Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Custody Battle Over Daughter Suri

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Custody Battle Over Daughter Suri

Katie Holmes, Suri and Tom Cruise are the featured cover story for this week’s edition of “In Touch Weekly” and it looks like the former couple are gearing up for a battle over custody of their daughter. Katie and Tom were married in 2006, but split in 2012 due to his affiliations with the Church of Scientology. Reportedly, she was fearful that he would abduct Suri and that the cult-like church would retaliate against her because she was labeled a “suppressive person”.

Katie acted quickly when filing for divorce after six years and it was said to have blindsided Tom. In normal Scientology proceedings, church members who break out from the cult are completely cut off from those they love who are still in attendance.

Tom has been no stranger to spoiling his daughter, but when he moves back to the States, there is going to be a custody nightmare over her. He’s been across the pond for most of the year making movies and now Katie is concerned and upset that his plans to return will muck everything up for her. A spy said that her worst case scenario is that “Tom’s return after a prolonged absence will spark a fight over their daughter.”

The spy said, “Katie’s been trying to give Suri a different type of life since she and Tom divorce.”

Katie will put up a roaring fight if “she feels Tom oversteps the boundaries she’s comfortable with concerning Suri.”

Katie is said to be in a panic over the impending custody battle, but Tom is refusing to back down in his battle. One would hope that Tom wouldn’t consider abducting his daughter so that he can fully indoctrinate her into Scientology, but let’s not put hope where there is none.

Is Tom using his insanely huge bank account to work in order to get him the full custody of his daughter? Do you think Tom would win in a custody battle?