Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Taken Off Life Support Soon, Doctors Claim – Is Family After Whitney Houston Inheritance?

Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Taken Off Life Support Soon, Doctors Claim - Is Family After Whitney Houston Inheritance?

Bobbi Kristina Brown is lying brain dead in a hospital, with experts and doctors alleging that she simply cannot recover medically, barring a miracle. Now, Bobbi’s entire family – apart from husband/brother Nick Gordon – have been at her side in the hospital, but how much of that is genuine concern and how much is greedy and selfish money-mongering as they eye her massive net worth inheritance from Whitney Houston? The thing is, Bobbi Kristina Brown is Whitney Houston’s sole heir, and she’ll be coming into Whitney’s entire fortune, her inheritance, by the time she’s 30. She was already getting increments of several million dollars, but obviously, that money isn’t going to keep going to her after her death.

Right now, Bobbi’s medical position is extremely precarious, with very, very little chance for a full recovery. In fact, sources close to the situation have all admitted that Bobbi’s family – including her father, Bobby Brown – are all planning to pull Bobbi off life support this weekend. While they’re giving out some long, drawn-out explanations concerning Bobbi’s happiness and how they wouldn’t want her to suffer, the truth is that they want her fortune. They’ve already kept Nick Gordon away from everything, largely because they know that he’s entitled to a huge chunk of the money should Bobbi die. Whether they succeed in pushing out Bobbi’s husband or not, killing Bobbi by taking her off life support would enable them to get their greedy hands on Whitney Houston’s fortune that much sooner – even if it comes at the expense of Bobbi’s future. Are we saying that all Bobbi’s family care about is her net worth, no, but we think that it figures prominently in their minds.

What do you guys think about Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family pulling her off life support? Should we commend them for this decision, even disregarding the reasons that they’re making it for? I mean, she is lying brain dead in the hospital… Or should we criticize them for thinking only about money, especially when some people are saying that Bobbi still has a minuscule chance at recovery if she’s left alone? Let’s not be too quick to buy into the sad noises the family is making – where were they for the last three years as fragile Bobbi retreated into drug addiction and depression? This is the same group of people who absolutely failed Whitney Houston while living off her and pandering to her worst demons. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.