Woody Allen and Golden Globes Attacked by Mia and Ronan Farrow For Honoring Alleged Child Molester and Daughter Marrier

Woody Allen and Golden Globes Attacked by Mia and Ronan Farrow For Honoring Alleged Child Molestation and Daughter Marrier

It’s been over 20 years and Mia Farrow still has to dig her heels into ex-boyfriend, Woody Allen, every chance she gets. This time the film star took to Twitter to mock her former boyfriend and like always she dragged in one of her kids into the fray. Never mind that Woody is probably not Ronan Farrow‘s father; as long as Mia makes sure people never forget what Woody did to her and her family. Which leads many to wonder if it would hurt her if for once she took the high road? These molestation claims never panned out in court because the child was unable to testify. Regardless of the now grown up Dylan still sticking to her story;  She said her peace and now for the better part has moved on with her life. Even if the allegations were true then Dylan’s family, the ones that love her, should allow her to keep moving on! Allen denied the child molestation claims through his lawyer.

Not that Mia should  be blame for holding on to her anger . At time when it all began, it was only logical she wasn’t thinking clearly. Other than her daughter’s claims, she did also find out that Woody was cheating on her with her other adopted daughter, Soon Yi, when she found nude photos of the barely legal young woman at his place, but since then he married the girl and they had kids together – GROSS! Technically these kids are her grandchildren and Mia should at least take them into consideration. There are kids growing up hearing about their half-brother calling their dad a child molester. And although what Woody did was despicable, everyone has to let all of that hatred go! What good is holding onto it when he’s already moved on with his life.

“Time to grab some ice cream & switch over to #GIRLS,” Mia tweeted when Allen’s tribute began to start.(Eonline)

Just switch off if you need to. Don’t broadcast! Twitter actually ended up breaking down into two separate sides because of her and Ronan’s tweets. There was some that understood where Mia was coming and others who felt Woody’s personal life shouldn’t affect how great of a director he is. What do you think? Is that fact that Woody Allen is disgusting and married a woman he once acted as a father towards in any way affect how we view his ‘artistic achievements?  Should Woody Allen still be receiving honors despite his character?