The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Who Replaces Michael Muhney As The New Adam Newman – Aaron Newman Look-Alike Y&R Casting Call

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Who Replaces Michael Muhney As The New Adam Newman - Aaron Newman Look-Alike Y&R Casting Call

Oh boy, Jill Farren Phelps is really asking for it, isn’t she? It hasn’t even been a few months since Michael Muhney‘s departure from the Young and the Restless, but the network and producers are already moving forward with recasting Adam Newman.

Realizing that fans are out for blood, the producers decided to hide the casting notice as opposed to making it public. Although the casting notice is for a character named ‘Aaron Newton’, it’s pretty obvious that it’s for Adam Newman. We already know that Adam’s accident and ensuing plastic surgery means that the show already has a built-in excuse for giving us a different actor. Instead of facing the consequences of Michael Muhney’s firing, the network has already gone full steam ahead with the re-casting process, and sources tell us that they’re pretty close to finding a replacement.

The description in the casting notice for ‘Aaron Newton’ reads, “Caucasian Male. MID 30s to LATE 30s. A very handsome, very SEXY, very appealing, very charming LEADING MAN. Aaron is a smart businessman, loves women, and can out maneuver even the shrewdest. NOTE: Actor must be AT LEAST 5’10 and have NO ACCENT PLEASE. This actor will carry major storylines. ONLY actors with strong acting experience will be considered.”

Aaron Newton = Adam Newman. They’re not even trying to hide this from us, and their attempt to keep the casting process private is clearly not working. Jill realizes that fans will openly riot if they start re-casting Michael’s role so publicly, so they’re trying to do it behind everyone’s backs instead. Obviously, it’s tough to conduct such a high-profile casting search faced with such scrutiny, but hey, they’re the ones who fired Michael and they’re the ones who are so determined to bring Adam Newman back so quickly. They’ll just have to face the consequences, especially as many fans have already decided that they’re going to boycott the show whenever the new Adam Newman makes an appearance.

Update – comments from our Soap Opera Spy Facebook page on the current casting call:

JFP should be fired. I don’t particularly want to see a recast but I get that the character is pretty important to the show. I just really, really hope it’s not Trevor St John.

Y&R casting calls always use fake character names. The Aaron Newton casting call is almost word for word the casting call for Josh Williams which was circulated last November: mid to late 30s, handsome, successful and very sexy. Josh will be a smart businessman who can out-manuever even the shrewdest.

 Even though David Tom (Billy) was told he was cast for the Josh role I think he was really cast for the cousin Andrew Abbott role (which was circulated around the same time), it would not surprise me if producers were already looking for a new Adam back in November. Hopefully they do a better job casting Adam than they did for Billy.

Well one thing we know for sure – when Adam Newman finally reappears on Y&R we can expect plenty of drama – on and off screen!

  • Sally M

    Why did you wipe out all the comments that were posted here y’day?? Same story! No MM… No Y&R!!

    • Wayne

      They wiped all the previous comments is because they’re hoping that everyone will get tired of sending comments and that the boycotting will die down and eventually come to an end. My opinion, we continue boycotting until Y&R dies or they will MM back.

      • celebdirtylaundry

        We do not wipe out comments, not sure what you are talking about.

      • mom chez


  • Billy

    It’s obvious that CBS and Sony don’t give a damn what the fans want. They want Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman. on Y&R. The recast will never be accepted by fans. Fire Phelps!

  • jal

    Seems to trying to find a replacement has become a bit more difficult than they thought. Ya Think!!! Finding someone to fill Michaels shoes and 3 piece suit is not so easy huh! You should have cut EB lose instead or told him that he was not in charge and let Michael stay.

  • Patrick

    When are they ever going to bring Phillis back, that all needs to come to light before Summer marries and has teen age kids lol , that they think Jack ass is there grand father

  • Robbin

    That is so stupid to bring someone else in with that name. Do they not get it, we do not want anyone but Michael Muhney. How hard is it. This show is going down the tubes, thank to JP…

  • Grace

    I have not watched Y&R since January 30th and will not until CBS and Sony make things right. They have shown no respect for the fans who have stood by CBS soaps for over a half a century. One more lame quiz show or any other show like “The Talk will have me even boycotting CBS nightly news. Get JFP out of there. The damage she has caused CBS is and soaps in general ISSUES shameful. Go #TEAM MUHNEY

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  • molly

    I haven’t watched since MM n BM left. You let your best actors go and left Mr Mumbles (EB), his old bag wife who walks like her girdle is 5 sizes to small (MTS),lifeless actors like HK, CK n about 8 more…The show has become a sleeper to say the least. The show is now full of has-beens and wanna-bes….. I hate to say it, but Sponge-Bob is more interesting. I say get rid of the above mentioned clowns along with JFP and double MMs salary to come back. You can save not only big undeserved bucks but probably your program. One good thing about cable…. there’s many choices to watch! 10 thumbs down!!!!!!

  • Fabienne

    Well , Jill farren does not and never did give a hoot about what fans think or want, then fans, in return do not give a damn about whoever is replacing Michael Muhney. She did not realize that we are not watching her show anymore.Neither does she realize how crucial Michael Muhney was to the show and the Y8R is not the same anymore without him, we know it and therefore do not miss it .He kept the show alive and interesting.she does not realize the talent and charisma this man has.Nobody would think of getting rid of a Leonardo De caprio or Matt Damon.His acting was at the same scale as these great actors.We miss him terribly and we wish he could let his fans know how he is doing.Jill Farren is a monster. She destroyed a good man and his family and she has no more supporters.Her writing simply sucks. any ordinary person would have more writing skills and would do far better.

  • Fabienne

    Rubbish! how do you know. seems like you were there, so stop your acusations.

  • Fabienne

    No Michael Muhney, no fans, period.

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