Carole Middleton Moves to Anmer Hall: Haunting Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte – Crowding Royal Family?

Carole Middleton Moves to Anmer Hall: Haunting Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte - Crowding Royal Family?

Carole Middleton has moved into Anmer Hall to help the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, with her new baby girl, Princess Charlotte, but according to the Daily Mail UK not everyone believes this is the right thing for the Royal Family.

Carole, the mother of Kate, is living with the Royal Family for the next month while they stay at Anmer Hall to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Carole Middleton is acting as the head of house, and choosing what foods the family will eat, and giving the nannies their daily instructions. In addition, Carole Middleton managed the rest of the staff who have moved from Kensington Palace to Anmer Hall. It is also Carole who will now put Prince George to bed, while Kate Middleton cares for Princess Charlotte.

Michael Middleton, Carole’s husband and Kate’s father, does not believe that Carole should be staying with the Royal Family. He feels that William and Kate need to learn to manage their new life on their own, with out a helping hand, to prepare them for life after Carole leaves.

A source says of Carole’s duties, “Basically, she ensures that the family never have to see or deal with anything unpleasant.” Mr. Middleton is not too happy about this and feels that he and his wife should give the Royal Family their distance. The source says that he is, “ill at ease at the negative attention Carole garners over her constant presence.” Unfortunately, Carole Middleton is paying him no mind, and fully intends on fulfilling her one month stay at Anmer Hall.

This disagreement is certainly causing tension in the Middleton family. Earlier this week, Carole arrived at Kensington Place with Pippa Middleton. Carole’s husband Michael drove separately, and when the paparazzi photographed them, the family looked very tense and uncomfortable.

Carole Middleton has ben pegged the third person in William and Kate’s marriage, and Michael wants to rid her of the title. The royal mother-in-law, however, feels that she is behaving normal and doing what any other mother would do for their daughter.

Michael Middleton is not the only one who thinks this behavior is strange. One of Prince William’s friends made this comment earlier in the week; “It’s a class issue. It seems very peculiar to his friends because, generally, upper class mothers are much less involved. That’s why they have nannies and maternity nurses.”

It has gotten to the point that Carole Middleton is allegedly looking for a real estate agent so that she may find a small home within reach of Anmer Hall. That way she and her family can be close to Prince William and Kate Middleton without bothering them all the time.

According to a source, Michael also disagrees with this idea and “has absolutely no desire to live in Norfolk, even part-time, and adores life in Bucklebury.” We can only imagine the amount of tension this must be causing in Middleton’s marriage.

Unfortunately for Michael, it does not look like things will be changing any time soon. Carole Middleton enjoys doing all the chores, and is currently planning two parties at Anmer Hall’ one as a thank you for all of the workers who refurbished the home, and the second will be the Christening of Princess Charlotte, scheduled for July.

We cannot blame the Duke and Duchess for keeping Carole around. She really does seem to keep things running smoothly. Do you think it is normal to have your mother-in-law live with you after you give birth, or is she intruding on William and Kate’s family life? Let us know in the comments below.

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