Kelly Rowland Reacts to The X Factor Cancellation by FOX

Kelly Rowland Reacts to X-Factor Cancellation by FOX

Kelly Rowland is finding it impossible to move past her former career choice as Beyonce‘s back up singer! Poor Kelly Rowland – what does she think now that the X-Factor’s been cancelled? Just when she thought she could escape from the almighty Beyonce’s shadow she found out she wasn’t all that great on TV either. For years the singer tried to go solo and when all else failed she then attempted to become a TV personality by joining The X-Factor.  That was one of the worst decisions she has ever made and if I was one of her loved ones then I would have advise her to not to take the part to begin with. No truly; who lets a friend sign on to a job that so many people have been fired from? Simon was going pretending to be Henry the 8th with his show and no one told Kelly she at least deserved better! Now no one likes to throw words such as blame but Beyonce has always been the thinker in their relationship. When she didn’t stop her then the only thing that came to mind was she must have sabotaged Kelly!

X-Factor is for the desperate. Its for certain celebrities that literally have nowhere else to turn to once they’ve burned most of their bridges! Or in case her only bridge – Beyonce! Even now as I explain Kelly’s zero prospects then Beyonce has to enter the picture. Why? No would know who I was talking about unless Queen Bee got a mention.

But sadly these two haven’t been as close as they used to be. The show was going downhill in its very first season and no one had really counted on a second much less a third season being one the cards. Kelly on the other hand took this job and right on queue it did nothing for her. The few times Kelly ever gets put in a article (by herself) was her engagement and even then stories quickly followed that Beyonce wasn’t invited to the wedding. It’s as if Kelly’s not allowed an identity!

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