The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Returns Looking Different – Who Is Michael Muhney’s Replacement – Official Casting Announcement

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Returns Looking Different - Who Is Michael Muhney's Replacement -  Official Casting Announcement

It’s been a few months since Michael Muhney‘s been fired from The Young and the Restless, but the fan furor has not died down. The debate is continuing to rage on over the decision to fire Muhney, especially since we now know that Muhney’s character, Adam Newman, will be returning to the show. Obviously, the casting process is currently underway, and although it was initially rumored that Trevor St. John was the frontrunner to take over the role, sources have told us that St. John will definitely NOT be offered the role.

In fact as our friends at Soap Opera Digest just announced a casting call has gone out to replace Michael – but not for Adam Newman, rather for an Aaron Newman – so you know that this is ringer for Adam, right? Jill Farren Phelps doesn’t dare out a call for Adam Newman directly, does she? Can you imagine the furor if she did?

Y&R has put out a casting call for a character named Aaron Newton, who sounds a lot like Adam Newman, last played by Michael Muhney, who left the show in late January. The contract role would begin taping in May, and the description reads: “Caucasian Male. MID 30s to LATE 30s. A very handsome, very SEXY, very appealing, very charming LEADING MAN. Aaron is a smart businessman, loves women, and can out maneuver even the shrewdest. NOTE: Actor must be AT LEAST 5’10 and have NO ACCENT PLEASE. This actor will carry major storylines. ONLY actors with strong acting experience will be considered.”

You see the trick is that Adam Newman was burned in the accident – as we discussed in detail previously, this means that the new Adam can look somewhat different than Michael Muhney because of the plastic surgery he requires after the accident.

Auditions are still taking place, but if there’s one thing that’s becoming clear, it’s that fans won’t be happy until Muhney’s back. Most fans have been voicing their concerns through message boards and Soap Opera Spy’s Facebook page, and without a doubt, it’s very clear that all of them are still clinging to the hope that Muhney will return.

Fans are also taking out their anger on Jill Farren Phelps, the executive producer behind the decision to fire Muhney. She’s the one who reportedly decided to axe Muhney after the sexual harassment scandal, and she’s the one who’s handling the search to replace him. Recent reports stated that she told the writers to manipulate the storyline to allow Adam’s return to the show, which definitely means that they’re starting to narrow down their search for the new Adam Newman. Now that the casting call is out we know it won’t be long. But regardless of who she finds, she’ll still be the target of the fans’ wrath. The fans are ranging from begging for Muhney’s return to calling for Jill’s head, and almost all of them are furious that Muhney’s going to be replaced so quickly after his departure from the show.

Really, I feel sorry for whoever eventually gets chosen to replace Muhney – they’re in for one hell of a ride. Now that we know it’s not going to be Trevor St. John, it’ll be interesting to see whether they go with an unknown or cast another soap regular. What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Michelle Bridger

    screw her and the horse she rode in on bring michael mahney back he is not replacable and bring back billy

    • DJ Ochoa

      Absolutely !! MM is the ONLY actor to play AN Jr. Yes , bring back Billy !! Get rid of DT as Billy. I know he played Billy before , but the dude has NO talent … At least not as Billy Abbott !!!

  • Laura

    Yeah the show died with Michael….no one else would do it better than him!

  • Nancy

    She should just give it up, admit she made a huge mistake, and bring him back. I think she really hates the fans otherwise she wouldn’t be so difficult about this. Any other actor who takes this on is very bright. He’ll last a month or two while she tries to cram him down our throats, then she be back looking for another sucker.

  • molly

    Aaron Newton? Really? Hummmm, sounds like a bait n switch for Adam…. Really JFP? Plz don’t test our intelligence! Might it be Adam with a new face after the fire? Give me a break! I left the shiw with MM, and will only be back with the return of Michael Muhney. A wise choice would ave been to get rid of HK for false allegations or better yet stonefaced EB. Those 2 couldn’t act if they tried. I wouldn’t even use some of ur actors in commercials. The only one ur fooling is yourself!!!!!!

  • Richard Baker

    Micheal is not replaceable and the show stinks without him. Bring him back or pay the consequences. Fire the terrible producers. On GH, more happens in one day than does in months on Y & R. How long are they going to beat around the bush with this Sharon thing? And they are not even as good as B&B, a half hour show.

    • DJ Ochoa

      Yes, and B&B is awful right now !! The new “Ridge” just is NOT Ronn Moss. I didn’t really enjoy Moss either, but would be more interested if Moss DID return, or at least an actor who COULD act !!!

  • Sally M

    I agree… I would love to hear he is going to be on another show. I no longer watch Y&R after being a faithful viewer since day 1 (or 2)… Was getting tired of the stories before MM was fired (what happened to innocent til proven guilty?) So they want their audience to believe that he was burned in the accident and came back with a perfect, handsome, new face?? It doesn’t work that way… They would have to hire the burned actor that was on DWTS, and one of the other Soaps to have any credibility.
    And we know they have NONE of that!!

    More GOOD news on MM please! I will watch him anywhere he goes!

  • Wayne

    Jill Farren Phelps should be voted the most hated woman in the world.

  • Racquel Garnette

    This witch has no imagination when it comes to the storylines. I will give Aaron Newton a try to replace Michael Muhney. Jill Farren Phelps you need to wrap your old storylines and create something new. How about making Summer get her father back and run another dna test. How about you run another dna test on Dylan with Paul and Ian Ward so Dylan can know who his father is. Or maybe you are going to put it off til in the fall. Jill Farren Phelps you are the worse producer on the Y&R. The person who is going to play Adam Newman by this week friday won’t even happened. The writers just looking for a storyline to drag and drag. I was glad that i watched half of the show from earlier because it was so boring. Colin coming back on the show was a big mistake. For you to put out a casting call for Adam Newman seems not great. I heard that Michael Muhney is joining General Hospital if he is then i can’t wait to see him on that show. Jill Farren Phelps you were on General Hospital and you ruin that show too. So why are you doing the same with this show. You don’t care about the characters at all. Start by caring for there happiness. For Sharon being in the hospital is ok. Nicholas doesn’t need to be in the hospital for Sharon. Everybody has focused on there lives why can’t Nicholas do that. Nicholas just want to protect the mother of his children. Nicholas could of went home and take of Faith. But no you couldn’t do that right Jill. Jill you have turn Nicholas and Chloe into some kind of monster. Nicholas and Sharon doesn’t deserve to be together. They are better off with there seperate ways. Stop focusing on the past storylines and create some future storylines. I know that Colin is up to something. Wait when Cane finds out the truth about his father dealing with Womack at the atheltic club oh yeah you are going to put that off too. Paul doesn’t fit as a police chief at the police station. Paul should go back as doing private investigator. Just find another person to take on being the chief of police. Paul investigation is not that great.

  • Shelley

    It would seem JFP is either testing our intelligence or re-writing YR history once again as she did with Ian Ward. There can be no Aaron Newman. Christian Miller grew up in an orphanage and later changed his name to Victor Newman. He did have a brother and sister but again their names were not Newman. So again I ask how can there be a casting call for another Newman! I look forward to another ratings drop as soon as a Nu Adam is cast. There will never be another Adam Newman without Michael Muhney.

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  • sillywhispers

    Before she totally ruins the show? Too late. I was looking at message boards today and realized I didn’t care what was going on and I’ve been watching for decades!

  • Elaine Williamson Totherow

    Bring back Michael .Its a shame he was punished so harshly.He is a great actor that brings alot of charactor to the show

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  • Renee

    Get rid of Summer, bring back Adam! I don’t think it’s possible to replace Michael, he played that role so well I can’t imagine anyone else coming close.
    Bring Billy back too, he was so good as the lovable bad boy!

  • Trina

    I wonder if producers even read these comments, otherwise they would definetly know what they did was a huge mistake firing MM. The show is for us fans. If you keep the fans happy then the soap will do well otherwise off the air it goes….it truly is a shame mm is such an amazing actor ….replace HK instead.

  • Lstar

    I have been watching this show for over 20 years now. It broke my heart to hear they were firing Michael Muhney from the show. For me he is a staple to Y&R. He is a GREAT ACTOR and he played this part very well. NO ONE CAN REPLACE HIM. Not to down play Hunter Kings accusations but have you ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? He can have any woman he wants why risk it for her. she is not that great. Not to put her down. I would rather see her go than him. WAKE UP!!! People. Get him back or lose viewers its that simple.