheltic club that she doesn’t tell anyone about what he did. When Jenna learns about Stitch affair with Victoria she won’t be happy about it.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Stitch killed Kelly son by accident. Stitch is holding on a secret for so long. Kelly knows the secret too. Billy is investigating about Stitch because he doesn’t trust him. I hope the baby is for Stitch because he is a good guy. Billy would be a good dad for a while til something else happens. Billy is always looking after himself which it is ok. But i think Billy should spend some time with Victoria. But it is up to Victoria of who she wants to be with. I hope Victoria tells Stitch that she is pregnant.

  • Lovin’onlymii Wilkins

    I think I could write this show better than they do… Been watching it all my life & as others have done, can tell what’s gonna happen next, but with this new writer, idk. Phyllis, Billy & Adam should have never left the show… Bad choices for Delia’s departure also. Sharon seems to get the pass on things she does because of her sickness, while everyone else is held accountable for theirs… Bad writing!!

  • jenn

    That was Jana not Jenna… which was Kevin’s wife