Ariana Grande: America’s Second Most Hated Celebrity – 5 Reasons People Can’t Stand the Diva

Ariana Grande: America's Second Most Hated Celebrity – 5 Reasons People Can't Stand the Diva

A recent poll by Q Scores, ranking most hated celebrities has put Ariana Grande in the #2 spot. The diva is sandwiched between #1 Bill Cosby and a very odd choice in #3 Dr Oz. What did Ariana Grande do to rank just one spot behind alleged lady rapist Bill Cosby? Let’s take a quick look at five reasons people can’t stand petite pop star Ariana Grande.

#1 The Donut – ‘I Hate America’ Incident

You know the one… she licked donuts in the drunken company of Ricky Alvarez then said “I hate Americans. I hate America.” The skinny little jerk was fat shaming a whole country and that’s not okay. Plus, she licked food that other people likely bought and ate later. Ick. We have no idea where her mouth has been – but we have an inkling…

#2 The Apology for the Donut Incident

As if the donut thing wasn’t bad enough, her mea culpa for the donut thing was even worse. First, Ariana Grande blamed her videoed statements during Donut-gate on her frustration with childhood obesity and didn’t take any responsibility for her actions. Then she made a follow-up video that was a little more of an apology (but not much).

#3 Her Brother Frankie Grande

Okay, we can’t 100% blame Ariana Grande for the existence of her older brother Frankie Grande, he of the pink hair and annoying stint on Big Brother – but we can blame her for her fame extending his 15 minutes of fame. Frankie Grande’s fame-adjacent sitch with sister Ariana even got him a stupid TV show on Oxygen talking about bad social media posts (wonder if he’ll mention any of hers?)

#4 Her Controlling Diva Antics

Ariana Grande reportedly made Mariah Carey-level demands at a photo shoot last year – saying they couldn’t shoot her in natural light, they could only photograph the right side of her face and insisting on seeing every frame after it was shot and forcing the shutterbug to delete any she didn’t like. To top it off, she walked out halfway through the shoot.

#5 The Carrying Thing

Ariana Grande may like to talk in her little wispy baby voice, but she’s not a baby. Yet Ariana is rumored to routinely demand that she be carried around by assistants. Someone tried to defend her and say it was just once when she broke her foot, but even Ariana Grande herself has Instagrammed pics of men who work for her carrying her around like a baby when she’s tired. Lame move Grande!

Really, this could be a list of 10, 20 or an infinite number of reasons why Ariana Grande is annoying – and it’s interesting that she ranks just below an (alleged) rapist and much higher on the hated list than (alleged) racist Paula Deen. Wow! Maybe this will be a wake up call for Ariana to behave better – but likely not!

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