WWE SummerSlam 2014: Will Dolph Ziggler Become the Unexpected Star of The Big Event?

WWE SummerSlam 2014: Will Dolph Ziggler Become the Unexpected Star of The Big Event?

Dolph Ziggler has had more stops and starts than perhaps any other wrestler on the WWE roster. One minute he is booked as a future champion and the next he is jobbing to the next big thing. With the former World Champion as popular as ever and his match at SummerSlam 2014 for the Intercontinental Championship, is it finally time to give him a long, sustained push?

This writer thinks so.

Dolph has had a strange life in WWE. When he won the WWE Championship over Alberto Del Rio, it got one of the biggest pops in WWE History. Ironically, however, he began getting less and less of a reaction when he appeared as a Champ. This has been true throughout his career. He would win a championship, grow stale and then fall into the background again. There are many theories about why, but this particular situation seems a bit different.

The current WWE Intercontinental Champion is the Miz and he is the polar opposite of Dolph. He has been given countless championships and pushes and never seems to fully get over with the crowds. He is hated, but some consider it an apathetic hatred rather than a heel hatred. Still, he has gotten more chances to run with the ball than many on the roster. More importantly, he has been given long, drawn out pushes.

Dolph is lucky to get a couple of weeks with a title before WWE seems to get cold feet. The perceptions about Dolph could change drastically if he had a nice, long run as Intercontinental Champion. If he held it for a long period and beat back all comers, then he would be in line for a WWE titles shot that made sense.

One thing is for sure, however. Dolph Ziggler will entertain no matter what. When Dolph Ziggler comes out to work a match, you know you are going to get all out fury and excitement in the ring. You can be sure he will sell out for the crowd and his opponent each and every time. Ziggler is the consummate in ring performer in a day and age where that is needed more than ever. In some ways, I see Dolph as an MVP for the WWE.

Expect Dolph to win the WWE Intercontinental Title at SummerSlam 2014. Whether he keeps it for a week or a year, he will be deserving of much more. Hopefully the WWE will finally see that and keep the strap around his waist for a long time to come.

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