Bobbi Kristina Brown: Pressure to Remove Life Support Coming From Houston Family – Bobby Brown Refuses to Let Daughter Die

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Pressure to Remove Life Support Coming From Houston Family - Bobby Brown Refuses to Let Daughter Die

Pat Houston and Cissy Houston are allegedly waiting for Bobby Brown to remove Bobbi Kristina Brown from life support. The details on this case of potential attempted murder continues to unravel, as Nick Gordon spirals out of control with staged interventions, and continued drug abuse.

The Houston family is putting pressure on Bobby Brown to let Bobbi Kristina go. According to Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah, Pat Houston is involved in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s drowning incident. During an interview with TMZ, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt states that Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law, Pat, has “a lot to do with it [the attempted murder plot].”

Leolah continued to share her thoughts and knowledge of the Bobbi Kristina attempted murder case by confessing, “Whether it be her actual hand, I can’t say that right now. But I hold her accountable for what happened to my niece, Bobbi Kristina, because of what knowledge I have of her.”

Bobby Brown’s sister continued to explain, “It was someone’s intention to put [Bobbi Kristina] where she is right now. That, I do believe.” Leolah also noted that Nick Gordon has been manipulating Bobbi, the family, and even Dr. Phil during his drunken interview that turned out to be a staged intervention, obviously planned by Gordon’s legal team.

Nick showed up to the Dr. Phil interview drunk and high on Xanax. Nick Gordon was so violent and angry when rehab was mentioned, he ran out on Dr. Phil and punched two his staff members. Phil and Michelle Gordon, Nick’s mother who kicked him out and abandoned him for the Whitney Houston to raise when he was a child, eventually talked him into going to rehab.

It’s no surprise Michelle Gordon has surfaced in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s alleged attempted murder story. As we reported, Nick’s mom made him look very guilty thanks to the story she told Dr. Phil. Michelle confirmed Nick and Bobbi had a fight after partying into the early morning that day. Probably not the smartest confession by Gordon after Bobbi Kristina was found with multiple bruises and a bloody mouth.

It’s pretty evident Michelle is simply out for money, but most of the family is trying to cash in on Bobbi Kristina’s tragedy. Pat Houston and Cissy Houston want to see Bobbi Kristina removed from life support according to many reports.

An insider confided, “Pat Houston is pushing for Bobby to take his daughter off of life support. With Bobbi Kristina Brown gone, Pat will get control of Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance (Whitney Houston’s fortune), and Cissy will gain control of the property.” Basically, once Whitney Houston’s daughter dies, Pat and Cissy get the money.

It’s easy to see that if Pat Houston had any control of Bobbi’s health, she would have removed Bobbi Kristina from life support quicker than you can say PAYDAY.

Our source also noted Bobbi has at least one person in her corner; her father. The source explains the real reason Bobbi Kristina Brown remains on life support and will continue her medically induced coma… “Bobby Brown is in control of Bobbi Kristina’s medical decisions and life support. To prevent Pat and Cissy Houston from cashing in on Bobbi Kristina Brown, Bobby is using the estate to pay for all the medical bills. Each day Bobbi Kristina Brown stays on life support in the hospital drains the inheritance, eventually leaving the greedy family with nothing.”

At least Bobby Brown is doing his best to prevent the Houston’s from making a payday out of Bobbi’s tragedy. What do you think CDL readers? Who stands to gain from Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death? Is Nick as guilty as he seems?