Bobbi Kristina Brown: Police Investigate Injuries To Mouth and Hands Before Drowning – Nick Gordon, Max Lomas Cover-Up?

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Police Investigate Injuries To Mouth and Hands Before Drowning - Nick Gordon, Max Lomas Cover-Up?

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the troubled daughter of singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, is still lying in a hospital room on life support in Georgia after she was found face-down in a bathtub in her home the morning of January 31. As turmoil and controversy continues to surround the Houston and Brown families and they allegedly begin to say their good-byes to Bobbi, more and more questions are emerging about what exactly happened inside the home that Bobbi Kristina Brown shared with her “husband” Nick Gordon on the day that she was rushed to the hospital.

At this stage in the game, foul play is beginning to look like a real possibility in Bobbi’s case – and evidence is mounting up against her adopted brother/lover Nick Gordon. Although Bobbi insisted that she and Nick were actually married and husband and wife – there is no legal documentation that can support her claims. Bobbi and Nick’s relationship was troubled and far from happy, there are police reports stating that officers were actually called to their residence for a domestic dispute on more than one occasion.

Since Bobbie Kristina’s tragic drowning was confirmed, multiple reports have been released claiming that various injuries were found on her body that have criminal  investigators questioning the history of domestic abuse and possibility of foul play. Bobbi and Nick’s close friend Max Lomas was actually the one that found her in the bath tub, and has reportedly admitted to police that while he they were waiting for 911 to arrive Nick began racing around the room and cleaning up blood stains.

Since Max Lomas’ admissions of potentially criminal activity – the convicted felon has actually lawyered up, and his lawyers are set to meet with the investigators in Bobbi’s case this week. It seems especially suspicious that a witness to finding a friend of his unresponsive in a bath tub, needs to “lawyer up.” There obviously is a lot more to the story that what has hit the press yet – or else Max would not be hiring a team of lawyers to accompany him to interrogations. Max Lomas clearly knows much more about Bobbi Kristina’s “accident” than he initially let on.

According to an Atlanta Outlet WSB-TV facial injuries to Bobbi and drugs found at her home prompted the criminal investigation into Nick Gordon and Max Lomas. It seems Bobbi has suspicious injuries on her mouth and hands that police want explained. Did Nick attack and beat Bobbi prior to her drowning drug overdose and then attempt to cover-up his crime by washing away blood stains with the help of Max Lomas?

Have you been following Bobbi Kristina’s story? Do you think her drowning was just a mere accident, a suicide attempt, or foul play dealt from the hands of her allegedly abusive “husband” Nick Gordon? Did Max Lomas help Nick Gordon cover up the crime? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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