Bobbi Kristina Brown’s People Trying To Stop Life Support: Estate Goes To Whitney Houston’s Mother and Family According To Will

Bobbi Kristina Brown's People Trying To Stop Life Support: Estate Goes To Whitney Houston's Mother and Family According To Will

Are Whitney Houston’s family trying to remove life support from Bobbi Kristina Brown against the wishes of her father, Bobby Brown, so they can get at Bobbi’s money? There has been a lot of noise surrounding Bobbi Kristina Brown’s brain dead status, and her family’s desire to take her off life support so they can get their disgusting, money-grubbing hands on Whitney Houston’s inheritance.

According to Whitney’s will [via Radar Online], the majority of her money was supposed to go to Bobbi, with the total fortune estimated somewhere near $20 million. Since Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown divorced in 2006, Bobby isn’t able to make a single claim to the fortune. Bobbi, on the other hand, already received 10% of the fortune when she turned 21 this year, and was set to receive another 1/6th when she turned 25, with the remaining coming when she turned 30.

Of course, now that Bobbi is in the hospital and unlikely to make a full recovery, the status of Whitney Houston’s fortune has changed. In fact, Whitney’s will does provide a very clear provision for Bobbi’s death, which is almost morbid because you have to wonder if Whitney saw this coming. If she and her husband did smoke crack in front of their five-year-old daughter on a regular basis, I guess it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that like mother, like daughter.

Anyway, Whitney Houston’s 1993 will dictate that if she doesn’t have any surviving children, the estate and fortune should be divided up with her mother, Cissy, and other family members. The will stated, “If no child of mine survives me: I give all jewelry own at my death to my mother, Emily Cissy Houston, if she survives me; and I give the rest of my tangible personal property to those of my mother, Emily Cissy Houston, my father, John R. Houston, my husband, Robert Brown, my brother Michael Houston, and my brother Gary Houston, as survive me to be amicably divided among them as they might agree, in shares as nearly equal as possible.”

Whitney’s sister, Pat Houston, remains co-executor of the will along with her mother, Cissy Houston. Of course, I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing because most of these people are chomping at the bit to get Bobbi pulled from life support, largely because that means they get their share of the fortune that much faster. The only thing stopping them right now is Bobby Brown, who is reportedly refusing to pull a brain-dead Bobbi off life support – all because he thinks that God will intervene and cure Bobbi in a medical miracle.