The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Is Innocent – Did Stitch or Kelly Kill Delia?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Is Innocent – Did Stitch or Kelly Kill Delia?

Any Young and the Restless fan will tell you that not everything is the way it seems on the popular daytime soap opera. Adam Newman was painted as the hit and run driver that murdered Billy and Chloe’s daughter Delia months ago, but Y&R fans aren’t buying it, and for good reason.

Adam doesn’t actually remember hitting Delia. He was driving down the dark road the night that she was killed, and swerved to miss her puppy. He climbed out of his car to make sure he didn’t hit the dog, and found Delia’s hat lying in the middle of the road. The scarf that was attached to Delia’s hat was found stuck in Adam’s tire and later it was discovered that Adam’s passenger side light was chipped. Adam became convinced that he ran over Delia, and later even confessed to the crime. As far as Y&R fans are concerned, there is not enough evidence to confirm Adam is the hit and run driver. If Adam killed Delia, there should have been a lot more damage to his car, the FRONT of his car. A busted side-light doesn’t usually occur during a hit and run, unless the driver is flying down the road in reverse. Delia’s hat was lying in the road, Adam could have easily ran over the hat and got the scarf wrapped around his tire.

Kelly and Stitch are both relatively new characters on The Young and the Restless. They appear to have a secret past together, and a strange relationship. Kelly is hinting that Stitch did something horrible and unforgivable, but it still hasn’t been revealed what exactly it is that he did.

A very popular theory floating around right now is that Kelly is actually the driver that ran down Delia and left her for dead. The night that Adam allegedly ran over Delia, a woman sped down the very same road around the same time of her death, although she was only shown for a moment, she did resemble Kelly. Also, when a list of drivers with black SUV’s was flashed, showing that Adam was a suspect, there was a black SUV owner on the list named “Kelly Andrews.” (Kelly could have easily used an alias when she came to Genoa City and her real name may be Kelly Andrews.) Also, this would explain Kelly’s obsession with Billy, Delia’s father. Although Billy has tried to let her down easily after their “grief sex,” Kelly is determined to remain friends with him, if not more. Stitch is a doctor, and very close to Kelly. He may have helped her cover up her crime the night that Delia was killed, or Kelly could have even called Stitch and had him come try to revive Delia after she realized she ran her over.

So Y&R fans, do you believe that Adam Newman really killed Delia, or is the evidence insufficient? Do you think Michael Muhney got the blame so it would be easier to fire him? Do you believe the theories that Kelly killed Delia, and maybe even Stitch helped her cover up her crime? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

19 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Is Innocent – Did Stitch or Kelly Kill Delia?”

  1. momchez says:

    I have not watched since Jan. 30th. Sony, CBS, Y&R destroyed career of their most talented actor, MM. Now they try to force air of excitement. I am so disgusted, sl is no longer of interest and has taken too long all ready to play out. We all know what it’s going to be. Too painful and dragged out. Good riddence Y&R and Ms HK.

  2. Real Critic says:

    It’s actually going to be Nikki Newman who killed Delia. She was the female driver speeding down the swerving road the same night at the same time as Adam.

  3. 21st century womam says:

    Here’s my thought…Victoria Newman has thrown women back 100 years to a time when it was ok for husband’s to abuse their wives. Sick of her being a victim abused by Billy and it’s ok with her. Please make the character a modern women who wouldn’t stand for a man’s constant disloyalty. It would also be great if Billy didn’t look like he was 12 and Victoria didn’t look like a pedophile.

    • whatiam says:

      A twelve year who needs a bath. yuck!!

    • Tracy Abbott says:

      Yeah Victoria used to be strong and powerful when she was younger and played by Heather Tom. Amelia has made the great Victor Newman’s daughter weak.

  4. Lorraine Irving says:

    I hope the writers make kelly the one who killed Delia so they can write her off! Don’t like her as kelly or as an actress. Want Billy and Victoria to get back together pronto! Still hope Neal and Drucilla to get back together..bring back Victoria Rowell or someone like her AND don’t ever let Eric Braedon go EVER!

  5. yrfan says:

    Omgggggggg that would be insane

  6. Jaylee says:

    I think Kelly and stitch did it cause the black robe and the blue doctor gloves. I personally like Adam I don’t think he would kill his wife’s best friends daughter and I don’t think Adam is dead cause he called

  7. Leenywoman says:

    OMG! The new Billy is just horrilble!!!! Can’t stand to watch him… I feel so embarrassed for him. He should have played someone younger like Noah or Kyle or Reed (just kidding) he is no Billy. Whats with his mouth being open all the time??? and Victoria looks rediculous with her bangs! She just doesn’t go with new Billy. Hope they get rid of this actor pronto!! Reallllly miss MM and BM. ;-((((

    • Cissy Ellis says:

      If memory serves me correct he was Billy once before. I do agree, he is awful, I don’t think he is a very good actor, it is like he is just reading his lines wanting for approval

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  9. Callette Curtis says:

    Omg great story line since Paul lost his son and Paul and Dylan would make a great pair they are so similar smart thinking and for god sakes let summer know who HSR dad already and keep Nick and Sharon together elope

  10. Diana Kelen Bakshi says:

    I hate Kelly. She’s a nasty, hypocritical, character. I don’t know what Billy sees in her. And she says she feels bad for Victoria (which is BS) yet she is constantly coming after Billy pining away for him and trying to be “friends” with him (BS). I wish Stitch would put her in her place when she gets in his face while he’s always trying to be nice to her. Her character is repulsive

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  12. Cissy Ellis says:

    You are correct I hate it so much that the socked it to Adam,

  13. Carrie Wendel says:

    I hope it was Kelly so that way she can leave and Victoria can be with stitch but it looks like it’s going to stitch that killed Delia.

  14. Carrie Wendel says:

    And Sharon needs to leave too. Nick needs someone else like chaelseay and his sister, no I don’t want nick and Victoria together but he needs someone like her cause Adam found his soulmate in Chelsea now nixk needs to find his.

  15. Darlena Faye Smith says: