Big Brother 17 Recap – Vanessa Nominated, Steve Wins Veto Power: BB17 Episode 22 “PoV & Final Nominations”

Big Brother 17 Recap - Vanessa Nominated, Steve Wins Veto Power: BB17 Episode 22 "PoV & Final Nominations"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 airs with an all new Wednesday August 12, season 17 episode 22 called “Episode 22”, we’ve got your recap down and spoilers below! On tonight’s episode the Power of Veto competition is held.

On the last Big Brother, the new heads of household moved into their rooms and nominate two people for possible eviction; the battle of the block competition. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 as per the CBS synopsis “during the veto meeting, the power of veto competition winner can save someone from eviction.”

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#BB17 starts after the nomination ceremony. Steve is worried that he’s the real target and thinks Becky is targeting him. He wants to win the veto and come after her next week. Vanessa is upset since Becky wouldn’t make a deal with her and thinks she’s planing to back door her. Shelli and Becky go talk and Becky tells her she’s still targeting Vanessa and says all the blood will be on her hands. Shelli says she’s happy to stay away from it.

Steve sits alone juggling oranges and fretting and cursing. He says he thinks Becky’s speech was accurate and everything she said was true. He says he’s been saying for weeks that he wants to get rid of her. He’s very upset. Vanessa comes to talk to Shelli and asks if she’s okay. Vanessa says she can’t trust anyone else in the house and tells her she thinks she’s the real target. Shelli wants to tell her but she feels like she can’t warn her. Vanessa says they have to just get through this week.

Shelli says if she gets houseguest choice in the veto competition she’ll pick her. Jackie announces that her knighthood service it over and gets to take off her crazy armor. She does a little dance as she pulls it off. She strips out of her outfit seductively and throws the armor at the guys. James is all into this. Steve goes to talk to Vanessa and she wants to get him to pick her for houseguest choice if he draws that chip. She says she’s nervous about being backdoored and says she would take him down.

John talks up Shelli and she says she’s bored. She asks if Becky told him the plan. She asks if the plan really is to back door Vanessa is and he says they can’t let anyone know. John says after last week’s fight he wants to make sure he’s still close with Shelli and he doesn’t want Vanessa to play in the veto competition. She asks if she should pick him to play in the veto. She says Vanessa will think something is up. She says she hopes she picks John’s name and he says he will veto her.

Shelli says she feels good about Johnny and needs to lean on him now that Clay is gone. John talks privately with John and says he figured out some things from Becky. He tells Steve that Vanessa is the target, not him. He says Steve needs to pick him for the veto competition. Steve thinks that he wants to tell Vanessa but that would just put the target onto him. But then John says he wouldn’t use the veto on him and says he would have to go to eviction night.

John says he’s safe because he hasn’t won anything. John thinks Steve is delusional and that no one is coming after him because he’s not a threat. John says he’s trusting just him and Shelli with this. He says if they can pull this off this week, they have the smartest person out of the game this week. Steve agrees and says it’s war. Steve says his two closest allies hate each other and he has no idea what to do. He says he needs his mom right now.

Austin and Liz lie in the sun in the backyard. She says they’re the last showmance standing. Liz says at first their relationship was just strategy but now it’s grown into more. She says his personality has won her over and maybe she can get him to chop off his ponytail beard. Julia glares at them and wants him off of her sister. Becky calls them to pick players for the veto competition. Steve and Shelli join her for the draw. Becky draws Austin. Shelli draws houseguest choice.

Shelli is in a tight spot and chooses Vanessa. She’s worried she’ll upset John and Becky. John is freaked out that she’s messed up the whole plan. Steve draws Meg. Meg is excited to play and wants to win it and backdoor Vanessa. Vanessa is happy to be able to play for her own safety and to take Shelli off the block. John tells Steve that he can’t believe what Shelli did. Steve is also upset and says Vanessa will use the veto to take Shelli off the block. It’s bad for Steve.

Shelli tells John she didn’t know what to do – she says she didn’t want that chip. John says Shelli if she picked him it wouldn’t matter because Vanessa wouldn’t have a chance. John tells Shelli to win it. Shelli says she doesn’t have Clay anymore and Vanessa is the closest ally she has in the house. John says not to let her win it. Vanessa tells Austin to play hard to get and not so needy. James walks in on Jackie in the toiler and it’s awkward.

John calls them for the veto competition and says they’ll play one at a time. They’re playing #BBComics. Meg wants to win so they can get Vanessa out of the house. They start the clock, zipline past the window then grab comic books and set them up to match the wall. Each comic has a decoy so it’s doubly hard. It’s a timed competition and the fastest time will win. Meg goes first. She sees that the comic differences are subtle. She gets five wrong. She gets down to one.

Becky goes next. Her strategy is to go through the men’s posters first. She gets just one wrong and redoes it after missing Austin’s. Shelli is next and is playing hard to try and save herself. Her strategy is to memorize four at a time. She says her super power is attention to detail. She misses like nine the first time. Then she misses eight. She didn’t notice there were differences and now has to redo them all. She’s down to just one wrong. The last one she had wrong was Clay. She finally gets it.

Now it’s Austin. His strategy is to use his athleticism and move through fast. He’s annoyed that his comic book cover says he smells. He starts to get out of breath. He gets just one wrong. He messes up Liz’s poster then gets it right. Steve is up next and he’s worried that he’s still a target so he’s determined to win this. His plan is to get the people in the right places then go back and figure out the differences and swap the versions. He can’t figure out Becky’s comic. He gets his right but doesn’t feel good.

Vanessa goes last and she says she thinks there’s a plan to put Johnny Mac up as a replacement but she’s not sure that’s true and wants to win it to protect herself. She also decides to get the order first and says this is a good competition for her since it’s all about memory. She was close but then made changes and made it worse then decides to zipline past a few more times. She finally gets it done, but was it fast enough. She says she hopes she did it fast enough so she wins and can’t be back doored.

Everyone comes out to the back door to check out the comics and laugh about their comic doors. Liz laugh that she’s the evil twin and James thinks it’s hilarious that Audrey is “The Blanket.” John reveals the scores. Meg did 15:37. Becky did 17:02 so she’s out of it. Shelli did 25:31. Austin did 21:20. Steve did 13:57 putting him in the lead. Vanessa gets 21:44. Steve wins the power of veto and he’s safe for another week. He says now he can sit back and Becky is ecstatic and now she can put up Vanessa.

Vanessa asks James if Becky says she’s sticking to the plan and he says she hasn’t said anything. She says Johnny Mac won’t go home. He says Becky seems like a straight shooter. James says she hasn’t talked to him and Vanessa says he’s bullshitting her and says he’s lying to her. James says Vanessa is coming at him hard and he needs to get out of the room. He says to just talk to Becky and says he’s just not trying to be with her and isn’t pressing buttons this week.

James tells Jackie and Meg he just got out of the devil’s lair and says Vanessa cornered him and they ask him why he would tell her to talk to Becky. Meg says he should have just told her that it’s crazy and it’s not happening. Vanessa comes to see Becky and asks if she’s alone. Vanessa says she’s concerned because she knows Johnny Mac is a friend of hers and going for the twins and Austin is not smart for her. She says she knows she’s coming at either her or Johnny Mac.

Vanessa says she owes her because she kept her in the game and went after James instead. Becky tells Vanessa that she’s paranoid every week. She says it’s a game. Vanessa says are you saying I’m not going up. Vanessa keeps on talking, talking, talking and annoying Becky. #wawawawa Becky says she needs to go get food. Vanessa comes into the room with Meg, Jackie, James and Austin. She says she thinks the plan is going to go through as they talked about.

They asked her why and she says she talked to Vanessa. She says she’s open to more deals and Jackie says didn’t they already. Vanessa is certain that she’s going to be there another week and is feeling really confident. Becky tells them she just lied the f*k out of that conversation and says Vanessa is going home. Steve ponders his veto choices. Steve calls everyone for the veto meeting. He says he’s using the veto on himself. He tells Becky she has to make a replacement nominee.

Becky says this is a personal decision for her game and tells Vanessa she’s nominated. She says she has a hard time knowing who she’s with and against and spins deals and influences so many things. She says she also drops people in a heartbeat if it doesn’t benefit her game. She says that’s why she’s sitting there. Steve adjourns the meeting. Vanessa cries and says she thinks Becky is disrespectful and says she thought Becky was logical not emotional (says the most emotional person in the house).

Austin says Becky is making a strong play and says you have to be prepared to face the consequences. John is happy that Vanessa is feeling the block and says she’s going to be crying and yelling and he laughs. Vanessa says she won’t go home without a fight and says she has moves to make still.