Aquarius Recap – Jesus, a Crucifixion and Less Than Immaculate Conception: Season 1 Episode 7 “Cease to Resist”

Aquarius Recap - Jesus, a Crucifixion and Less Than Immaculate Conception: Season 1 Episode 7 "Cease to Resist"

Tonight on NBC the all new show Aquarius hosted airs with an all new Thursday July 2, season 1 episode 7 called, “Cease to Resist” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Hodiak investigates the savage murder of a Hollywood star, but he faces obstacles in the form of an all-powerful movie studio. Meanwhile, Emma and Sadie meet someone special from Manson’s past.

On the last episode, Hodiak (David Duchovny) helped Shafe (Grey Damon) solve the mystery of who was harassing the Shafe family in their all white neighborhood. Gethin Anthony, Emma Dumont and Claire Holt also star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “Hodiak (David Duchovny) investigates the murder of a Hollywood star but hits a wall when the powerful movie studio wants the case to remain unsolved. Emma (Emma Dumont) and Sadie (Ambyr Childers) meet a special person from Manson’s (Gethin Anthony) past.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 7 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 1 of Aquarius.

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Charlie looks up Sam’s address in the phone book, takes his gun and heads out. He creeps up to Sam’s old house where Opal lives. Eddie comes outside with his gun when he hears a sound. He goes poking through the trees around the house and then Charlie cocks his gun and points it at him. He tells Eddie to drop his gun and turn around. Eddie looks at him then back in the house at Opal and drops his gun.

He tells Charlie they can solve whatever it is he needs. Charlie asks if he thinks it’s a riddle. He tells Eddie his name is Jesus Christ, son of man. He tells Eddie to strip and be quiet while he does it so they don’t disturb his “piece of cake” in the house. Eddie isn’t happy but strips off. He tells Eddie to turn around and get on his knees and Eddie tells him he’s a cop. Manson isn’t impressed.

Eddie says what he does will be done to him 10 times over. Charlie laughs a little then steps up behind him and tells him to get down. He gets close and Eddie turns and strikes out at him then wrestles him down but Charlie plays dirty and throws dirt in his face. Opal sees this going down and calls the police. The cops are there and one of them asks Eddie what happened. He says he’s short with greasy hair.

Moran asks if Hodiak knows and he says yeah. Then the guy asks if Eddie’s wife knows. Eddie nods and tells Moran to keep it quiet. Sadie takes Emma to meet Mother Mary and says she’s the first of all of them. Sadie says they were meant to meet but she has a real job so she can’t be with them all the time. Sadie says now it’s time for her to come home to them.

Sam goes to chat up Jim for a favor and he agrees if he will wipe out his poker debt. Sam asks about anti-war demonstrator investigations at the FBI. He asks about Robbie Arthur and wants to know all about him. Jim asks should he be on the lookout for anything and Sam shows him a photo of his son. Charmain comes up and says Eddie is somewhere waiting on him and he heads out.

Sam goes to a movie studio to talk to a cleaning lady Francine who found the body. She cries and asks who would do that. The press is at the gate clamoring for comments. He heads on into the studio to look at the crime scene. Eddie tells Sam he knows he wants a photo of the dead guy just like the rest of the cops who showed up. Eddie says the guy was a star and to give him a break.

Sam notices all the religious paraphrase in the dressing room. Eddie says someone is then Sam sees that the actor was nailed to the wall in a mock crucifixion. An actress comes in and asks about Raymond, the dead actor. Sam asks her about Raymond Novo and she says they were engaged. The GF Ms Jones is very young and he says Raymond is 51 and his real name was Esteban Navarro, and he was Mexican.

Sam asks who would want to hurt him and she says no. She says Raymond stayed there a lot when he was shooting then asks if she’s familiar with it. She says she didn’t stay there with him and says he was a gentleman. She says he had a gold watch and ring. She goes to a drawer and says the ring is gone. She says it was a ruby and he got it in Rome when he went with his mom. Sam spots the ring in a photo.

The girl is horrified. Sam notes the autograph on the photo. Sadie tells Emma that Mother Mary will be so excited to see her she’ll probably cry. Mary opens the door but is less than warm. Sadie asks if they can come in and then Sadie sees she’s pregnant. She asks Sadie if Charlie asked her to come and Sadie asks if Charlie knows and then Emma wants to know if it’s Charlie’s baby. She nods.

Sadie says Charlie misses her and Sadie says they talk about mama all the time and asks Cherry aka Emma isn’t it true. She lies and says it is then says Charlie isn’t the same without her. Mary says to let her pack a bag. Sadie says Charlie asks about the bank note and the stock or bond thing. Mary tells Emma she’s pretty and says Charlie’s girls just keep getting prettier. Emma smiles mollified.

Sam talks to his priest about Raymond’s murder scene. Sam asks if this is just violence that looks Catholic or if it’s legitimately Catholic. He checks the photo and says there’s more to it than just nails. He says it looks like there was a brawl in the room and says he wishes he could be more help but Sam says he was helpful and thanks him for coming down to the PD.

The priest says he wishes Sam would come back to church. He tells Sam he worries about him and the path he’s taken to try and make sense of it all. Sam says he worries about the priest too. He says Sam was a brave, caring boy and says it’s a tough combination. He stands to leave then tells Sam that hearts don’t change and he should guard his. Sam thanks hm again and walks him out.

Charmain looks at the crime scene photos and Sam says she looks shocked. He says she needs to develop a poker face. She says it’s an arm with a nail through it. He asks why she’s hovering and she says she’s just filing. He asks if she wants to help with it and she immediately says yes. He says he thinks someone was really angry at Raymond Novo and may have offended someone.

He asks her to check cold case files for similar stuff then look into the nail. She says it’s a common nail and he says it could mean a lead. He says it’s not as much fun as dressing up. She says she’ll get started right away. Eddie comes over and hands her a stack of files then tells Sam to stop getting her hopes her. He says it’s heartbreaking to see her puppy look for those that understand real life.

Eddie tells Brian that Gilbert from narco keeps calling. Brian says he’s working a set of leads that are all connected but nothing is enough to move on. He shows Eddie a stick man and says that man wants to import heroin and move in next door to Hefner. He says the druggie is still going strong without Gladner and his other people. He says he’s working on the head of the snake – guapo.

Eddie says he understands crime a lot better now that he showed him the sketch then chews Brian out and says he needs to allocate him to something else. Eddie says Gilbert told him he could use him as he wants to. Charmain heads to the studio to look around. She goes to the props warehouse. She looks at a hammer lying around. A man approaches and thinks she’s an extra. He says she should be in gogo boots.

Stan Roarke introduces himself and she says he must be a lawyer. He makes her a seedy offer to sit on his casting couch then she tells him she’s working a murder investigation. He asks why the hell she’d become a cop. She says he’s standing in a crime scene and needs to step out of it. She looks around some more and spots a bin of nails like the one that was used on Raymond.

Charmain shows it to Sam and says there’s a bin of them right near the dressing room he was killed in. Sam talks to Burt the guard gate and asks him about Raymond being on set that late. Sam says he knows that Raymond wasn’t shooting. He says Raymond was called at 6 am then wrapped at 4:15 pm and wasn’t on the lot to work. Sam asks who Burt saw with him. Burt says it wasn’t a girl.

Burt says again there were no “girls.” Sam gets it – Raymond wasn’t a gentleman, he was gay. He goes to talk to Raymond’s GF who says not to mention it in the press and says it would ruin him. She says the studio paid her to be his GF and she warned him it was dangerous. She says he picked up men and brought them there to impress them. Sam asks where Raymond found the men.

Eddie calls Charmain in but she doesn’t answer. He tells Moran he’s trying to run the world then yells for her again. Moran says the gun left behind was unregistered. Eddie says next time he’ll shoot the hippy in the balls. Charmain shows up and tells Eddie he’s got a call. He tells her she needs to be in her corner and says Sam can work his beat alone.

Charmain isn’t happy but has no choice. She goes to her desk. Sam heads into the gay bar dressed not like a cop, more like he’s there for action. He orders a whiskey and asks the barkeep if it’s a slow day. He tries to ask a question but the guy says no. He tells Sam 15 years ago, he flirted with him and he even bought him a beer. The guy says then he and his buddies arrested them all for being gay.

Sam says he doesn’t make the laws, he enforces them. The bartender says he’s not as cute as he used to be and he’s not helping him. He tells Sam he’s not a granny chaser and walks off. Sam goes to chat with Brian at his place. They sit down with a beer. He tells him he heard Eddie dropped the hammer but says not to cut his hair and says he has something for him. He says he’s burned and can’t do it himself.

He says apparently he’s not handsome enough and is a grandma. Brian says he’ll do anything and Sam says he needs to dress nice, go to a bar and talks to some guys while acting like he’s a flaming homo. Brian laughs but Sam isn’t joking. Roy tells Charlie what he wants isn’t free or easy. Charlie tells Katie to put her book down and hang out with Roy. She goes right over to him and he hugs her.

Roy says guys don’t grow on trees and Charlie says he needs one more than ever. Roy says maybe he can get him a few but it will take time and cost. Charlie says to take Katie but Roy says he also needs cash. Brian’s wife asks why he’s dressed up so nice and looks so uncomfortable. He says he has to go be a swish and she laughs and asks where he’s going. He says some gay club.

She asks if he has to touch. Brian says no, he just has to ask questions. She says poor baby then kisses him and he asks for one more to go. He heads to the club and gets lots of smiles. One guy approaches and says he sticks out like a sore thumb. He tells Brian it’s fine and says it must be his first time here. He tells Brian it’s a big step to go somewhere where you’re like everyone else.

Chris buys him a drink and Brian thanks him. Brian comes back to talk to Sam and says no one knew anything about Raymond. Sam says it’s kind of funny and seeing him jumpy makes him want to send him there again. Lou is back and tells Brian to come to his office. He heads inside and says he heard Brian was pulled off undercover. He says he doesn’t care what Eddie or narco think.

He says he knows it’s taking longer but thinks it’s worth the investment. He tells Brian to get results or face a meter maid skirts. Charmain comes in with soup for him and his medicine. He thanks her and calls her Friday. She asks if he wants to see minutes from the meeting. She says he almost died and says maybe now he’ll be open to things that can benefit him.

She says she wants him to see her for what she is. Lou laughs and asks if she wants a rabbi. He tells her it’s cute then asks her for a cup of coffee then says to bring back the meeting minutes and they can go through them together. Eddie says the commissioner is calling about Raymond’s murder. Brian is back at the bar talking to the bartender and says his car was broken into there and says he can’t tell the cops.

Chris comes over and says Brian looks as guilty as a hooker in church. Brian says he’s trying and Chris says he’s being sympathetic. He touches his shoulder and Brian flinches. Chris says he’s trying to be him but says the rest of them know who they are now. Brian apologizes again. A guy comes over and asks for a drink. Lee, the bartender, goes to grab the phone.

Lee tells Brian he has a call. He takes it and it’s Sam who says he’s off the case but Brian says he’s getting somewhere. Sam says they quashed the case and says the studio can’t have this story come out so the studio called the mayor. Sam says movie stars of $8 million pictures can be dead but not “dead homos.” He tells Brian to tip the bar man and go.

Eddie apologizes to Opal and says he just can’t do it. Opal says it happens and says they’re not in high school anymore. She tells him they should just give it a rest. He turns on the lamp and then sees a watch under the nightstand. It’s a man’s watch. Sam thanks Brian for his help on the case. Sam says he thought they might have closed the case faster than the studio would kill it.

Brian asks why Sam is happy about the homos. Brian says it’s just wrong but Sam says he thought he was of the free your mind generation. Brian says there’s a line and those men stick their necks across it. He says they’re like junkies who do it knowing something could go wrong. He says those men are sick and sad and asks how it’s worth the risk. Sam says not to try and understand people.

Sam says they know what they will kill and die for and they see what other people will as well with their job. Sam says it’s love, hate or stupidity. Brian says he seems old then asks if he’s okay. Sam says to go home and kiss his wife. Brian goes. Sam gets out his flask and takes a swig. We see a guy’s hand with the ruby ring on it at the bar. It was the guy that Brian was chatting up just before he left.

He leaves the bar with Chris. Sam finds Eddie lurking and asks if he has the time. Sam realizes he doesn’t have his watch on then Eddie holds it out to him. Sam realizes where he left it and takes it from him. They have a stare off. Sadie and Emma come back with Mary and Charlie says Mother Mary then looks at her stomach and says – what a blessing. He calls her a wounded little bird.

He calls her mother, lover, goddess. He kneels and asks to be let back into her heart. He says he knows he hurt her. She says he physically hurt her and she couldn’t chew for a week. He says he won’t apologize for passion and says he loves her so much. He takes her face in his hands. He says she’s the light and he’s the lighthouse keeper. Katie comes in and gives her a big hug. She touches her belly.

She asks Charlie if it’s hers and Charlie asks Emma if it’s his saying – is it mine Cherry Pie. She says, it’s ours. Charlie takes her hand and puts it on her stomach. He says they will raise it together and says it’s a revolution and one day the world will know our name. Mary looks less than sure but Charlie kisses her and pulls the four girls into a hug with him.