The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Seen Alive and On Fire – Jill Farren Phelps Finds an Actor That Resembles Michael Muhney


The Young and the Restless fans have been speculating for months that Adam Newman was still alive after a fiery car crash involving him and Billy Abbott. Billy escaped the wreckage, and then the car burst into flames, and Adam Newman’s remains were never recovered.

Ironically the car accident involving Billy Abbott and Adam Newman occurred just weeks after a sexual harassment claim rocked The Young and the Restless cast. Michael Muhney, a fan favorite and the actor that played the role of Adam Newman was fired as a result. The last scene Muhney appeared in was the last scene involving Adam Newman before the car accident. Y&R producer Jill Farren Phelps received a ton of backlash and criticism over Muhney’s firing, fans were not pleased upon hearing the actor was leaving the show.

Today on The Young and the Restless, Victor Newman hired a private detective who tracked down a homeless man who witnessed Adam Newman’s car accident. According to the witness, Newman crawled out of the wreckage before it exploded and was still alive. The homeless man said he saw Adam in the car and his clothes were burning the poor man – but he saw him crawl out and then Chelsea asked where did he go and the homeless man said, “home of course.” This sets the stage for a new actor to come in and take over the role of Adam Newman.

It seems pretty obvious that Y&R is going to bring Adam Newman back sooner rather than later, and they will have to follow the cliché cosmetic-surgery- after-being-burned soap storyline to explain why Adam Newman doesn’t look like Michael Muhney anymore. It appears producer Jill Farren Phelps has created quite a sticky situation for herself. Not only did she fire a fan favorite, Michael Muhney, now she has to find a decent actor that resembles Muhney to play the part of burn victim Adam Newman.

Is there any actor that you can think of that could actually fill Michael Muhney’s shoes on The Young and the Restless? Do you think Phelps jumped the gun bringing Adam Newman back so soon, should she have waited at least a year until some of the backlash over Michael Muhney’s departure had settled down?

  • Nancy

    Phelps seems to make one dumb mistake after the other. It wasn’t the character Adam that mattered so much, but the way Muhney entertained us by bringing that character to life. She just doesn’t seem to get it. She’s all about look a likes, DNA and plastic surgery. I’ve been watching the Bold and the Beautiful because the focus is on the characters and the dialogue rather than cheap DNA stunts, the same damned people in and out of jail etc.

  • RedRiver38

    Only Muhhey will do as Adam Newman. Sorry, but no sale.

  • WIConservative

    JFP won’t be satisified until she fires/replaces all the original actors with her personal PETS..latest is she ran EH /Chloe off like she did MS/Phyllis and Billy/ BM, and MM/Adam…..
    Who still watches this shell of a soap anyway?

  • jae430

    hopes she gets sued after this case proves wrongful ‘accusations’ and MM gets punitive damages awarded for ‘character’ being replaced before case was closed – just sayin…

  • Camden Anderson

    To bring back David Tom as Billy Abbott was the second HUGE mistake she made!! He’s soooo much younger than Victoria it look ridiculous!! Thank God his sister isn’t playing Victoria anymore. That would be awkward. But with all stupid decisions being made lately, I wouldn’t put it past them!!!!

  • Rosalea Moore

    I quit watching Y&R January 30th, 2014.

    • Sasha P

      Thank you, so did I! I’m glad and happier for it. JFP is a disaster and the show is a reflection of her madness.

  • Guest

    Please bring MM back or Young and Restless will be history!! Also the new Billy sucks! :(

  • KKatherine Custer

    OK there has been no proof that that actually happened. MM never made any statements and neither did HK! No charges were ever made legally. thus was just a nasty rumor started to justify their actions. Hog wash!! I didn’t believe it then or now. There us a much bigger picture! Either way MM is the one and only Adam Newman. We the fans want him back!

  • ThePhoenix612

    For the love of God, that rumor was refuted a long time ago. Eric Braeden even stated that Michael was fired because they got into screaming matches backstage, and that during the last one there were very nasty things said, almost to the point of physical violence.

  • ThePhoenix612

    For the love of God, that rumor was refuted a long time ago. You can’t really still believe that, can you? Eric Braeden even stated that Michael was fired because they got into screaming matches backstage, and that during the last one there were very nasty things said, almost to the point of physical violence.

  • Fabienne

    This JFP is so ridiculous. Why does she have to bring Adam back after she killed the character.Does she really think she is bringing the fans back? She sounds so pathetic.So pathetic that it is hard for her to understand that all Michael Muhney’s fans only watched the show because HE played Adam and NO ONE can play it like him.
    NOBODY is ever going to watch the show unless she brings back Michael Muhney himself.She cannot save the show and I for one do not even feel the need to know what is the Y&R up to because it is simply NOT INTERESTING without MM. You do not fire an actor with such looks and Charisma.

  • ThePhoenix612

    Haven’t you figured out yet that driving the show into the ground is exactly what Sony wants? Hiring JFP was a brilliant move, IF you want to get the fans up in arms, to stop watching the show, the ratings to drop, and the show to get cancelled….and then replaced with some extremely boring talk show which costs peanuts to produce, unlike a soap. It’s all about the money – they can’t cancel a show that’s number 1, and has good ratings. JFP will drive it into the toilet, and then it will get cancelled. And Sony will be thrilled

  • ThePhoenix612

    That rumor was put to rest a long time ago. RUMOR, not fact

  • Racquel Garnette

    I think that will be an okay idea. To find an actor who assembles Michael Muhney seems not a bad idea. Michael Muhney is playing a role on general hospital. It is so nice on General hospital. I wish General Hospital starts at 3:00 pm instead of 4:00pm. Since lots of the actors are gone from General Hospital the show seems ok. Alexis daughter has grown up and she is dating a black guy which it’s nice. It is about time to make some new changes to the show. You writers don’t have to find an actor outside of source to be Jack love interest. Jack hasn’t fall in love with someone for a very long time and he needs a new woman. I think someday that Nikki and Paul is going to get close once they find out about who is Dylan father is. I don’t think Ian Ward is Dylan father. I just hope you guys just wrap the father thingy. It has been going on since October/November. Enough with the twist and turns.

    • Racquel Garnette

      You are funny momchez. Michael Muhney is going to be on General Hospital very soon. He is going to play Jason on the show. So is Phyllis. Maybe you need to look around and find out what is going on ms Momchez.

  • Shari barnes

    He didnt do any of the things he was acvused of

  • Geminismom4u

    Bringing in a different Adam Newman so soon only proves what has been said all along. That Adam is a pivotal character on Y&R that makes the show and enhances all story lines. Hunter King could not be on at all and Y&R would be just fine. It’s a simple fact. The new/old Billy is just not what that role needs. He always seems desperate and on the verge of tears. I have always wanted Victoria to take some scissors to her hair, but not to get bangs. They make her look even sloppier, who knew her hair could get worse? I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but her stylists should be fired. Nikki keeps insinuating herself into Paul’s life & for some reason she can never “talk” on the phone, she’s always tracking people down at work, home or their girlfriend’s apt (Dylan). Stay home & use your cell, sheesh. Neil & Leslie are over, cool, hopefully they’ll get less air time along with their breakup. He never put Moses first, he should try that for once with his new found freedom. Kelly is giving Sharon competition for the home wrecking, needy, helpless, eternal-victim role. It gets old quickly. Speaking of Sharon how dense/deranged do you have to be to not know if you’re actually touching someone or not. The writers are just making her a plain fool, now. Collin & Jill deserve one another, they’re both boring and one dimensional characters. Finally, friend or not, grieving mother or not, if Chloe even looked at my son again, being Chelsea, I would knock her into next week. That’s my tirade for today. This is all IMHO.

  • Kathy

    Trevor St John would be perfect. He played a similar role on OLTL and he looks like Adam.

  • Ajm

    Can not stand the New Billy ! Really, whose bright idea was it to cast an actor that looks 15 an then try to make Victoria look younger.

  • Don

    This guy is too old to play adam but he does have some physical similarities with MM.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Stop making Sharon be haunted by ghosts and do something with her storyline. Everybody else has there own storyline but Sharon and Dylan. To find an actor that resembles Adam Newman is a great idea. You guys fire Michael Muhney for some kind of reason. Trevor St John is good of playing mysterious roles. He was Victor Lord Jr on one life to live. If Trevor St. John is going to play Adam Newman on the young and the restless that will be terrific. Jill and her writing team needs to come up with something good in the next couple of months. You writers was the one who messed up the Summer paternity results. You guys could of left it how it was. If you left it how it was then Summer would be Nicholas daughter all along. For a while now Summer has 2 daddies not one. Which it is dumb. Make Nicholas be Summer father and end this crazy mess.

  • cal

    Victoria looks like hell!!! When I see old healthy and young! She has anorexia. REALLY WISH her cast and family would wake up and get her help!!

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  • ChillBoyX

    Soooo, I stopped watching y&r when Phyllis left. I loved mike as Adam. He was my fav villian on the show next to Phillis. He was becoming just as dynamic. Now billy is gone too? Loved him as billy as well. Did billy quit?

  • Zane

    It saddens my heart that Michael Muhney was fired from the
    Young and the Restless. I think that he is such a dynamic actor, he is full of
    energy, he is vibrant, and outstanding.
    It is unfortunate that we all (young and the restless) fans are definitely
    going to miss him as Adam Newman. Michael Muhney was unquestionably my favorite
    person on Y&R, as well as Michelle Stanford (aka Phyllis) following secondly.
    Now that both are gone, Y&R need to step up the game. If Trevor St. John
    replaces Michael Muhney as Adam Newman, Y&R will definitely have the fans
    back in their corner. I think Trevor is the best person to replace Michael Muhney.
    He is an incredible actor, and I think he will certainly play the role of Adam
    Newman almost as good or even better then Michael Muhney. These two actors are
    vigorous, impressive, and they are the best actors that any soap opera can
    have. Y&R fired Michael Muhney, now they need to hire Trevor St. John if Y&R
    want to continue this show on the air to capture the audience/fans.

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  • Natbr

    I always thought MM could play the part as Victor once The original Victor leaves the show. MM was that good. miss him so much and I agree about Tom he sucks and I hate the way he does his mouth and talks, I’m sorry but he can never fill Billy’s shoes either.

  • Peb

    I also thought that Michael Muhney seemed a perfect fit as Adam. He could get you to empathize with him even when he has done not so good things. I always thought he was perfectly poised to be the next Victor. Just like Billy Miner seemed like, the next Jack Abbott. They were like younger versions. Michelle Stafford I never liked much. If MM reprised the role I would watch again. The day he announced he was fired I couldn’t watch anymore knowing there was no proverbial happy ending to root for. This is the first time I have ever stopped watching any show because of a firing. I watched for most of my life.

  • itsjustme

    I agree. His acting is sooo awful. It always has been. He always lokks like he is about to cry.

  • becca

    Bring back MM and BM no matter what it takes!!! It’s the only way to save the show!!

  • Sunflowerjoon

    Jill is delusional …that soap is heading more and more to failure …even the few pros on there are lousy at acting out the script …it is pitifull.

  • livluvnplay

    Michael Muhney IS Adam Newman! .. end of story! .. No other replacement is good enough. If JFP wants to get the ratings back and not let Y&R get cancelled because of such low ratings, then she needs to go and hire MM back! ..It’s that simple! .. Otherwise, say good bye to Y&R forever, because IT WILL be cancelled!